(Closed) Any blips on your wedding day?

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  • Wedding: July 2010

I burnt CDs with our ceremony music on them. The first CD worked great for the entrance of the wedding party. But as soon as it was my turn to walk down the aisle, the CD stopped working. We had DH’s aunt working the CD player and she paniced and tried everything she could to get it to work then finally put in the back up CD (thank god I made it). Watching the video, there was about a 4 minute delay.

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  • Wedding: February 2010

I didn’t want my dress to be super tight, and I paid the price!  it kept slumping down, so the boning at the sides would curve out where it was supposed to curve in. it made the dress look sloppy. I feel like this was a wedding day blip because I spent the entire evening tugging my dress up so the sides would be smooth. and when the photos rolled in, I had to ask my photographer to photoshop it for me! thankfully it was easy, but still, there are a few amateur photos on facebook where my dress looks bad.

when I went in for my dress fittings, it seemed to fit just fine, but of course it’s going to look good when you stand perfectly still!   

a lesson to you: if you have a fitted bodice, make sure it is very tight! when you go to your fittings, move around in the dress: sit, stand, jump up and down. make sure it stays put. 

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  • Wedding: October 2011

Yup 2 weeks prior 2 groomsmen dropped out –  one found out his cancer had returned and had to go in for sugery 4 days before the wedding, the other had to go out of state for a family emergency.   That left my cousin and my  husbands dad who was best man. there was 1 more groomsman and he didnt show to the rehearsal and dinner, my husband was on the phone with him giving directions for a good hour prior to (should have taken him way less to get there), never showed for the wedding, couldnt get ahold of him at all. When my husband returned to work after the honeymoon, we learned he had wrecked his car the night of the rehearsal, lost his phone all sorts of stuff. Surprisingly to my husband, I reacted pretty well to all of this and just rolled with it.  I think I felt like it was meant to be because he had chosen those 3 guys to be in the wedding after really only knowing them a few months  (he moved here from out of state to be with me and his best friend is deployed in afghanistan)  and I think he was trying to be even with my bridemaids so honestly, while we feel for what happened to each of them, the people we really love, were there. 

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  • Wedding: August 2011

Only a few things went wrong:

– My bustle broke on the center string, so for my first dance it was bustled on both sides but not in the middle. Oh well…no one noticed but me!

– This is just an overall blip – my mom was so busy helping set up that we didn’t really get to spend time together. πŸ™

– I didn’t have a toss bouquet or garter – we honestly didn’t want one, but the DJ started announcing it, so we just used a Bridesmaid or Best Man bouquet to toss, and my mom’s bracelet as a garter. I was a glass of wine deep, so I was just going with the flow πŸ™‚


Otherwise everything went great!

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  • Wedding: January 1999

Two Blips:

1. The cake lacked flowers on top and on each tier!  They ran out of the cake (don’t ask me how, since we had many no-shows and had ordered extra cake), so they served some of our guests cheesecake from the kitchen of the countryclub. 

2. The satin black sashes were ruined somehow and they had to use chiffon ones instead. 

Not TOO bad, eh?!

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  • Wedding: June 2011

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@Ill Be Mrs B: ‘Now that it’s been 2 weeks and I look at the beautiful pictures over and over the negative memories are slowly fading and being replaced by the positive memories.’

They’ll fade even more πŸ˜‰

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  • Wedding: September 2011

@napabridekelsey: My bustle broke too! Someone with a high heel stepped on the organza layer of my dress and put a hole through it. When I walked, all of the buttons holding the train in place pulled off. Funny…it didn’t even bother me. We just safety-pinned it up!

My biggest blip: My florist was supposed to wrap an heirloom handkerchief given to me by my mom around my bouquet but for some reason, couldn’t. I found out only a few moments before the ceremony began and in a rush, I forgot to incorporate it in some other way and just left it in the bride’s suite at our venue. I guess someone thought it was a tissue and threw it away. I didn’t even think about the handkerchief at the time, but a few days later when I realized it was missing I was really upset (mostly because I felt guilty that I forgot to use it). My mom was cool, though, but I still feel a bit badly about it. I had heirlooms from my dad’s family and my inlaws, but not from my mom’s side.

While it’s a bummer, I guess it’s pretty minor compared to what could have happened (like rain!)

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  • Wedding: September 2011

Luckily I only had minor blips on my wedding day. The weather was calling for rain, luckily it didn’t but it was a but windier than I had hoped it would be for our outdoor ceremony. My hair lady had apparently forgotten how she had done my hair during the trial and I made her re-do part of it which caused us to not have as much time for pre-ceremony photos as we were supposed to.

