Any fitness instructors/personal trainers here ??

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No advice, but I recognize your user name and wanted to say hi. We were both in the May 2018 bride’s thread so I hope your wedding went well and you managed to kick out that Brother-In-Law of yours.


Best of luck~

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I think you absolutely could break into it. Even in a smaller town there is always someone looking to change their lifestyle. With your nutrition background I think you could do well as a wellness coach and create tailored diet & workout plans for people. There are lots of resources for those looking to break into personal training and fitness – take a look online and see what it will take in your area to get the right training.

Start small with a couple clients and your reputation will grow. I know people who even do skype sessions with their trainers when they are travelling or away.

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Hi! I am also 25 and I worked in the fitness industry for 6 years. 3 of those years I was working full time and I was prepared for it to be my life. At the time, my goal was to eventually open up a gym with with my significant other. Those plans fell through (totally okay that they did! I am much happier now and engaged to a much better man). I have currently been completely out of the fitness industry for 1 year. I still workout often and I am currently studying to become a spin instructor- part time. In conjunction with my full time job which is in the childcare field. In my opinion, it is not impossible to make good money in the fitness industry. You need to work your a** off to make it happen. One piece of advice I would give would be to build up a following of people through Peronal training (if that’s the route you are going to take) and then eventually open up your own studio. Gyms will pay you next to nothing and will take most of the profit from your PT sales and/or PT sessions. The best thing is to work for yourself. That is how you make money in this industry. You have a nutritional background which is great and pairs very well with personal training. Get certified, start selling your workouts online, social media is huge for this and you can reach people outside of your hometown by selling your workouts online (Instagram and LinkedIn). Start following fitness profiles to see how they market themselves. If you want to start off slow I suggest possibly applying for a front desk/sales position at your local gym to see if this is something you want for sure. You just gotta grind and keep on grinding. Good luck! 😊

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Current NASM (National Assoc. of Sports Medicine) student, graduating next week (THANK GOD!!). 

NASM is really hard I would suggest going to a hands on school if you want to pass the exam (about 65% passing rate).

NASM is the most sought after certificate and most respected in the industry. It is very technical and science based. I do not do well with online studying especially for things that require hands on (that’s all being a personal trainer is!). 

A lot of people will go get their cert online and work at a gym to get experience. Fine. 

But I have met those people and they don’t know sh*t. Not, really. I see so many trainers selling isagenix and bullsh*t health mixes just to make a buck. That goes against my moral code personally. They also don’t really KNOW the human body like a personal trainer should. I have seen cients with muscle imbalances doing routines they should not do. I have seen coaches/trainers not correct bad form/improper posture. All the things you will learn about through NASM. 

NASM also has their PN1 for nutrtion. The NASM also requires you to get 2.0 CEU to reup your cert every 2 years. So it’s legit in that the trainers who are NASM are ALWAYS learning. 

I work full time and studied part time at night two nights a week 5:30-10 PM + studying on the weekends. It’s a big commitment but if you have the right school (do your homework), they will hook you up with resources in the industry and usually good jobs at the best paying gyms. 

renee2019 is right, to make money you really need to be your own boss. So, again that goes back to knowing your sh*t. 

I read up all the time on health and science articles, the human body, trending diets, workouts, have done crossfit I cycle and anything and everything including yoga, pilates, orange theory. Did I mention reading? lol 

My suggestion to you is to TRY EVERYTHING and get a MENTOR/Coach. It’s amazing what a ‘trainer’ can learn from other trainers. 

Any questions, let me know! 🙂 

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Fitness instructor here.  I’ve been a teacher at The Bar Method for a year and a few months.  I love it, but do it as a side passion, not because it pays the bills.  Most people I know who are fitness instructors, either where I teach or other studios or gyms are in the same boat.  At least among fitness instructors who don’t work for themselves it’s very rare to have a full-time gig.  The only person who does that at our studio is in charge of training and development and got to that position after being an instructor for years.  I think I have heard that Soul Cycle has full time fitness instructors.  That’s not to say that people can’t hustle and make a great living (especially if they have a great body and a good social presence) but I do think it’s the exception rather than the norm.

I love it as a side gig and knowing what I know now I would DEFINITELY go back and do it again.  I’m very passionate about our method, I love how much I’ve learned about different bodies and modifications and connecting with other teachers and clients is SO rewarding.  But for me it’s all about that and not the $.

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brikachu :  

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