Any chronic migraine sufferers here?

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Hydration is definitely key for me in preventing them.  I’ve had to make a conscious effort to make sure I’m always hydrated, which sounds easier than it is.  Luckily, immitrex works well for me when I do get one.  It’s a life saver because you’re right, they are debilitating.

imterestingky, I moved from the Deep South (US) to the northeast a couple of years ago, and they happen MUCH less frequently here — I’ve been told it may be because of the diff in barometric pressure. ?

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I started taking magnesium and potassium, following the schedule here —  I started it last Feb. and by May, I was migraine free.  I haven’t had one since.  So, I’ve been migraine free 15 months now.  It’s been wonderful.  I used to deal with migraines at least once every month, if not more.  

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Have you tried triptans? I currently use sumatriptan and it works great for me. 

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chocco :  I found acupuncture to be helpful. It broke the cycle of me getting rebound headaches from taking so much medicine. I also take triptans for when I get bad migraines. I try to take it as early as possible. It also helps to drink plenty of fluids and to practice relaxation techniques.

Do you know what triggers your migraines? Mine are triggered by the weather so it’s pretty hard to avoid that. If I don’t have a super bad migraine I try to catch it early with Excedrine or Advil and lots of water. Ice to the back of the neck can help stop it. There are some pain meditations on the Internet from Meditations Oasis that help me a lot. 

You can also talk to your doctor about daily meds that are supposed to reduce migraines. There are several that help some people. I found the acupuncture to work better for me, but it’s worth talking to your doctor. 

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chocco :  The best thing that helped me was to journal everything. Things like: What did I do before it started? Did I eat something that I could have reacted to? Am I hydrated? Did I spend time in the bright sun or around loud noises? What was the weather? Did anything work that made it better?

By journaling everything I got to know what my specific triggers were so I could avoid them or plan to anyway. Light is also really important for me so I got colour changing light bulbs that I could change to make the colour more like natural light or dim them, which helps a lot (expensive but worth it for me).

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Not me, but my sister and a friend:

My friend found relief when one was coming on with oxygen. She had a small oxygen tank at home for this. If she was not at home, she had a can of it. Normally mountain climbers use them. I don’t know any more detail except 95% of the time this stopped the migrain.

My sister went on a ketogenic diet and has not had a migraine since. I have seen this numerous times on the r/keto subreddit. The huge reduction in carbs reduces inflammation in your body, positively affects the neurons in your brain along with other benefits. If you look in to this, you don’t have to lose weight if that’s not your goal – you just eat at maintenance calories. Here is one article:

If trying a ketogenic diet is too daunting, try the Atkins protocol, which allows more carbs but still way lower than most people eat.

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bee2020 :  agree with this!


chocco :  ok my situation sounds different than yours and likely all of the other chronic migraine sufferers but I want to share this in case any of it resonates with you. I had always suffered from pretty substantial headaches most of my life – due to sinus issues and grinding my teeth. I sought treatment for both, but mostly the latter, and after a couple of years, my almost daily (non-migraine) headaches went away.


About 3 years ago, I started suffering from migraines. Having had some pretty horrendous headaches before, I knew this was different. I couldn’t function and they occurred fairly regularly. When I was googling something separately – can Advil be mixed with asthma inhalers or something similar. It brought up two things: 1) if you have asthma, Advil and Tylenol can aggravate/trigger an attack. 2) Asthma rescue inhalers can trigger migraines. 

I think I suffered from these regular migraines for close to a year – caught in a vicious cycle of relying on the inhaler, which triggered a migraine, and not being able to take any medicine because it triggers my asthma (fwiw, midol is the exception). I didn’t realize that I shouldn’t be using said inhaler so much until I was using it 3-4 times a day, and my doctor gave me a daily inhaler instead.

Since I made that transition, I haven’t had to use my rescue inhaler, and I haven’t had any migraines. Except one (mind you I never started having migraines until prior to my use of a rescue inhaler). I was traveling for work, and the hotel’s bed was fairly uncomfortable and then pillows were nonexistent. So after one night of sleeping on that (and probably exhaustion, less than proper hydration, etc.) I had my first migraine in 2 years. 


Im hopeful you can identify possible sources and treat those which will result in significantly fewer or 0 migraines. 

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katebluestone :  interesting. I’ve been doing keto as well. But I think I was able to kaibosh my migraines 6 months in advance of that. 


Keto does impact your hormones though so I have seen other benefits in addition to weight loss. But everyone is impacted differently. 

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I take rizatriptan, which has been a dream for me. Not sure how well it would work for someone who has regular migraines though 🙁 I have also heard that Botox can help relieve migraines, though I haven’t tried to know officially. I hope you find a solution! 

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My migraines had been getting so bad at times I was off work and in bed for 3-4 days unable to do anything but huddle in the dark and throw up. I would wake up everyday with a terrible pain in my head. I had tried every thing I could think of and nothing helped


At the beginning of June I got my daith pierced and have only had one minor migraine since!  No more blinding pain, no more nausea, no more missing work!   

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teamkelland :  Daith piercing for migraines?

Didn’t know about that one. I only get migraines once every few months but interested in non conventional treatment.

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