Any Bees with anxiety/depression? Medication..

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Sorry you are going through this. At age 15 I had my first panic attack. I also tried to end my life twice at 16 years old. I have depression, mood swings, OCD and ADD. I have always felt odd and stupid. I have tried many different meds, but always stopped taking them because they would either make me zombie like or sleep all day. Depression is tough, but thank god, at age 30 I found a wonderful doctor who finally put me on right meds that helped me. I have been taking Wellbutrin, cymbalta and adderall. My mood swings are no more, my ocd and add are also controlled. I feel normal now. With meds, it really is trial and error. People are different, and react differently to them. It took me years to find the right combo. Don’t give up! 

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Are those people around you professional psychiatrists/psychologists? If not, they should not be relied upon for a diagnosis. The word “depressed” is bandied about so much these days, and can seemingly refer to anything from an off day or two to feeling sad to actually feeling like you might as well be dead. Trained behavioral health workers look for signs of mood disorders that the general public does not generally see when it comes to a diagnosis of clinical depression (often more physical symptoms than emotional ones such as sleep disturbances, appetite changes, sexual dysfunction, or headaches, for example). It’s usually a lot more complicated than just feeling sad or irritable or down. You should never feel “peer pressured” into a particular mode of treatment. The way you approach this is between you and your chosen healing team (emphasis on YOU. It is your brain, after all :).

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Hi Bee!

The others actually already said a lot of important things. I just wanted to add, that you don’t need to be afraid of medication. First of all of course you need to talk to a therapist, be it a pschiatrist or a psychologist to establish a diagnose and if they think it would be indicated to talk about medicine. If you’re with a good psychiatrist, they will take your concern seriously and explain to you how the meds work in your body and why they are supposed to help you.

I was also concerned about taking them, but as soon as she told me that I am the one in control I felt better. So even if you start to take them, it’s because you want to and if you decide to stop taking them, you have the right to do so. For me then it was like, ok, anything that has the chance to help me is ok. At first I thought it would never help with my intrusive thoughts. I thought maybe with my mood yes, but not with my thoughts. But it did. And it was the best decision I could have taken. Depending on how you feel it is sometimes indicated to take medicin in order to bring you to an emotional stable place where you can begin to work on your issues with your therapist. And me as well had to try some different medications and different dosis.

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Mostly everything has been said, but I wanted to just add my experience.

I was diagnosed with anxiety. I went to my PCP first because I was going through some crap at the time and I was starting to have panic attacks. She RXed me some propranolol at first, which is typically a medication that helps with arrhythmias. I was told that it will help stop my heart beat so fast and in turn calm down my brain. I did try therapy, and it helped a little bit, but I needed something else. My dr. prescribed me Zoloft (an SSRI) and I have been on it for about 2 years now. I am so much better and very lucky that this is the first med I tried and it has been very successful. Like others mentioned, the beginning of starting meds can kinda suck. I would get sick to my stomach a lot at first , got headaches, and I couldn’t sleep. Then once I got some sleep, I started to get weird ass dreams. I mean really, really, weird vivid dreams. For someone who never remembered their dreams, this freaked me out. This process varies per person, but personally it was about 8 weeks for it to fully kick in and when the crappier side effects wore off. Now I have very little side effects. The only problem I have is that if I take it on an empty stomach then it’ll give me the poops. Pretty mild to me. I am on 75 mg.

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I have anxiety and depression, I was diagnosed my senior year if high school. I never took any medications until a few years ago, when things got REALLY bad, I’m almost 30 now. Once we figured out the right medication, I decided it was the best decision I made. I went through 3 SSRI antidepressants before finally switching to a non SSRI.  But on top of that, I did some counseling for a little bit but quit going. I usually turn to writing about my feelings, music and recently started working out at the gym, which has actually helped my depression and anxiety.

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I have had issues with anxiety 7 years after I had a medical issue that landed me in the ICU and since then had panic attacks. I tried Ativan as needed but eventually prescribed an antidepressant Effexor. It gave me vertigo so I switched to Lexapro. Been on it for 5 years and have had few attacks. It works for me and it has the least amount of side effects, mild libido effects, supposed to have lesser weight gain issues than most along with Zoloft.

In your case continue the psychotherapy and do exercise regularly. Medications are good as part of a whole regimen. It does take on average 6 weeks to see the full effects of a dose or medication. If you ever need to stop it do it SLOWLY. I tapered off Lexapro before getting pregnant over 1 month. Withdrawals are rough. 

Good luck bee

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You are living my life right now. The stuff happening to me new job , engaged , new house seem like a dream. I have the absolute worst anxiety. Any time I have to book a vendor or make a decision my Heart starts beating I can’t bring myself to do it. Then I just get anxiety from everyday stuff at work or even running errands. Honestly , medicine has changed my life. I take a daily Med for anxiety and a small dose of Xanax throughout the day when I feel the huge anxiety coming on. The Xanax just make me feel like myself and I can make decisions and get stuff done. I also feel depressed at time and don’t know why. Everything I have now is what I always wanted  but my medicine helps. ohdarling :  

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I’ve had anxiety all my life, it worsened due to traumatic events in my early life. I’ve seen therapists and psychiatrists off and on. Everyone is different in how they approach and treat their anxiety- some can do just therapy (CBT,etc) and some need meds, or even both; that’s not something to be ashamed of. Meds however are largely trial and error, some have more noticeable and annoying symptoms while others do not. Personally, I’m on Zoloft and take Ativan as needed if I have a panic attack. However, your psychiatrist will discuss which is best for you. I also recommend seeing a psychologist to talk over therapies that might help you discover coping strategies, such as CBT. One med free therapy that was brought to my attention by my doctor was listening to binaural beats. You can search for calming ones on Youtube or download an app- certain research suggests that the different frequencies of the music preoccupies certain areas of the brain which leads to less anxiety. I’ve listened to them on and off and they do help. Hope you start feeling better Bee, and please know you’re not alone!

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I also have had issues with anxiety which manifests physically- grind my jaw horribly in my sleep, have extremely tight painful muscles, and am super jumpy. I was very wary about medication and wanted to manage it naturally with a pyschologist, yoga, meditation, exercise etc. For me, all that stuff helped but I just couldn’t seem to get on top of the anxiety. After a few years, I finally agreed to try a low dose of antidepressant (on the recommendation of my doctor and psychologist) and for me it has helped immensely. Initially I wanted to use it short term with the goal of coming off it,  but I’m in no way ready to yet-  one of the big things for me is the quality of my sleep is incredibly better, which has a knock on effect to anxiety. I still do yoga, talk therapy, all those things, honestly I wish I’d started medication earlier. I was lucky in that the first one I tried worked for me.

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