(Closed) Any bees that have an apartment in NYC?

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@katherin788:  I used to have an apartment in NYC, but weirdly enough, it was actually bigger than the apartment I currently have in Northern NJ. At my current place, space is definitely tight, but I have found that the following works:

1. If you are buying furniture, look for furniture that can serve as storage as well. For example, instead of getting a coffee table or a side table, get a flat rectangular trunk that you can put stuff in for storage and use the top as a table. A smaller trunk can be used as an end table.

2. Use those space saving hangers that you see in infomercials. They are about $10 on Amazon. Look up Wonder Hanger by Hampton Direct. I have a tiny closet and TONS of clothes and these have helped a lot.

3. If you are buying a bed, look for one that has a gap for storage underneath it. Then get those flat bins to slide under the beds for your sheets/towels/etc..

4. If you have cabinets in your kitchen, put stuff away in them. Small spaces unfortunately tend to look hoarded a lot quicker than big spaces. I have to constantly remind myself to put my clothes away and dishes away – otherwise my apartment looks like a refugee camp.

5. Make sure that everything you have is stuff you actually need with a few wants here or there. I’ve found that living in small apartments really allowed me to assess whether I needed all my stuff and I would donate/recycle/toss accordingly. The minimalist lifestyle can be so freeing!

I hope that helps!

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Great tips above. I also recommend multitasking furniture- tables that are storage, end tables that double as seating; smaller scale furniture, like “apartment size”- CB2 has good sized stuff; sofabed vs. regular sofa; captain’s bed or bed with storage underneath; murphy beds are awesome but expensive; table that can also be desk during the day, etc. If you have a really small place, you can use your bed as a sofa during the day if you put it against the wall with pillows on the wall side. 

Declutter and get rid of everything! Ha, I know that’s easier said than done. When Fiance and I moved in together, we combined too many years of too much stuff into a studio. We learned a lot!

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@katherin788: I’m in 450 sq ft in the upper west side and did a lot of things. Key is scale down and do NOT use things you don’t want. 


1) Don’t buy things in bulk, you will not have place to put it. Consider this part of the “premium” of living in NYC. I only have enough dishes to host 4 people and if I have a big party I get paper goods. Sucks for the environment but I just don’t have space

2) Go vertical wherever you can. Hopefully you have high ceilings but whatever you can do to pile things UPWARDS instead of horizontal will give you more space. We put the majority of our bedding and boxes on the top shelves of our closets


3) Divide and use containers and buy lots of rectangular things. I use these plate shelves to divide my cabinets in half. You can see it in the upper shelf. I use food containers to store unwieldy bags of sugar and flour


4) Hang what you can. We have an over-the-door shoe organizer for me and stacked shoe racks for him. I have hangers that hang off of other hangers so I can put a lot of things on one hanger. 


5) Under-the-bed storage – put cluttered things away under the bed using this Boot Box and shoe box from Container Store. We have so many of these and they’re AWESOME


6) get more space-saving ideas from Pinterest!


7) Every time you buy something, you must get rid of something in the house. I have this rule for all non-essential things, so that we never accumulate stuff, we always keep using them up. 


8) Send nostalgic items home. We sent boxes of books, memorabilia, etc. to our parents’ larger homes across the country

9) Get more ideas at the Container Store. In case you haven’t figured it out, I love it there!

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I love this thread. I’m not in NYC, but I have a NYC-worthy small apartment. It’s definitely the smallest place DH and I have ever lived. It’s a great apartment for us to save money since we know we’ll be moving to the East coast this fall, but space is tight. 

I agree with most of the things the PPs have said. I’ll also add in a few others:

-Don’t over do it on the kitchen utensils. A lot of the time utensils seem to reproducte and end up taking a lot of extra space. 

-Go for coffetables/end tables that have either shelves or drawers in them. That way you can hide things in them. 

