(Closed) Any bulldog owners out there?

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My husband and I have a French Bulldog, Stella. We got her online from a breeder in Arkansas in 2007. She came with papers and a pedigree. 

The only two problems we’ve had with her was Beaver Fever and a hernia. Other than that her eyes, hips, joints, and skin all appear to be fine. 

I find when people see my dog for the first time they are kind of surprised. There are hardly any bulldogs of any kind where I am from, so it’s almost exciting to see one. I freak out everytime I run into another bulldog at the dog park. My family is mostly accepting of her, but a lot think she is ugly, too “grunty” or something similar. 

I am now an avid Frenchie lover and will likely be getting frenchies and possibly English bulldogs for the rest of my life. 


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We’ve had 20+ bulldogs through our house (10 of them our dogs, others are foster dogs) and 8 French bulldogs (same sitch.) since 1994.

I participate in Bulldog Rescue in my state.

Today, at the moment, we have:

1)  5 year old English bulldog turned into rescue in 2013 for hideous skin problems–they are now under control with regular expensive medication. We adopted him because he is the funniest guy in the world, he is a typical bulldog clown. I LOVE him!

2) 8 year old female French bulldog, cream in color. She is the ladylike alpha bitch around here.

3) 15 year old champion female French bulldog.

All of our dogs came here as adults. I wouldn’t know what to do with a puppy and actually, I don’t like puppies.

Our elderly Frenchie is a little senile, a little blind and totally deaf. But she is fat and sassy and toddles around the house and yard every day. She must be pretty old for a Frenchie, I keep hearing this from French bulldog people. Her daughter died several weeks ago at age 13. These girls are tiny, smaller than all of the Frenchies I see today. They are 17 and 19 lbs.

Some years ago we started to get Frenchies from our elderly friends who bred both Bulldogs and French bulldogs. I thought that the Frenchies would be easier, somehow. But I missed the big bulldogs so we started participating in bulldog rescue.

I am hopelessly addicted to bulldogs and but the Frenchies–not so much. I had 7 Frenchies at one time, having taken 6 in from our elderly friends who could not care for them any more in a semi-rescue situation. That was a–busy time! With the help of French bulldog rescue here, I placed 4 of those dogs and we kept the two eldest.

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my beautiful pal ๐Ÿ™‚ 5 yr old british bulldog called Frank, love the breed ๐Ÿ™‚ , got from a breeder at around 3 month mark, he has a ten minute walk on a morning, and 15 mins at night, if weathers warm but cool in the evening or weekend we may have a longer walk – up to around an hour but its at his pace which is slightly faster than a turtle haha.

Has had excema a couple of times, we have found by getting rid of any beef in his diet this has pretty much stopped it,

and friends and family love him as much as we do <3 although i have seen people cross the road who dont know him as he looks ?viscious.


his favourite toy is a brush from a dustpan and brush set which he carries everywhere, and he once licked a bumble bee but he wont go near them since!

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I have an English. She is my princess for sure! Fiance gave her to me as a bday gift. Her name is Bella. He got her from a breeder (we really didn’t know much about rescues at the time) in FL. She is very sweet, but only to her brother (Pauly the Pug) and people. She doesn’t do well with other dogs. She also has another brother, Prosciutto the Mini Pig. She tolerates him pretty well, but gets annoyed with him. 

We don’t really go for walks. We have an invisible fence, and all 3 animals wear a collar. We have playtime, which includes ball, pool and general running around in our 1&1/2 acre yard.

I love my zoo! 

ETA: Bella doesn’t have Any issues. No food allergies or skin problems. The vet thinks her hips might bug her as she gets older, but she’s good for now.

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ALAWI:  yes ๐Ÿ™‚ let me go find her fat butt. She’s sleeping

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What an awful pic! She won’t sit still ๐Ÿ™ thats her pug brother, licking her ear lol

 Also, if you can see, she sits on her butt. Vet told me its due to her hips.

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I have 2 Frenchies

How often (per day) and how long do you take your bulldogs for a walk?

  • Walks are special occasions honestly, like when we go to the park. I’ve tried walking them in the neighborhood and we make it to the bottom of my street and they get all drooly and look at me like “Can we go home now mom?” They get plenty of excerise in our house because they have all the room they want to run around and chase each other.

 Where is your bulldog from (shelter or breeder)?

  • We have 2 frenchies. Both are from breeders – my male I got first and he’s 4 now, he’s from MO and the femaile is 3 and from CO. 

Does your bulldog have any physical problems (hd, ed, patella, breathing, skin problems)?

  • My male has allergies to his vaccines, but that’s it. But that was reason enough to get our female from a different breeder.

How do your family/friends/strangers react when seeing your bulldogs (do they find them fat, ugly, cute)?

  • Everyone absolutely adores them. I’d say their grandmas love them the most (well besides Darling Husband and I) and spoil the crap out of them! They even ask to have them on the weekends sometimes and my mom let’s my girl in her bed (only dog she has EVER let in her bed)

The biggest draw for me is their wonderful little clown-like personalities. These dogs are little goofballs! I will never own another breed for the rest of my life! I’m hooked on Frenchies ;)<br />

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