(Closed) Any Greek Orthodox brides out there?

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@kermitandpiggy: We have:

A venue (it has to be the church!)
a reception venue
a caterer
a DJ (he also will do some lighting)
a photographer
a videographer
a baker
a florist
a bartender (I still need to buy the alcohol)
a make up artist
a hair stylist
a dress (no accessories yet)
wedding bands
sent out Save-The-Date Cards (my friend is designing the invitations and will be finished soon!)
bridesmaid dresses + their accessories
taken our engagement photos
reserved a block of hotel rooms for Greek family!
tuxes picked out and paid for (except his father’s and my father’s)
finished our registry (Hopefully! Things keep becoming unavailable!)

vases, votive holders, aquatic plants and cloth for our centerpieces – picture of our centerpiece below. We’re having an ocean theme!

I think that’s everything! As of right now the main thing I need to be working on is getting a veil and stuff for me, and then turning some attention to the honeymoon. Oooh I need to get on that. Haven’t planned a thing for that!

And I guess if FI’s parents are backing out of the rehearsal dinner I need to take care of that too. UGH. 

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@Chrysoberyl:  I love your centerpeices.  The fish are going to look awesome and so romanctic with the blue table cloth and candles.  You are lucky you can buy your own alcohol.  There is a law here they made about 10 years ago we have to order it from the recpetion venue.  We still have no idea about the the rehearsal dinner either.  His dad says he will but sometimes he says that stuff and when come time doesnt have the cash.  We are having the same problems with our registry as well.  We are at BB&B, who do you have? Where do you think you two want to go on your honeymoon? 








My wedding is on August 30, 2014.  (Same date as my yiayia’s and papou’s).  My wedding is on hold right now because the priest forgot about our wedding when he planned the remodleing of our church.  He is a new priest and put our wedding stuff with another couple getting married in June.  There is a Russian Church, Assyrian Church, and a Slavic Church in my area but I would have to get permission from the bishop and the the other churches priests to get married there.  While Im sure I could get an okay from one of the Churches Im nervous that I wont get permission from bishop.  (I said a while back to his face he was money hungryand was letting go of a really good priest.  So I’m hoping the bishop does not remember me haha)  If I don’t get permission from the bishop then I will still get married in another Orthodox church.








What we have booked:



  • photographer


  • videographer


  • reception venue


  • make up and hair I think so but not sure yet because I need to talk to my cousin about that.


  • My dress ( and his tux and the groomsmen tux picked out.


  • My great uncle owns a bakery and thats where I’m getting my cake from.


  • We are doing our own flowers and have bought most of them.  (Im allergic to real flowers)


  • music for the cermoney


  • dj


  • hotel for out of town guests


  • cake topper


  • My brother is koumbaro and he bought the stefana but not the lambades yet.

What we don’t have yet:

  • all the bridesmaids dresses ordered yet

  • cermony venue

  • centerpieces (we have them picked out, my mom just has to order them)

  • honeymoon

  • wedding band rings

  • wedding shoes

  • jordan almonds and tule

  • guest favors

  • the flower girl basket

  • veil, crown, and gloves

  • so many more things!! :/


Edit:  1) sorry about the spsacing. 2) As soon as I posted this, I just got off the phone with my mom.  Her cousin, whos son is in my wedding and who is also on the church board, has just assured me that we can get married in my church.  The construction will be over by the time of the wedding.  The cousin will also talk to the priest and let him know what is going. 

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update: found out its been put on hold again.  sigh. 

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I’ll help revive this post!  Greek Orthodox bride here marrying a Greek Orthdox… and as I like to say, I didn’t plan on marring a Greek man but he swooned me!

We are getting married on August 23, 2014 in my dad’s hometown in Greece πŸ™‚ I am beyond excited as a good number of my family continues to live in Greece.  We have pretty much have all the planning done!

Let’s see we have done the following:


1. wedding website

2. booked church

3. booked venue and confirmed dinner menu

4. secured reduced rate at the hotel that attaches to the venue for guests

5. wedding attire is all purchased (from outfit to shoes)

6. flower girl dresses purchased

7. DJ booked

8. photographer booked

9. videographer booked

10. flights purchased!

11. STD have been mailed

12. wedding invitations prepared (only need to be addressed and mailed)

13. Koumbari present

14. Cake topper

15. Some decoration stuff

16. wedding bands

17. seating chart purchases (I found a map of the world where you can scratch off cities).  I plan to scratch off the cities that are guest are arriving from — we have guests from all over North America, London, Switzerland and Australia attending πŸ™‚ and of course Greece.  I will then pin to it their table number πŸ™‚

18. registry (I was torn about this as I am having a destination wedding, but my mother urged me to — I am having a shower party, which has already been planned)


Stuff that has been planned but executed upon my mom’s arrival in Greece in June

1. speak to the local bakery for dessert, cake and jordon almonds

2. order alcohol (so happy we can bring our own alcohol!)

3. ring bear outfits and shoes (growing boys, so waiting until June to purchase)

4. flower girls shoes (waiting until closer to ceremony as they too are growing gals)

5. flower girls present

6. ring bear present

7. decorations — believe it or not we are going to Ikea in Patra to buy all the stuff — just getting a whole bunch of candles and laterns as it is an outdoor reception

8. flowers — very minimal (afraid they will wilt in the hot weather)


When I arrive, I will be seeing a hairdresser and makeup artist ASAP to have a runthough and see if I will retain her services for the wedding.

