(Closed) Any Empath Bee's On Here?

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    I get a faint feeling about how others are feeling. I know that my husband and I can tell what each other is thinking and feeling without having to ask. But I wouldn’t consider myself to be an Empath or anything special like that. 

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    Like @Cady, I get a really good idea of what people are thinking/feeling before they announce it, but I don’t consider myself an empath. For me, it’s more of a “feeling”, then an actual clear-cut description, like seasoned empaths or even like the children that are diagnosed as empaths. I guess I’m more of an Intuitive.

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    @Sweet_Tea:  My mom and I are both empaths! If you have any questions or just want to talk PM me! I have an amazing family who have witnessed these “gifts” first hand and I have lots of experience. ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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    @SweetartMD:  That is SO cool! I’ve met with mediums and psychics and have always admired anyone with gifts like these.


    @Sweet_Tea:  You’re right; it could be just that it’s not that strong. Part of the problem is that I’m generally a very logical, methodical person, so it counteracts the “feelings” from the intuitive/empath side.

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    I just googled this. It is very interesting…I’ve never heard of it before. I wouldn’t say that I am an empath, but I have found that I am a good reader of people. I often feel that I can “see” their character. I will say – I have never been wrong about someone. I don’t know if any of that is characteristic of an empath though.

    And – this is probably totally unrelated, but one weird thing that happens to me A LOT is sometimes when I am out, people will tell me their stories, or they tell me something about themselves that they have never told anyone else. The one that stands out for me was the time that I was at a train station and I was waiting for my train. I started chatting to a woman sitting beside me. She was waiting to pick up her brother from that train, and it was late. We got to talking and she told me ‘I have terminal lung cancer and have been given about 2 months to live. I elected not to get further treatment.’ I don’t why she told me that.  That is just one of many stories I have. 

    This sort of thing happens to my Dad too. 

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    I’m definitley an empath of some sort. I can always tell when someone’s hiding something or if they aren’t being completely honest (in a good way or bad way).

    I also tend to feel other people’s anger, sadness, grief, etc. Sometimes it’s a lot worse than others and I don’t know why. For example, I could be driving by a funeral procession and just start bawling and feel sad for days. But when I visited the World Trade Center site, I was fine. It just depends on the day or whatever else I have going on in my life. So weird.

    I also get pretty overwhelmed when big tragedies happen — shooting in Newton, CT, that recent fire at the club in Brazil (I think that’s where it was), stuff like that. I remember when that bridge collapsed over the Mississippi River years ago, I was literally depressed for several days before and after and I was having nightmares about rivers, cars, and bridges. 

    Most of the time it’s hard to deal with and a lot of times, even painful. I get tightness in my chest, headaches, that sort of thing.

    But sometimes it’s useful because I can bond with people and help them talk about their problems and identify with them.






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    @Stace126:  I am like you. I wouldn’t call myself a psychic in any way but I definitely pick up on energy and other people’s emotions really affect me. 

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    I wouldn’t call myself an Empath… So much as I would say I’m filled with empathy. But only towards small children. I just can’t make myself  “feel” for people over six! ( I work in childcare, by the way)

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    @Sweet_Tea:  How did you determine you had your gift and grow it? I am really intuitive and can tell when someone is insincere or lying often. I tend to just get a good feel off of people but I haven’t learned to trust it because I usually need and want validation of my feelings & I rarely get that so I can’t be sure if I’m right or not. I want to meet with a psychic but I’ve never found a legit one.

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    @Sweet_Tea:  This post is really interesting and I’d like to see how many empaths are out there. My mom and I are both empaths but i didn’t discover the term til about a year ago. I always knew I was different then most people I get overly emotional i hold all the energy around me in my stomach and I also get headaches alot. My mom and I are overly sensitive to those around us. It seems like I take in mostly the bad energy though which is not a good thing. 

    I wish I didn’t have this feeling because I get stressed out easy and it makes me lash out at people.  I also know I have something else going on too but I don’t know what I’m not psychic so I don’t know what it is. How do you control overwhelming feelings with me especially being in school it’s really hard to stay calm.

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    I went with your 3rd option. I am very sensitive to others around me and can read people very well and very quickly, but I usually attribute that to my personality type (ENFJ). What I can’t attribute to that, though, are the feelings I have. Like I know when someone is thinking of me or about to contact me, and I have dreams about people (good and bad) about 12-24 hours before the events happen. The worst is the feeling I get or waking up when some dies/is about to…particularly since there’s nothing to be done about it.

    I’d like to be “more open” to it and hone it more, but honestly, it gets to be easier to try to avoid it due to the things like foreshadowed accidents, deaths, and miscarriages. :-/

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