(Closed) any bees that successfully gave up smoking?! im on day 1!

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Good luck. I am a smoker too, not yet ready to quit but I woud like to befor I get married. I’ve heard about so many unpleasant side effects with the patch.

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My prayers are with you. I couldnt possibly try right now I am waiting for my Fiance to come home from Afghainstan anyday now plus planning a wedding. My stress levels are too the roof. I plan on stopping when I get married because I dont see myself having the same stress it will be minimal. I can handle an occasional argument or my girls calling with their drama about life.


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I’m so going to follow this!

I also know I really need to quit, but easier said than done. I’d also love to hear from other bees what helped them. I couldn’t handle the patches (pretty sure I was allergic to something in them) and hate the taste of the gum…

Good luck! I’m crossing fingers for you!

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I quit cold turkey. It’s been almost two years. 

If you want to quit, you’ll quit. Any half assing it you’ll go back. Promise you that, coming from experience. 

I started smoking again due to my life being miserable, stressed out and a complete emotional wreck. I made some major changes in my life. Before my fella and I hooked up, he said he didn’t like smoking. So I stopped. For him, even before we did anything. Haven’t touched it since. 


My brother smoked more than me. Took a while, but when he was ready he also quit cold turkey. 


It really isn’t that hard to do. 

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1 year now!! dont have any cravings anymore – worst part was going out with friends who smoke and trying to drink but after the first 2 weekends of being “strong” i kept it off

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Can’t give you any advice from personal experience, but wanted to lend a voice of support. You go girl!

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Good luck, i quit about 6 months ago. It is hard, but you can do it!

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Fiance did; he went from smoking 1/2 a pack daily to just stopping cold turkey! His willpower is incredible though. He’s now been smoke free 227 days! 🙂 (ETA: He smoked for 14 years at 1/2 pack a day)

I never smoked enough to need to ‘stop’. I mostly just smoked socially and got tired of it quickly and just didn’t do it anymore.

Good Luck!!

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Coming up on the 5th anniversary of my last cigarette.

I disagree with those who said it wasn’t that hard. For me, it was the single most excruciating thing I ever did. I was in terrible emotional and physical pain while I quit. There are levels of addition, and mine was high.

I had tried cold turkey 6 times unsuccessfully. I couldn’t handle the idea of a cigarette being my last cigarette ever. I couldn’t use the patch because of a skin condition. What worked for me was the gum (which was pretty gross but I got used to it – the mint is better, even though it tastes pretty funky with beer or coffee, which was when I most wanted a smoke). Each time I craved a cigarette, I would chew a piece of gum instead, telling myself that if it wasn’t enough I’d let myself have a cigarette, but I only broke down and smoked about once a week. Then once every 2 weeks. But it was so demoralizing to struggle so hard – to feel like I couldn’t master this tiny little thing. I cried a lot. It took months, but finally I smoked a cigarette that made me feel sick. 2 weeks later the same. That was my last one. I had to develop an actual aversion to it in order to stop. But I still needed the fix, and talked to my doctor because the packaging on the gum says not to use it for long. He said, whatever, use it as long as you have to – it’s better than smoking! I had my last piece of gum about a year later. I was able to substitute real gum. 

I still dream about smoking, every couple months, more frequently when I’m stressed. I still crave it when I’m around it. If I hadn’t worked so hard to quit, I’d go back to smoking in a second, but I don’t ever want to go through that again. 

Hang in there. If you can use the patch, you have a real advantage because it’s the best method there is. For me the psychological part of the addition was just reminding myself all the time that the craving was not bigger than me, it was part of me and I could learn to control it. 

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@Edigney:  Totally agree. I smoked a pack a day for years and years and years, with several attempts to quit using patches. Never stuck.

One day I just got sick of it. When you really want to quit it becomes a lot easier. For me it was a fiscal decision – cigarettes cost nearly $18/packet in Aus now! When I quit, I quit cold turkey – much easier I thought. If you start using gum you just get addicted to that instead!

I think the biggest thing is don’t give up. If you slip and have a cigarette, then don’t beat yourself up over it and smoke the whole packet. Good luck!

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good luck with it! i’m a smoker, but planning to give up asap. stay strong!

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I too was a smoker at one point in my life. I ended up getting really ill at one point about 6 years ago with bronchitis, strep throat, and some really awful crud. I was in bed for almost a week and could barely lift my head. It’s funny how after you can’t breath for a week how little you want to smoke. I never picked up a cigarette after that. I am not suggesting that you try that, but if I was able to quit, you can do it too. I have faith in you! Good Luck and stay strong.

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