(Closed) Any bees who did/do enjoy the ''stoner'' lifestyle?

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  • poll: Did/Do you enjoy the ''stoner'' lifestyle?
    I did in high school (or college), but that is it : (57 votes)
    13 %
    I experimented a few times and that was it : (84 votes)
    19 %
    I did and I still do! It is how I unwind at the end of my days/weeks : (44 votes)
    10 %
    I did, I do, and it is out of control - I smoke ALL the time. : (4 votes)
    1 %
    Never have, never will. : (134 votes)
    31 %
    I feel dependent on it. : (8 votes)
    2 %
    I can, and have stopped anytime I want without struggle. : (52 votes)
    12 %
    I lack motivation because of it, but still do it. : (5 votes)
    1 %
    I do it, and my life is still in tip top shape. : (45 votes)
    10 %
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    I was very into it in college and a couple years after that. I just stopped one day because the strain we were getting around here was making me a little paranoid, and I didn’t like feeling that way. I just never picked it up again. My Fiance partakes and his life is fine. He doesn’t drink (very much.. once every few months or so) and it’s how he unwinds. Honestly, I’d rather have him smoking than drinking. I have been thinking about trying to smoke again to ease symptoms of MS, but I’m unsure if I will or not. I wish I could use it without feeling high, because it is really good at controlling my stomach when I get nausous, and helps my appetite. 

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    @O.My.Heart:  sounds about our lifestyle as well. 

    My SO is more ‘dependent’ on it than me. I actually haven’t in about 2-3 weeks because I’ve been stressed with work, and it doesn’t relax me when I’m stressed out. 

    In my town it’s common – I know more people that do than don’t. My parents included. 

    It’s never been a problem or ‘out of control’ for me. I go through phases. I do have to say I have come to some pretty great revelations and understandings about my life – particularly while backpacking through Amsterdam 🙂

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    @O.My.Heart:  To me, it’s just like any other substance; some people can handle it while others can’t.  As long as people are responsible for themselves, I don’t really see a problem.  However, when someone prioritizes any substance over their life/kids/family/etc I see it as an issue whether the substance is alcohol, weed, or whatever.

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    @O.My.Heart:  Neither of us do any drugs. It is not something I want in my life, and it is especially not something I’d like to model to my current nieces/nephews and my own future children.

    ETA: I specifically didn’t date anyone who smoked weed. I would have first and only dates with people before I met my husband because it is not something I respect or want around me. That is just me though, I don’t care what others do so long as it’s not near me or my home.

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    @O.My.Heart:  I never done any sort of drug. I’ve never even tasted alcohol before. 

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    I smoked my senior year in high school and everyday my first 1.5 years in undergrad.  After that I sort of lost interest and I did it about 15-20x a year.  Slowly it just was less and less.  I just grew out of it and I have really no interest to do it anymore.

    I have some friends who still regularly smoke. One of my friends was dependent on it in a way. She needed to smoke to be able to eat (like she wouldn’t have an appetite unless she smoked) for awhile. She does admit it makes her not want to do anything except sit around at home. So in a way, it can definitely affect motivation.

    We did do some other drugs in college but none as much as pot.  Tried quite a few things but I have no desire for anything except alcohol (usually wine) anymore.  All of my friends who tried other drugs when we were 19-24ish definitely don’t do any of those anymore but some of them still smoke pot.

    I think Fiance smoked a handful of times in college but that is it for him.

    I don’t care if people want to smoke on the weekends or at 6pm after a day of work.  I find it similar to alcohol.  Some people have addictive personalities or get addicted and plenty can handle it in a responsible matter.

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    I never got into it (I was probably the only art student on campus who didn’t smoke). I lived ina small house with 8 stoners and the smell just turned me off. That being said, I’ve smoked a handfull of times and absolutely have NO problem with any consenting adult who wishes to smoke pot. I think it is harmless and should be legal everywhere.

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    @O.My.Heart:  I have just never really liked it. I don’t really like to drink often either. I don’t care if other people smoke, but I think it’s sad when you life basically revolves around it.

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    @O.My.Heart:  No judging but I have noticed you posting a lot about possibly being pregnant. If you are off birth control, I would suggest quitting. I will add that I have not educated myself on any issues associated with smoking while pregnant but I can only assume it is something to abstain from.

    To answer your question though I dont see any real issue with smoking besides the fact that it is illegal. I am sure that when it is legalized I may feel more comfortable with it in my home. I did smoke some in college but that is really it.

