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My Darling Husband is a very big guy. His whole family is large and lots of them have had some type of surgery to help with the issue. He will eat and eat likes it challenge. However, I really only cook pretty healthy meals and so he’s lost a lot of weight since we started living together. He sneaks the food. He will go the fast food joints for lunch or before he gets home I hate it! I met him big so it’s not his size that bothers me it’s his health. I can’t seem to change it, he just loves food. If you figure it out let me know.

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my fi eats terribly too, but he is SUPER skinny. i buy healthier options of what he likes (like wheat pasta instead of white) and low-fat/low-calorie when it doesn’t make a big difference in taste (cheese, milk, etc). he complains at first but has gotten used to the changes.

i can’t get him to eat less because he’ll always complain that he’s hungry, so i focus on buying healthy things. i’ve been wanting to try jessica seinfeld’s baking recipes so that even our cookies are a little healthier!

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My Darling Husband eats terribly too. And he’s definitely an impulsive eater. I’ll be making dinner, he comes in hungry and just raids the cupboards for anything easily accessible that he can eat which is usually leftover tortilla chips or something. I’ll look at him and say “There are clementines there and apples in the fridge” and he just shrugs me off. It makes me nuts! I’m very out of sight out of mind, so if we have a half bag of chips in the cupboard for 6 months, I’d never touch it. If Darling Husband knows it’s there, he’ll eat it. He was really fit and trim when we met and his waistline has definitely been expanding the past couple of years. I found a picture of him from when we first met and didn’t recognize him for a couple seconds. He’s been talking a lot about changing his eating habits in the New Year. I cook pretty healthy meals, but I keep telling him I can’t control what he eats while he’s at work. I’ve tried packing him healthy lunches but he constantly forgets them, so I gave up. It’s totally his decision what goes in his mouth, I can only do my best to support him and make sure we’re eating healthy and have healthy options for snacks here at home. 

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FH eating habits are just awful and he has a wicked sweet tooth. And to make it worse; both of us are yo-yo dieters. Our weight has been all over the place in the last 10 years we’ve known each other.

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Oh thank goodness for this post.  Fiance makes me so mad…I will literally sit there glaring at him when he’s pigging out on ice cream or chips, until he puts it down.  Then I looked at his mastercard bill the other day (just while cleaning up a bunch of papers) and every night he goes to work he’s apparently stopping at Taco Time, McDonald’s, etc.  ARGH!!!  I really don’t want to be a controlling b*tch, but…truth is he has put on a lot of weight and needs to lose it.

So I made him make up a fitness plan for himself, and I’ve made up a nutrition plan for him.  I’m not asking for a 6-pack here, I’m asking for wedding pictures I will love!  I’m going to eat the same things as him, and workout with him, so we are both going through it together.  Perhaps you can try that?

We are getting a dog after the wedding, which I bet will help some, we’ll actually need to go out on walks. 

So…for the next 4 months…Fiance had better start behaving or else!!  (Imagine Jillian Michaels, but MEANER!  Haha)

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When my husband was in the army, he could eat anything and everything and i swear it went straight from his mouth to his digestive track. Now that he’s a little older, it’s settling differently and he had to go up a pants size. That’s when it stopped. Sort of the reality of “oh wait, I CAN gain weight and get fat”. He was diagnosed with high cholesterol and now that he’s home with me and i cook, i cook healthy foods. I plate our meals, too, so we dont just gorge. Is it possible that your SO looks healthy but has high cholesterol? Dh certainly did and you never would’ve known it by looking at it. But you cannot eat junk like fried fatty foods and expect it to not impact you in one way or another.

If you’re literally spending so much on groceries you’re having issues with the bill, though, you need to start rationing it out somehow! Plate dinners and box it up right then for leftovers, or try to convince him he needs to cut back somehow. He could do shakes to fill him up instead of all that food. cheap fillers! He’s only 6 feet tall, there is no need for him to eat 4,000 calories in a day, you know? And i think the 27-30 range is that big changing point for men, metabolism-wise. Just like at 25, women start to lose muscle mass.

Dh and I have had this talk (and maybe some people will throw stones at me, but have at it). He has every right to tell me i’m getting fat and I can do the same with him. Being fat is not healthy, both of us agree it’s what we don’t want to be, and we will let each other know when our perceptions aren’t there. I have told my husband I don’t want to wake up one morning married to an obese man, that I don’t find it attractive or a healthy role model for our children (to whom i’ll want to teach good nutrition to–unlike me, who grew up on jack in the box!). And he feels the same about me. So if you know his family genetics tend towards obesity and he isn’t keen on taking the same path….if i were you, i’d sit him down and be like “look. If you don’t change something, you’ll end up like this. our medical bills will go up, you’ll have to be on medication, etc etc” and point out other ramifications.

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My Fiance has a very analytical mind.  He was a pretty awful eater when we met (and for the three years after that), and all of my arguing and pushing healthy food options at him didn’t make him change his eating habits.  

However, he found “lose it!” app for iphone/ipod and now makes MUCH better food choices because he can see clear data and numbers that speak to him. Maybe that would work for your DH? 

Also, I agree with everything ejs4y8 said 🙂 Fiance and I have agreed to hold each other accountable to not becoming unhealthy as our life together progresses. 

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He should definitely see a doctor – although if it’s not a wakeup call, it’ll be a thing for him to use against you – “you say I eat too much but the doctor says I’m FINE”.  

I agree with the suggestion of shakes – we actually keep Slim-Fast shakes in the fridge most of the time as a filling option when one of us is really hungry.  You could also try suggesting he eat things that are higher in fiber, which will make him feel fuller.  That way, if he’s filling up, at least he’s filling up on better foods.  

You could also try bringing him to the grocery store with you, and have him see firsthand how expensive it is.  That might convince him that you’re not just imagining that this has a negative financial impact.  

Ultimately, unfortunately, the desire to change has to come from within, so he’s going to have to realize that his habits are unhealthy and he’s going to have to want to change.  

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If you call a diet of strictly different types of noodles (spaghetti, macaroni, ramen) terrible, then yeh. 🙂 I don’t know, I wish I could help. I’ve tried everything too. Even crying about losing him someday to diabeties or heart disease (yes, I meant it!) so if you get it figured out, let me know!

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