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@cbj9:  My husband has a B.A. in Psych from a reputable, private, liberal arts college. It cost hiim $100,000.

And now… he’s a food salesman! The major was useless. Sorry!

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@cbj9:  I was a psychology major and switched out because the job prospects were looking very slim…I’m in nursing now 

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@cbj9:  I majored in Pyschology and Spanish about 3 1/2 years ago. I have been gainfully employed since the day I graduated, but I have worked in the nonprofit and education sector.

Though some people think it’s not a very useful major, I disagree (besides, in all honestly the vast majority of majors do not directly lead to a specific job). Depending on what you want to do, the employer may just require that you have a bachelors degree. That is what happened for me. I just needed a degree. 

My first job out of college was working for a private foundation distributing grants and assisting nonprofits. Currently, I work in marketing/recruiting/family services at a public charter school. I do not directly use my degree, but I have made connections and have formed a better understanding of our student’s and parent’s behavior because of my educational background.

Do you know what you are interested in? Have you started applying for jobs?

@lealorali:  That is unfortunate that your husband had to spend so much money. I too went to a top private liberal arts college, but was fortunate to get generous scholarships. I only paid $10k in the end for everything, so I felt it was very much worth it. However, many of my peers paid up to $220,000 (it’s $55k a year right now). I definitely do not think that is worth it though.

I also think that such a poor economy is hurting job prospects more than degree choice.

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@cbj9:  I was a pysch major, double with history.  The presentation for the psyc grad class they told us we were now qualified to be retail or food service managers.  Sorry, there wasn’t anything there for me.  I went back and got a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and now love my career choice.

Many BA’s are really only a starting point to get you to grad school.

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@cbj9: +1

Following to see responses. I’ll have a BSci in Sociology!

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@cbj9:  I do, but I also got my Master’s in 2012, and on track to finish my doctorate in 2015. 

Job prospects aren’t fantastic for B.A.s in psych, but they do exist. In some settings, you can work as a case manager. I had a friend interested in forensic psych, so she ended up working in a secretarial-type position at a court house. 

You can’t provide any therapy without a Master’s, though. Some places offer a certificate program in drug and alcohol counseling if that is something you would be interested in. 

If I were to work with my Bachelor’s, I would’ve gone the higher ed route — there are plenty of jobs you can get in university offices. (Plus, there’s tuition remission options, should you choose to go back someday for your Master’s!)

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@cbj9: I have a BA in psych and a BFA in art. I work in the quality department of a construction company as an admin. I make pretty good money, but that’s only because the current job is on a government site and they’re required to pay contractors a different minimum. Who knows if I’ll even have a job after the building is done D:

My major was picked because I thought I’d go to grad school. That’s proving to be difficult. 

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Right after graduating with my BA in Psychology, I took a job as a teaching assistant working with children with autism.  It’s a private-setting, not public school, with children who are severely affected and require intense 1:1 care and instruction. It didn’t pay well, and it’s difficult, but incredibly rewarding in so many ways. I worked my way up the ranks to a point where I now have better pay to help me achieve a Master’s degree (part-time student, of course… which is very tough with a full-time job) so that I can continue moving up.

However, I began in this field 6 years ago, and I’m reaching burnout.  I currently teach 10-12 year olds, and it’s a HIGHLY stressful job – It’s a normal occurrence to clean up bathroom accidents (yes, they’re 12 years old and still have accidents), get bitten, scratched, or hit, I listen to loud screaming and vocalizations all day (I rely on Ibuprofin most days), and at least 2-3 times per month I am required to put a child in a restraint (due to highly aggressive or self-injurious behavior). There’s only so many years you can do that before you just can’t do it anymore. I’m just about there. 🙁

BUT… I will say my job has provided me with an ENORMOUS wealth of knowledge and experience, and I am incredibly grateful for all of my work here.  If my job did not provide tuition remission, I would most certainly be moving on… however, I’ll stick around and continue to accrue valuable experience until I get my Master’s. 🙂


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Not me, but Darling Husband graduated with a double major in psychology and business!

He works as a middle manager in car insurance (You know the people who check out your car after an accident? He’s their boss, hopefully soon to be their boss’ boss!)

He was originally planning on going into HR, though!

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@cbj9:  I have a B.A. in psychology. Right after graduation I found work working at a residential psychiatric center for abused children. The pay was decent for being a recent grad and i got a promotion after a month. If you feel like you would be able to handle working in direct care please feel free to PM me. The work is hard but so rewarding and I wouldn’t trade that expereince for anything! I got to directly observe many different types of mental disorders and I absolutely fell in love with working with that population. Please feel free to ask any questions!

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@cbj9:  Hey hun, so all my friends graduated with psychology majors and I graduated with a degree in media & broadcasting & communications, what’s funny is they all thought My degree was better because it was specified, but what I have learned in the 8 years I have been out of college is THEIR degree of psychology is actually BETTER than mine…

Bc mine is such a specific degree, there are very few broadcasting jobs out there.  Where as their psychology degree is honestly what A lot of managers look for when hiring.  Jobs my friends have gotten with their Psych degree’s include:

– A manager at a car dealership ( an internet manager too)

– A professional in medical sales or ANY sales related job (they love psych degree’s)

– A job as a human resources manager (you have to know how to deal with situations with staff that may be awkward so psych really helps)

– Really any type of manager in any type of work field, you can strive to become with a psych degree

Here’s the kicker though, you’re not going to get hired probably right out of school with a manager job, you will have to work your way up to it (probably will just take 1-2 years as a assistant, receptionist, or associate job before proving to be able to be a manager)

Also I would highly recommend you become well versed in the tech world and social media.  Know about fbook, twitter, linkedin, know how to advertise on all of these platforms,and how to market through these websites

You should learn how to do the basics in powerpoint, microword, excel spreadsheet, gmail, and any other tech areas you can learn in will benefit you getting a great job:)

With a psych degree you can also go to grad school for ONE YEAR and become a licensed therapist, pretty cool!:) Hope this helps you.

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I have a BA in Psychology, and work in Public Relations. My field is very writing intensive, which my degree absolutely was as well. Psych is a great fit for Marketing/PR! At my liberal arts college, Business, Communications and Marketing were not offered as majors. So, you chose something like Economics, Psych, English, etc. 

As an aside, I have found that if you are educated, smart and dedicated, it often doesn’t matter what your degree is in (unless you are in a STEM field, perhaps). Do not feel limited by your field! 🙂

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I graduated with a BS in psychology and a BS in biology.  My first job out of college was at a company working on a government project investigating obesity in school age children (I lived in the DC area at the time).  It was a desk job that involved a lot of calling/emails coordinating site visits to schools.  I think it had some growth potential, but I left after a year to pursue a PhD in biomedical science!  I figured I would have better job security with a higher degree.

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