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PPs have ready mentioned some ways to manage anxiety and they’re all good. I also wanted to add another thought that relates to my personal experience with anxiety.


I used to suffer horribly from anxiety- I once had to quit a job over it and I have experienced panic attacks where my chest felt like it would explode and I couldn’t get air into my lungs.  I worked like crazy to apply some of the popular techniques to ease it. However, it wasn’t until I realized that I am truly sensitive to defecits in my sleep, nutrition, and exercise that I started to see changes. I drastically increased my consumption of fruits and vegetables, decreased processes foods, massively cut the amount of caffeine I was consuming, and made an effort to at least do light excercise like walking 4-5 times per week minimum. For a year I also gave myself a “bed time” and made sure not to sleep in too late. These things helped tremendously. And by the way, I had thought of myself as “healthy” before I even made those changes… Obviously I wasn’t. I had no idea how sensitive I was to my biological needs. 


I now can now relax my routine quite a bit because it is easier to get my mood/emotions on track after a late night out or too much sugar and caffeine. Maybe you could give this sort of thing a try? 


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KapOct18:  Your welcome! I actually started to realize this when I took a physiological psychology course. It is amazing how intertwined our mental states are with the physical aspects of our bodies. If you start paying close attention to what your body needs versus what it gets you may find you don’t have as much of a chemical imbalance as you originally thought (I could be wrong, but that would be great!). I know that for myself it was liberating to discover that a chemical imbalance was not the cause and did not actually decide the fate of my life. Good luck!

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amanda3334455:  totally agree, very well said

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There’s this solution I bought online and it actually helped.  I was skeptical but for $70 I thought why not.  And I’m happy I tried it.

Panic solution 


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I get incredibly anxious when I drive. So I don’t. But there is some shame associated with that. I’m always, like, the clean-cut person on public transportation with the homeless people / folks on drugs (not that I’m suggesting everyone who takes public transportation is like that, but I live in a very driver-oriented city).

And I always get bummed out when I read a post on here where the woman goes, “Oh, and my fiance doesn’t drive,”and all of the posts are like, “Dump that loser! He’s a freak! He’ll depend on you forever, he’s a leech!” Sigh.

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KapOct18:  I have that. Few months ago it “flared up”, i was in constant panic, couldn’t sleep, kept having ocd type thoughts and was physically feeling ill from anxiety- shaking, couldn’t hold any food down, hot sweats, very nauseous, fast heartbeat, it would last for days. It was awful. Doc tried differend long term meds including Zoloft- it was horrible, made me even more anxious and I couldn’t stop throwing up as a side effect (not “ideal” for already feeling sick). finally we found a differen, not commonly known medicine- Remeron. Its a different type of anti-depressant that works differently then SSRI. Its used off label for anxiety, panic disorder and ocd. It is also used off label for insomnia. It is more of a calming, makes you sleepy type, and is taken before bed time. Takes a week or two too build up in the system (as opposed to 4-6 weeks with more common anti-depressants). 

Maybe do some research on it, and if you feel its worth trying, talk to your doctor about it. 

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KapOct18:  Everything you describe is me a year ago. Thankfully after crying daily and constant fits of anger and fear triggered by the most irrational things (like the fact that I found a crack in the drywall in a room in our house) I decided I couldn’t handle this on my own. I ended up finding a doctor and after several trial and errors I am finally on a combination of meds that brought me back to life. Honestly unless someone has gone through the kind of depressions/anxiety that you talk about they cannot imagine the improvement in the quality of life once you the chemicals in your brain are balanced. I don’t feel out of it, I don’t feel manic, or drowsy. I feel like me without the split second triggers that used to cause me to spiral down, so don’t feel like getting help from a doctor is a bad thing.

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this is so me. i can not stop obsessing over my relationship and what ifs, i was never like that. it has taken over my life. i suffered from ocd when i was little, i performed rituals, etc… not sure if this is coming up again in my life after nearly 23 years… i was completely ocd free.. like it didnt even cross my mind until i started fixating on my relationship, my bf, questioning my feelings, this isnt me, i need help. and i have tried everything… literally. now i think my last resort may be taking an anxiety medicine… do you think that helps intrusive thoughts? these thoughts are taking over my life. i have gone to tons of therapists and hated them all because they are not helpful. thank you in advance.

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amanda3334455:  This is one of the most helpful things I’ve ever read about anxiety. I’m am copying this to refer back to when I get overwhelmed with anxiety.

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