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    I did it in high school and for parts of college. Fiance started in college and smoked heavily all though college and stopped after. We smoked together the first year or so after we moved in together but haven’t in 4 years. Too expensive and we prefer drinking, anyway. At no point did it lead us to anything else ‘unsavory’, impede our responsibilities, or did we feel dependent.

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    I’ve tried it a handfull of times with the same results.  I personally hate it.  It does not make me feel relaxed or enlightened.  I just feel dumb and have a high amount of anxiety.  The first time I did it at a house party (while  drunk) I wanted to call 911 because I thought I was having a heart attack.  I was kicked out of the party 🙁  I guess my personal brain chemistry just does not allow for it to be an enjoyable experience and that’s fine with me.  

    I don’t like it personally and feel like it calls motivation but if you are one of those people that can lead a successful career and do it to relax, I have no problem with it.  Although I do know a few friends that really struggled to give it up when they tried to.  

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    I far rather get in a car with someone who was smoking rather than someone who was consuming alcohol. Alcohol is technically a poison. Marijuana is not. It is a medicinal herb that some people over-indulge in. I believe in responsible use of whatever your pleasure is.

    And yes, I still smoke on occasion. I have never driven a car or gone to work stoned. I made it through college and grad school, with highest honors. I have a professional career and make good money. I have never had the urge to try harder drugs. I do not drink alcohol or caffinated drinks (caffeine is also a drug!).


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    I used to smoke and drink a lot… probably from when I was about 14 or so until I was 21. I was a teenage carer for my Mum, and I was also determined to have perfect, straight A grades. The only way I could unwind or relax at all was to drink and smoke. Especially smoke. I found it more relaxing than drinking, and I also had fewer side effects. It was literally the only way I could stop being wound like a spring and chill out for once.

    Maybe it made me slightly less driven, but I still maintained my grades etc etc. The problem was that, during uni, I got into a hard partying crowd, and we ended up doing far too much… of everything. Eventually I woke up one morning and realised that whilst dreaming of being in a band and changing the world, attending protest meetings and partying, and living communally, was great when you were a teenager… it was time to **** or get off the pot. The people I had surrounded myself with talked a big game, but none of them were delivering anything at all. They had no focus and I could see that there was a very real chance of us all ending up being 40 something losers who lived in our parent’s basements and talked about “smashing the system”. Also, I felt directionless and unhappy.

    I decided I needed a new approach, so I joined the TA. The TA has mandatory drug testing, so that was the end of that, as far as being a stoner went. I missed it, but I needed the army lifestyle much more. I needed the focus, the intensity of the friendships, and the training at that time of my life.

    So… it was complicated. I wouldn’t blame all my problems on pot, and I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it again if it was legalised, either (now that I am no longer TA). But because of DH’s job, and the fact that I do a lot of long distance driving now (and I find pot stays in my system for longer than alcohol), I called it quits for now. If it was legalised though, which I am in favour of, I’d love to have the occasional spliff at weekends. I know I wouldn’t smoke like I used to though, because I have my own house now, and smoke damages the soft furnishings. We don’t have a covered outside area for smokers, and there’s no way I would smoke outside under an umbrella, in the freezing cold, like I used to, either. I’m past that. That’s for kids. My shoes are expensive nowadays and I don’t want to ruin them in the rain and snow, either. So, even if it was legalised, the British weather would prevent me from being a stoner again!

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    @trueblue14:  People often use that argument. Maybe it is just the folks I knew who smoke pot, but they are seriously stupid. I can still picture them – terrible high school boys. They have a slow response time, they have memory lapses, their eyes look hooded and glazed, and it just is entirely unattractive to me. I don’t care to see people drunk and acting stupid either but it seems to me that pot keeps people stupid.

    I would try and talk to them even when they weren’t stoned and I could literally count 10 seconds between my question and their response time, like it took that long for them to process it. This was a group of hardcore pot smokers though, as in multiple times per day. So, like I said, maybe this is just with the extreme pot smokers I knew back in the day but that is my only frame of reference.

    I’m not sure what “casual” use does, but I sure know what extreme use does. I have no interest in associating with people like that at all. Then again, addictive personalities in general turn me off. Smoking anything is a dating deal breaker for me, especially if it has lasting, negative, and long term impacts.   

    ETA: OP, I am not trying to be rude at all. This is my experience with pot smokers. I have never met any “functioning” pot heads. People who do it every so often may be entirely different than what I picture “stoner life” to be. Those people barely passed school, lived in their mama’s basements, and lived for drugs.

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