During our ceremony, my three year old son was climbing all over me and whining for me to pick him up. I wish I had thought to specify to someone that they needed to grab him in that situation but everyone just sat there. My hubby said “I give you my laugh” instead of “I give you my love” when repeating after the officiant but she made it flow and everyone laughed. I forgot to take off my engagement ring before the ceremony and had to slip it off and hand it to the officiant nonchalantly (I had included a part where hubby puts my engagement ring back on after we exchanged wedding bands).

After the ceremony, my bustle did not work correctly. There were supposed to be five points, one in the middle and two on each side but one of the side points was apparently broken so my bustle was lopsided.

For the reception, it turned out that we ordered way too much beer (had a ton left over at the end of the night that we neither got to keep nor got refunded for) and not enough wine (ran out by 8:00pm).

The biggest blip by far was when we went to do our sparkler send-off at the end of the night. I had gotten permission months before my wedding, and when all my guests had their sparklers and were about to light them, we were told we could not do a sparkler send-off and “the first person to light a sparkler will go to jail”. This made me so upset, and the security guard who said this was being a totall ass to me and my guests. Luckily, hubby and many of our guests are police officers of the city where we got married so they quickly put him in his place. We also knew people who worked at our venue so we went above his head and got the ok to go ahead with the send-off but it was so embarrassing the way he acted towards us and our guests.

But, alls well that ends well. Sorry that was so long, but it felt good to get that out! πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: October 2011

My wedding has its fair share of blips! Some i can get over , some still bother but the fact of thinking that i will be doing it all over in 10 years is making me breathe a little .

One of the majors blips we had was during the getting ready time . Those first hours ruined my entire 3/4 of my day . Woke up early , happy and excited i decided to bust some moves with ” Just Dance 3″ on the Xbox, forgot the time and danced for way too long :).  This made me serioulsy late for my hair appointment .  I should have checked our getting ready room that the hotel gave us as a bonus before the day of .  Since i was late , dear husband let the make up artist and the other girls in the room .  By the time i got there there were 3 BR , 3Flower Girl ,  2 Videographers and their equipement , 1attendant , 1 photographer and 1 of our planners who was staeming my dress in a regular hotel room wiith 2 queens bed , a desk , a TV and a mini fridge  . Needless to say the lack of space , and the crowd and the chaos made my tension go up a little . Had i know they were giving us regular rooms , i would have upgraded to a suite or got ready at my house .

Second Major Blip: My coordinator for some reason  sat my bridal party  further away from me than we initially planned .We had a sweetheart table and their table was supposed to be near .

Blip 2:  I forgot what was supposed to go in my hair at home . Since our venue was so closed to  the Mall , my ladies went and bought me some pins that were so so .  Althought they weren’t perfect or what i initially , i am grateful for them. 

Blip3: My wedding wasn’t only the coldest day in the month , but it was definetely the windiest ever. Because of this  , it was somewhat hard to take outdoors pics and we didn’t take any pics near the river , or park or downtown as planned . 

We DIY our flowers , which turned out great , except that i didn’t order enough . I still can’t understand how  but  I forgot to account for the ones that were supposed to go in our Manzanita trees ! πŸ™

The DJ  somewhat sucked for the first 2 hours .He played beautiful songs , just not what we planned for ,except for our first dance , Thankd God for that!

One strap of my second gown broke , My initial wedding dress has many holes in them now because i forgot my flats that i was supposed to have on during formals  at home , My kids wouldn’t smile in any portraits because they were cold , 

But when it is all said and one , i married my best friend and that was the best thing that could ever happened to me!


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  • Wedding: September 2014

Haven’t had MY wedding yet, but I’ve been the Maid/Matron of Honor in 2 in the last couple months, so I’ve seen the blips πŸ™‚ 

My best friend’s wedding was in September. Her husband’s family is Jewish (she converted) and a HUGE portion of the guests are strict kosher. Anyway.. about 10 minutes into the buffet, the groom’s sister realized there was bacon in the green beans!! They rushed that dish back to the kitchen SO fast.


My sister’s wedding was in November. There were only 2 little things that went wrong that I can think of. #1, her cake was included with the venue package. She’d given them a picture of the cake with the specification that it be the same design except all white. Imagine her surprise when we walked in and the cake was NEON ORANGE AND YELLOW in a black/white/green wedding. I was so proud of her for not caring at all πŸ™‚ 

The other was that the DOC forgot to put out the favors (which were little cards detailing some charities they’d donated to — this was a very important thing for them and it was too bad that a lot of people don’t realize that they’d done that). 

All in all, pretty minor things! 

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  • Wedding: April 2010


Yes, we definitely had some blips!

1. My family forgot to put the guestbook out in the lobby of the church. 2. Groomsmen called hours before the ceremony to say he couldn’t make it because he was throwing up. 3. Forgot the garter. Had to run out to the car and put it on a minute before DH was going to take it off, lol. 4. Mom forgot to add DH’s baby photos in the slideshow.

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