(Closed) Any bees with hypoglycemia, pls help?

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I would probably see a doctor if its up and down frequently. but i know When i start feeling very irrittated, weak or shakey, and cannot concentrate, its normally because my sugar is low. Which means you need to eat something. The best way to control it is to eat small meals throughout the day. 6 small meals if you can or snacks are good. Make sure he is getting enough protein. meeting with a nutritionist might helpful to because they can point out a healthy diet to avoid the sugar being all over the place.

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I know a lot of protein based suppliments have high levels of sugar…I would check that out.

I carry a bag of almonds with me in my purse and munch on them whenever I’m feeling, “wonky”…it takes a long time to get your sugars levelled out so the best of luck!

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I’m borderline. My blood sugar is below the “normal” levels, but not extremely low.


I eat extra meals and snacks throughout the day. Of course, that’s pretty much a standard with low blood sugar they tell you to eat more frequently.

I try to avoid eating a lot of bread. I’ve found if I eat bread (such as a sandwich from Panera for lunch), it doesn’t bother me right then, but a couple hours later I am ravenous, I think from the blood sugar spike and crash.

I’ve noticed eating meat keeps me more stable and I don’t get shakey and feel ravenous as much. Non-meat proteins like beans and lentils don’t seem to do it as well.

I also keep string cheese on-hand at work. It’s a good snack, and not sweet (I get tired of sweet all the time). And has a low GI.

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I’ve had it for 24 years. Luckily, since I took such good care of it for the past 20 years, I can ‘cheat’ now and occationally have a sugary dessert after dinner.

Everyone is different, and it just takes trial and error to find what works. For me I have to be super careful about the ingredients, any type of white sugar or it’s variants, even honey used to send me into a spiral. I couldn’t eat even a small amount of ketchup or mayo or sometimes spagetti sauce because of the small amount of sugar. But white bread, white potatoes and white rice, as long as it didn’t have sugar, I was fine. I used to be able to drink 100% fruit juice, but now I can’t.While my friend could have sugar, like cookie after a meal. But a peice of whole wheat bread (even with high fiber) on an empty stomach would send him into a tail spin.

So your Fiance has to figure out if he needs to look at the ingredient list like me or if he need to look at the grams of sugar like my friend.

 I’ve also known some people who are super sensitive to artificial sweetners. Something about the brain thinking it’s sugar, even when it isn’t, so it releases the insulin. Also, becareful about caffiene. It can really make your metbolism

Good Luck!

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I have struggled with it for years. Glucerna bars and shakes recommended by my doctor have really helped me to keep my sugar levels in check throughout the day. But it’s tough, sometimes no matter what I do, it still happens. I crash, , , get weak, irritable, and it takes a while to snap out of it.

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i too have these same issues. it took me along time and many doctors visits to get it under control. th biggest advice i have is to def. see a doctor, and if he still doesnt feel right after doing what the doc says go back, and go back as many times as needed.

i became a vegetarian within the past month, and trying to find protein supplements that are low in sugar was difficult. i found premere protein shakes that have 1g of sugar. (you can order them online or i get them from costco)

also eating alot of small meals is key ( i am always eating)

good luck, i know how hard it can be to get this under control


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My brother was diagnosed with it early and even though I haven’t been diagnosed, I have similiar symptoms and react VERY similiar to how he does.

protein and complex carbohydrates is good.  High protein meals.  Since I usually am able to keep it in check really easily by eating a good, balanced meal, I’m usually fine.  It’s when I skip meals or eat too much junk food (sweets, chips, etc) that I feel sick.  Thankfully, my Fiance knows all this and makes me eat (even when I don’t wanna, lol) and will go out of his way to get me food when I tell him I need to eat.  

If he’s having a really difficult time, I’d suggest talking to a nutrionist.  They should be able to help with a diet (because there really aren’t any meds to take, unlike hyperglycemia).

Oh, and one other thing: anything alcoholic is BAD.  REALLY REALLY bad.  (admittedly, because mine isn’t as bad as most, I can drink and not have a problem.  But I also make sure I eat really really good whenever I DO drink.)

My son, however, has NOT been diagnosed and the least little sugar sets him off.  Live wire in water.  Keeping him eating good and on an even kilter is VERY difficult because, well, he’s a kid.  

good luck!!!!  

p.s. technically, hypoglycemia IS a form of diabetes.  It’s just on the opposite end as Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. 🙂

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