Also my jewelry is tenatively dealt with — my bestfriend has graciously offered to take me shopping and buy them for me.  She used to be in the jewelry business and plans to take me to a local artist that can custom make whatever you ask for!!!  She unfortnately can not attend the wedding due to unavoidable circumstances πŸ™ She still is planning my bachlorette party ~ she’s pretty amazing πŸ™‚

That is pretty much it I think… FYI we are not having a wedding party — in Greece it is traditional to only have flower girls.  They do not do bridesmaids.  Our Koumbari are Greek so they are getting the stuff they need to get — i.e. stefana and loumbades

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@kermitandpiggy:  I’ll respond more in depth tomorrow when I have time.

But.. my priest wouldn’t let my brother be a koumbaro! Why is that???

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@Chrysoberyl: the only thing I can think of if he married outside of the Orthodox Church then he is not in good standing and cannot assume the role of Koumbaro. However, if he were to have his marriage blessed in the Orthodox Church through the Sacrament of Marriage, he would likely qualify to be the Koumbaro. 


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@kermitandpiggy:  Oh I wish I was getting married in Greece. Hah your wedding date is the day before my 24th birthday!

Are you doing guest favors AND koufeta? Or just one?

 @MrsTickledPink:  So since we’re doing one in the states, I will be having bridesmaids AND paranymfakia. The boy has his suit picked out but I don’t know if the girl has her dress.

Oh and my brother is a 17 year old boy. Definitely hasn’t been married in or outside of the church! 

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@Chrysoberyl:  That is so odd! I am so curious as to why your brother can’t be the koumbaro — did the priest tell you why?

Oh I forgot to add that we are doing guest favour too — we are getting the small spice jars from Ikea and filling them with local honey.  I then made lables for the jars that say in greek ‘Love is Sweet’. 

Also a nice tradition that you two may want to add is the giving out of Thiples (Diples) to your guests as they are leaving the church. 



They are traditionally served at weddings. 





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Fellow Greek bride! I cant find any stefana I like. Do you think etsy will have?

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@MsBark:  Have you checked Amazon?  They have some nice ones there.  I found the one that I liked on Amazon.  My brother is my Koumbaro so he and my mom found the same ones I found on Amazon and ordered them through some other website that was cheaper.  If you do not like any of the ones on the web you could always make one you like, that is what one of the other couple, getting married this year at my church, are doing. 




@Chrysoberyl:  Yes we are having both favors and koufeta.  My mom said when she got married, they only gave koufeta, but about 15 years ago everyone started giving out favors along with the koufeta at weddings and baptisms.  Sometimes I joke with my SO about just getting married in the church in the village. πŸ˜‰




   There are few reasons why I can think that your brother might not able to be the Koumbaro but I would ask your priest for sure why not.



    1. Even though you can be under 18 to be a Godparent, for a wedding the Koumaro must be a witness to sign the marriage license and must be over the age of 18 in the US.  The Koumbaro’s name will most likely need to appear on the licenses since he is deemed as very imporant in the eyes of the church.  Some priests are more flexible and will allow you to have someone else over the age of 18 sign the marriage licenses but most will not.


      1. Are your parents in good standing in the church?  I assume your brother still lives with your parents.  If your family is in good standing with the church then he may be your koumbaro but if they are not in good standing with your church or any other Orthodox church then he can not be a koumbaro.


        1. You may have a very strict priest who does not allow brothers and sisters to be koumbari.  Eventhough I have a bunch of cousins, we (fiance and I) both wanted my brother to be our Koumbaro.  We knew when we told everyone who we had choosen it would not go over so well with some of the older generation.  My papou was upset because we were breaking tradtion (even though there were other weddings who had their siblings as their Koumbari, my papou never thought it would happen to him).  In Greece having your siblings was just not done.  Usally it was a family friend.  Even in some circles having a cousin was sometimes too (taboo? lol)!

        @MrsTickledPink:  Dam girl!! That must be so nice to have it all done.  Now you can sit back and relax.  And score on having a friend with connections with the jewelery.  πŸ™‚  I like your idea with the getting local honey.  I should look into doing something like that with favors too.  I know there are a lot of local sellers around here.  Thanks.

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        Her is one more πŸ™‚ Im swedish getting married with a greek man, on crete were we live.


        We have desided to skip the traditional bobonieres and maybe have a small koufeta, and insted give the money charity. Everyone here go to SO much weddings and get so much stuff they dont want or need and with the crisis here it felt better. So now we are looking for some organization that helps kids/families with small kids that we will donate to.



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        @MrsTickledPink:  Were in greece will you get married?

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        @Ms Yoga:  Greek Orthodos here! My husband is Catholic and we got married in a greek orthodox church! πŸ™‚ We got our lambathes and stefana and boubounieres from Astoria. I actually have about 80+ boubounieres left over I am selling if you are interested! They are already wrapped with no personalization on them! I am add the photo’s here if you’d like to see! πŸ™‚

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