(Closed) Any family members you DON’T want to invite?

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Busy bee
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Mr Frenchie didn’t want to invite his "steps" (as he calls them) on his Dad’s side b/c they aren’t very nice to us… and I didn’t want to invite my cousin’s on my Dad’s side b/c I never talk to them and they didn’t invite me to their wedding. 

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Bumble bee
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oh the dramz.. most of my father’s side hasn’t spoken to us in three years. there’s also a gun-toting scary uncle mixed in there, who unfortunately lives with my only living grandma, who is also.. different.

how we go about cherry picking those invites, I have no idea.

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Sugar bee

My dad’s brother has a daughter from another marriage and her husband he wanted us to invite. I (and my parents) didnt want to because I have not seen her since I was too young to remember and we were already at too many people.  My grandma kept asking that she be there so we said ok but this was a couple weeks before the wedding and we had no more invitations left.  My grandma called her and asked if she would come and she was so excited.  Ok, great they were coming and it wasnt that big a deal anymore.  Cut to the reception when I see there are 2 empty spots next to my aunt and uncle at their table.  I asked my mom where my cousin and her husband was and she said they didnt come and didnt even give an excuse.  Seriously? I know it was a last minute invitation but we did it because her dad and my grandma wanted them there and they were so rude to accept and then NOT show up!!

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Helper bee

My mr. didn’t want to invite an entire branch on his mom’s side. We are inviting them so there’s no drama. But for a while there we weren’t planning to.

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Helper bee
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lol i read this wrong , never mind!

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Sugar bee

We had some college friends whom I just didn’t want to invite.  We’ve just lost touch with them and are living totally different lives at this point.  It might have been awkward if we hadn’t, because other mutal friends were there.  We invited them, but I was totally annoyed to see them there.

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Helper bee

I dead refuse to invite my Dad’s sister’s sons and their families. They are mega-Christian- I’m atheist, and I don’t have a problem with their religion, it’s how they push it so offensively on other people! They scorn anyone that isn’t as religious as them, and demand prayers at weird times and criticize you if you don’t join in. I can’t stand them, didn’t even consider whether to invite them or not, it was automatically a no (we aren’t close anyway). It will be an atheist wedding, I know they’ll wreak havoc if given the chance, so I won’t give it 😛 Plus, Dad isn’t even that close to them, though his Mom is, and I know she wants them invited- oh well. 


Oh wait, but I don’t love them, hah!   

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Helper bee
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there are absolutely a few family members I don’t want to invite.  My family is huge, though, so I couldn’t just not invite one or two (even if one is a pedophile, and the other’s just out of jail).  Luckily, they’ve rsvp’d "not coming"

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Buzzing bee
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Unfortunately my niece. She is a thief! Her Mum, to her credit had this girl in therapy, meds, etc. since te age of 4 years old. My niece is grown and has two kids of her own and just went to court for more thievery charges. She just can’t seem to help herself – she has stolen from every family member, every friend, friends, and has been fired from every job she has ever had because of theft. And I do love her and I am not going to ruin my wedding day trying to watch my niece every moment to make sure she is not stealing from our guests!

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Busy bee
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I don’t want to invite my maternal uncle and his wife…my uncle used to be a wonderful person and I adored him as a child. But his wife is a evil witch who treats my grandparents HORRIBLY and is downright nasty to all of us as well, since they got married fifteen years ago he’s getting to be more like her personality-wise.

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Blushing bee
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I don’t really want to invite cousins on one side.  We wanted a wedding around 75 people and not having them there would allow that.  However, it’s not an option so they’re on the list.  I did assure them that if they didn’t want to make the trip I would completely understand.  🙂

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Helper bee
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We did not invite my husband’s uncle who has trouble with alcohol.  I also didn’t invite my one of my first cousins because she is not very friendly and nice.  (I met her later in life as she was given up for adoption.  She only wants a relationship with my aunt which is fine with me.)

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Helper bee
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We didn’t invite a whole circle of relatives and I don’t regret it one bit.  Both my parents have several siblings, all of whom have spouses and children.  If we invited some, we’d have to invite them all.  In the end, we invited one out of town aunt, and all the grandparents and basically none of the family that lives on the other side of the country.  I love them but none of them have made an effort to have a relationship with me since my parents split up in my very early adulthood.  I’m sure it came off as "playing favourites" but we just went through the entire family and invited people who knew us as a couple and had an existing relationship with us.  That helped keep the wedding balanced in terms of guests from my side and his, and kept us below 70 guests which was our ultimate goal!

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Helper bee
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I have tons of extended family members that I never see/don’t care for, but feel obligated to invite.  I’m really hoping that when the time comes they send their regrets.

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