(Closed) Any good tips on getting my dog to stop freaking the fuzz out?

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Honey bee
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How big is your house/apartment?  Is there somewhere you could lock him up when people are over?

I don’t have any training tips, but I have a real issue with bigger dogs jumping up on me.  I looooooove dogs, but I can’t stand that.

Is the excitement coming from the guest walking through the door? Or is it just a new person in general?

And yes, he is freaking adorable!

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Sugar bee

#1 you need to be able to control your dog.  Even if that means leashing him, and putting him on umbilical when someone comes around. 

Stop his behaviour before he ever jumps on someone.  And stay on top of him.  If that means you have to correct him 10000000 times, then so be it.  You have to win the battles.

You have allowed him to be the boss, and it’s time to change that dynamic.  What is most important is consistency. 


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Sugar bee
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Does he like rawhide? My pittie mix is also a nutjob, but he has learned that company=rawhide and he seriously looks so desperate when I let someone in. He wants to jump but he also wants to RUN for his bone. He stays pretty distracted as long as he’s got a bone to chomp on.

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Bee Keeper
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My dog is a black lab who gets excited when people come over too.   I found that if i put her in the back bedroom till the people are settled and let her out, she just goes around sniffing people and not jumping.  I think it’s the doorbell and the hustling in of people and everyone all exicted makes her excited.  We did just keep her back in the bedroom for the first few months I moved in cause she could just not calm down. 

I also know if we are having people over she needs a few extra long walks, and a trip to the dog park to wear her out.  You might want to try these ideas. 

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Sugar bee
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He needs more disipline, a consequence for his actions. Sounds like you give him treats when he jumps on people (to lure him off), but maybe he sees jumping = treats?

Maybe you can hire a private dog trainer, someone who comes over to your house for a private lesson.

You need to be able to control your dog, YOU know he’s a sweet boy but the breed is generally feared by the public & you never know what could happen. Someone could claim that he tried to attack them, even if he was just jumping. Or what if someone was holding their baby & he jumped on them?

Getting this controled now is key, don’t let him do what he wants, make him do what you want. You need to show yourself as the “alpha” in the pack. When you have dinner, you & your family eat before you feed him. Never play tug of war with your dog unless YOU win. If he jumps up, knee him.

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Honey bee
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How do you react when you come home?  Do you used a high pitched voice when you let him out of his kennel and give him a lot of attention and treats?

If so, nix that behavior asap.  Let him out by making no noise and walking away from him initially.  After a while, after he’s over you coming home and letting him out, you can pay attention to him.  But he would need to disassociate you coming home with excitement on both of your parts.

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Helper bee
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@Birdee106:  Do people fuss over him when they come in?  I remember when we were in puppy training class we were taught to ignore the dog until it behaves the way you want (ie – stops jumping on you and calms down). 

And yea, he’s freaking ADORABLE!!!

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Blushing bee
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We have three dogs, I work with local rescues and I have worked with Pit rescues in the past. Because you have a pitbull, you NEED to take this dog to training classes. Bully breeds get a bad rap because a lot of times owners do not know how to deal with their stubborn behavior, and the dog does not see you as Alpha.They learn that they can rule the roost and people don’t like being around them because they are a “bad” dog. They are NOT bad dogs. This breed in particular needs to know who is boss.

If you try to do the training on your own, you need to know his currency. What does he like most? Treats, playtime, toys, exercise? Training behaviors will need to be done over and over and over (and over and over, etc…) , and when he does what you want, PRAISE him like crazy.

Are you walking him frequently?  I recommend at least two 15-20 minute walks a day. At least. If he isn’t getting enough exercise (not just running around in the yard), it will make him restless and he will take all that excitement and pent up energy out on everyone else (the jumping).

Pitbulls are some of the sweetest dogs, but never underestimate their strength and their strong will. If you have no experience with the breed, you really need to find someone who can help you with behavior training.

I tend to ramble when it comes to dogs, I’m one of those crazy dog advocates.

Good luck!

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