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SexyCatLady:  Yep I do.  I’ve had it for about 2.5 months now and love it.  However, I have given birth and I have a high pain tolerance so that may make my experience much easier than some.  I also have a really great doctor.  She’s wonderful so she made the insertion very easy.  

After I gave birth to my daughter my period changed from the 4-5 day length I had to a more 6-7 day period, but only one heavy day.  It’s still the same, but I have a few days of spotting before and after my period, that’s obnoxious, not painful.  I also feel the cramps the day before I start and that’s how I know what day I’ll start.  Since I’m in my second cycle with paragard, it’s been a lot easier.  The first cycle was not bad at all, but I had one day where I was bleeding the niagra falls,  (TMI) I was bleeding through super tampons like no tomorrow and for about a 6-8 period I was changing them on the hour, and some I bled right through.  But it hasn’t been nearly as heavy this time around.  Maybe because I bled so much last time?

So in short:

before birth – 4-5 day periods.  No cramping before or during period. One heavy day, two-three medium days.  Period cycle was about 35 day cycles and dropped down to 28 day cycles a few months before I got pregnant.

after birth – 6-7 day periods, slight cramping before period and during.  One heavy day, two-three medium days.  Cycle lengths back up to about 35 days  

before paragard – same as after birth.

after paragard – 6-7 day periods, cramping before period and during.  One heavy day, one light day and one spotting day at the end, one or two spotting days before period starts.  Cycle lengths back up to about 35 days

Overall – it was a good choice for me and my husband.  We love it and can’t imagine me not having it.  As I got pregnant on accident the first time around despite not trying.  But with the paragard we don’t have to worry at all and we can have fun without worrying about me getting pregnant.  I would do it again if I had to choose.  But I do know some who had a negative experience with paragard.  This is just my experience.

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SexyCatLady:  Was it this thread? http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/mirena-vs-paraguard-iud/

I made post #4 in that thread and it was accurate at the time. I had my paragard inserted at age 24. I still have my Paragard, have had it in for just over a year and six months.

If you want an update: For me, things were pretty consistently longer than my normal flow (but not unbearable) until more recently for the past few cycles, my period has become much lighter, lighter than it was before the Paragard even. I would say that I went from having consistent 28 day cycles with 8 period days before I was on any form of birth control, to 29-34 day cycles with 9-14 period days for over a year of having Paragard. The past couple of cycles I’ve been at a 29 day cycle with 4-5 period days and a couple of days of spotting here and there. I’m going to ask my doctor about it at my check up in a couple of months, but a family friend who is a physician seems to think I’m fine.

Overall, I’m doing okay and my Paragard doesn’t bother me or my SO. I like that it’s a reliable form of birth control that neither of us has to worry about.

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I’ve got the Paragard; had it inserted after the birth of my son. I’ve also heard the insertion is less painful if your cervix has been open before, so it’s less painful for women who have given birth.

My periods are a little longer and heavier now, but the heavy flow lasts 1-2 days. I also get some mild cramping.

Overall I’ve been VERY happy.

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SexyCatLady:  I’m 24, was 23 and childless (still am) when I had mine instered. I’m quite petite so I was warned ahead of time that because I have never had children the insertion can be quite painful. Nothing unbearable but terrible terrible cramping. I spent the rest of the day in bed with my FI rotating out heat packs (I think that makes it sound worse than it was…). 

I’ve had it about a year now and am having it removed next week for a number of reasons. The biggest being the heavy periods and cramping. My period goes for about 7-9 days, 2 of which are very very heavy. I have pretty bad cramps a couple of day leading up to it that gets generally worse until the heaviest day then it eases off. I live by my heat pack. 

I also get mid cycle /ovulation cramping for one day that’s a pretty sharp pain, and spotting mid cycle (never had either of these before Paraguard). 

While I love the whole not having to worry about BC benefits of having my IUD my FI and I have decided that since it’s making my life harder it’s not worth it. That said we are also in a position now where while we have no plans to have a baby until after the wedding, if it happened now we would be over the moon excited. So there is no longer the need for a get it and forget about it BC option. If we still needed that security I would be leaving it in, because as much as I whinge the cramping etc is not unbearable. 


I hope that helps put things into some perspective, overall I really loved the convenience of having it in. 

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SexyCatLady:  Lol, I linked because I knew I had typed something long out previously, and I’m glad it helped. 😉

I just read my post in this thread and realized it could come off as unenthused. I try not to be pushy about it, but I have recommended the Paragard to almost all my friends whenever birth control has come up in the discussion. I think it’s a great form of birth control and I’m planning on keeping it in until my partner and I decide it’s time to have children, which is a long way off.

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I probably posted on the other thread, but the long and short of it is that I LOVE mine and recommend it to everyone, except people who have really bad cramps.  Downsides: made my period heavier than when I was on BC, hurts like a bitch going in (but only for a minute), gave me bad PMS cramps for 6-9 months.  Upsides: hormone free, hassle free, good for 10 years!  It’s a freaking miracle!

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I have had mine for going on 2 years now, never had children, am 25, and love it. 

Of course insertion is going to hurt, you are manually opening a muscle that isn’t meant to be opened. It hurt bad and it makes you a bit woozy because of the adrenaline your body releases and then theres really bad cramping but it is definitely bearable. I’d say my wisdom teeth removal was 1000X worse than this pain, lol.

I had really bad cramping the first week after but with going to sleep with a heat pad and taking ibuprofen it eased up. Then the first 3-4 months the cramping was reeeeally bad around period time, but now its totally normal. I once again just used ibuprofen (took 4, 200 mg) and heating pads and was okay. I also didn’t use tampons at first because they caused cramping to be worse but now it is okay and I’m back to them.

On hormonal BC by periods were 3-4 days now they are 5-8. Before hormonal I was on a regular cycle that was about 7 days too so really my body is just back to its natural habits.

I am WAY more emotionally stable now. Not that I was terrible on hormonal BC but I am wayyyy less moody now that I am on non-hormonal BC and way more rational if something upsets me.

These last 10-12 years and are sooo worth it and you won’t have to go through an invasive surgery like you would if you were getting your tubes tied. I’d totally go for it if I were you!

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Insertion was painful, and I was cramp ya day or two afterwards. I also had thick discharge for about a month (to the point I made an appoiment with my gyno who confirmed it wasn’t an infection and was normal… I had been on bc pills before). I’ve had it nearly a year now andy periods are actually lighter with almost no cramping. I also started using menstrual cups (LOVE!!) so maybe my period just seems lighter because i deal with it less. I’ve also heard the suction the cup produces could ease cramps and shorten the length. Some folks say the cup and iuds don’t mix, but others say it’s fine and so far so good.

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Same as you, I’ve never been pregnant. Painful insertion, heavy cramping and irregular bleeding for the next 6 months, but it’s regulated since its insertion 5 years ago. Love mine!

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SexyCatLady:  yep, pretty much.  So yes, excellent trade off in my mind!  Pop 4 ibuprofen before the insertion, for sure.

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SexyCatLady:  Yup, I would say that is accurate. Like lolot: said, take ibuprofen beforehand. You might get lucky like I did and find minimal to no cramping after the insertion or you might be like a woman I know and have to take it easy. I don’t think that can be predicted, but I do think that most women are happy with their IUDs.

Other than taking pain medication, the three things that I have found help me with cramps are walking, sex, and hot water bottles.

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