(Closed) Any bees work full time and go to school?

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cocoxoxo:  Ahh, a fellow teacher, awesome! Just one extra thing to be mindful of then — what are your placement requirements? Do you have a workplace that is supportive of you taking weeks off at a time to do them? I had four placement blocks of three weeks each. During each of those three weeks, a daytime job was simply NOT an option, so I did tutoring instead and quietly lamented the lack of money going into my bank account! Personally, placement also left me too tired to really want to do much extra paid work. 

I haven’t had this problem personally because my workplace was understanding, but some places really don’t like you leaving for weeks at a time. Have you had this conversation with the people you work for? 

Also, I second the idea of a planner. I have two — a small diary and a giant wall planner. They are both great! Sticky notes are pretty good too. 

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I study and work full time and today actually marks 10 months of marriage for me. My husband is also studying full time so we empathize with one another, I’d say a supportive partner is key. We even got married mid-semester over a long weekend and had to be back in classes on the Tuesday! It is 100% doable if it’s what you want…it’s all about priorities…I don’t go out on weekends, I work, I study, I get ahead.

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I am currently in a Master’s program PT (two classes a semester), and work FT. My entire weekend is taken up by school work. I can’t go out or do as much, but otherwise, it hasn’t affected by relationship. 

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cocoxoxo:  I don’t now, but I worked nearly full time in undergrad (35 hours) while taking a full course load (17/18 credits).  I was with my now-FI then and we made it work, though I was tired and stressed often.  In law school, I worked full time my second and third year while taking classes full time and didn’t have much of a social life.  

We made it work with a standing date night my second year and planned trips third year (we were long distance this year, so we saw each other every 6-8 weeks).  As long as you plan everything and are not the type to be joined at the hip, you should be ok.  I agree with PP about planning out meals and taking time to prepare them (bonus if you can do this with your SO!), that helps so much! 

ETA: Just read that you’re working on your BA in Elementary Ed!  Most of my close friends and college roommates were elementary ed and they said that the course load was not bad at all.  They were very stressed and tired during their placements, but balancing classes with other priorities wasn’t difficult for them 🙂  Good luck, you can do it!

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I am currently in the home stretch of finishing my master’s degree while working full time. We plan to get married in August of 2017. However before then I have another residency to do, a practicum and internships. My Fiance is currently in school getting his journeymen license which he still has one more year to go and he works fulltime. We both understand, not only will you have to plan ahead like everyone has said before me, but you will have to plan date nights and fun time. One of my academic advisors told me early on in my program that you will need to learn how to balance work, school, and fun time to prevent burn-out. It is necessary for me to get practice in doing so because of the type of work I will be doing. So I am encouraging you to do the same, there must be a balance in your life to prevent burnout, especially when you’re doing multiple things that demand your time. I am starting to incorporate a rest day, I am excited to just rest. You will see as you get busy, you will appreciate just being able to rest. I know when it’s all said and done, my Fiance and I will be so grateful because we will be able to be in a great position when we have children. Ultimately we plan to own our own businesses so we can set our own schedules and be present with our children. So the not so future goal keeps us motivate.

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I work full time and go to school part time. I opted for online courses as it allowed for more flexibility with my schedule.  I completed my Associates 100% online and now I am about 75% finished with my Bachelors.  It’s not easy juggling both but it is possible.  I’ve found that I need to give up some of my down time on the weekend to catch up on my studies.

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Yes ma’am. It’s a LOT of work, but worthwhile in the end hopefully! Work full-time and taking 3 classes online last semester was stress overload, but having an incredibly supportive Fiance is the most amazing part of it.  It makes me fall in love with him even more each day.

It’s possible, but you really have to be on your game with priorities.  I think it takes a really amazing person to do both, and it looks like there are quite a few people who have, on this board, which is AWESOME! Way to go fellow bees! 

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I worked fulltime while attending grad school and planninig my wedding.  As long as you have good time management skills, you can do it!  You will likely have to forego some social outings because of scheduling, but it’ll be worth it in the end!

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I am working full time and 15 credit hrs. Honestly for me who doesnt do much outside of the house it does not matter and I am determined to do it. What i do is i find out when homework is due and that day of the week is dedicated to that class. i have class mwth and i plan on doing home on the off days. just dont over do yourself. i am determined to do this. i want to do this. It all depends on how much you want to do this. 

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I did this during my undergrad (I actually worked 50 hours plus 18 hours of courses) and will do it again during my master’s program–sometimes life just doesn’t give you any other options. Schedule yourself well and don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done!

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cocoxoxo :  Doable! Husband was getting a PhD and I was getting my Masters at the same time. He was in school full time, worked part time and I was in school full time and working full time. We spent a lot of time apart but the little time we did have together we’d study together, or work on assignments next to each other, go to cafes on weekends to study, etc. I think it’s easier if both people are in school at the same time. 

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cocoxoxo :  Darling Husband did this while we were together. now that we’re on the other side of it i can tell you (and he agrees) that it was worth it. i have some advice: 

1. go to community college for 2 years and then transfer to a 4 year school. this saved us TENS of thousands of dollars. 

2. go to a public 4 year school. don’t pay more than you have to. 

3. pay for as much as possible as you go. don’t use loans for anything but actual tuition. 

Darling Husband got through by being super organized and basically sacrificing sleep and fun. he majored in actuarial science so it was a ton of homework and difficult material. his schedule varied each semester but basically any time he was home he was doing homework. i helped by taking care of almost all the household stuff and by understanding limited time together. 

one thing we did do was continue to have occasional outings together. i’d say once every other week we’d go out for a couple of hours and do something fun together. for me this helped a lot because i knew that i always had some time to look forward to together. we also went on a vacation when he hit the halfway mark, which i totally recommend if you can swing it. 

this requires you being laser focused, determined, and sleep deprived. it requires your partner being patient, independent, and understanding. it’s completely worth it. you can do it!!! 🙂 soon it will just be a memory. 

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cocoxoxo :  I work full time and study an undergrad degree part time.

I’m not going to lie, it’s a huge amount of stress, and affects my relationship.  To me it’s worth it because I know the degree is in  a field I want to work in, and is complimented by my current job.

My Fiance does come in to my study and ask when I’ll be finished so we can hang out.  I struggle to get to the gym.  My friends are fading away as I don’t have time to hang out with them.  I’ve cried at  my desk, I’ve been late to work because of all nighters.

But the feeling I get when I get another credit point against my name is worth it all.  

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Yes. I am working full time (about 50-60 hours per week) and finishing my master’s degree (2 classes at a time). It’s not ideal, but manageable. I should be done next May. 

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