-If you have a lot of clothes (I don’t because I just came back from a different culture and left most of my clothes there), invest in some vacume storage bags to put seasonal clothes in. That way you can shove them somewhere and they won’t hog your closet. 

-Don’t let “stuff” accumulate. If someone tries to give you something you don’t want, just be honest and say you don’t have space. If you really have to take it anyway, just donate it later. (My family is loving and generous, but I can’t take it all! haha)

-I don’t know about you, but I really need to invest in a magazine rack thing for mail! It gets everywhere, and I don’t open it every day. I feel like I’m swimming in envelopes. 

-Do you have a crawlspace? We are in a second floor flat in a house, so we do have one and it’s a god send. 


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I have a teensy NYC apartment and my three things are:

put your bed frame on 1 ft risers (buy for cheap at bed bath beyond) it doubles your below the bed storage for out of season clothes, luggage, whatever!


over the door hooks everywhere! I swear I have two on each door (on each side) for coats, towels, hoodies etc 

Donate donate donate: give away as much crap as possible. If you haven’t used it in a year: you don’t need it. 

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@Mrs.LemonDrop:  I use a scanning service for mail I want to keep but don’t want the physical option of it. I take important mail to work to scan and I also use Shoeboxed.com which scans and processes receipts, bills, etc., stuff that I can’t automate or make paperless

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Everyone has given you some great advice! I am also in NYC and I love over-door storage. Shoe-holders in closets and the bathroom (you can keep bottles and such in it too) and this wonderful jewelry cabinet/mirror really make my life easier:


Also storage ottomans and beds. You will want to make use of every bit of available space, so you may also want to put up shelves/hangers in the kitchen and living room for pans and books. And definitely be willing to donate anything you don’t use regularly. Knick-knacks are great, but you really have to pick just a few things you love and get rid of the rest unless you want to drown in clutter!

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@katherin788:  Here are ideas for you

1) We don’t have counter tops either. We do a couple of things

First, our previous tenants left us this amazing piece of furniture. I do all my cutting and prep work on top and all the storage is below. I only buy things that stack so try to buy stackable containers as much as you can


For washing dishes… so we only use 2 of the 4 burners. We put a dish rack on top of the 2 stove tops that are closest to the sink (the stove is right next to the sink). A large plastic draining board allows the runoff to drain right into the sink 

2) We bought a futon that has space underneath and put boxes under there



I also re-measured our place… we’re at 400 sq ft! It’s definitely a challenge and I’m headed to the in-laws today with another giant suitcase of stuff we’re taking out of the apt


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@katherin788:  If there’s no counter space, consider getting a kitchen island and putting it against a wall. That’s what we did and it worked amazingly (we are actually about to leave town and are getting rid of ours for super cheap if you are interested – it is the ‘Sundance’ island in white)!


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@katherin788:  I will send you a PM!

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We have a 2 bedroom duplex however we have two giant dogs and  cat so their kennels and cat tower and litter box and all things galore- seemto take up quite a bit of space, also we used to live in an apartment that was tiny! So some of the things we do


1. Our bed is on risers ( cinderblocks actually and with our bed cover you can’t even tell) we took 3 large dresser drawers and stuck one on each open side of the bed. there is still room in the middle so we have a box full of summer stuff in the middle and we can rotate it with the winter stuff when the season change. This got rid of a big chunk of dresser space.

I double a shoe rack as  my night stand. So I use the tops for my tisues and my book and my water etc- but its just a simple shoe storage space.

we maxamaize our kitchen space by storing things we don’t use alot- fancy wine glasses and dishes, my bread maker – serving dishes etc.


Since you ahve a big livingroom it might end up being where you do alot of storing.


A coat rack- could save alot of space even if you have a coat closet you can end up using that for something else

Storage ottomans.

and a a cofee table that has shelves or cupboards or drawers on the bottom.

and entertainment center with lots of storage is good….

 there are so many articiles on how to maxamize space.

good luck!


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