Any hairy-legged Bees beside me?

posted 4 years ago in Beauty
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    I’ve never understood the “ew, gross” comments. Most men dont shave their arms, legs, or underarms, nd they dont get “ew, gross” thrown at them. 


    Me personally, I despise shaving. I have sciatica, and the pain is almost unbearable when I try to bend down to shave, and I hate sitting in bath water. I’ll shave occasionally, but probably only once a month on average. If that. I do shave my pits though. 

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    I’m very hairy all over- thanks genetics!  My SO has told me multiple times he just doesn’t care at all if I never shaved, but I have personal problems with body hair- I just don’t like it at all on myself so I shave or wax absolutely everything (upper lip, eyebrows, legs, arms, armpits, Too Much Information areas) every time I even get a tiny bit stubbly. I think that shaving or not shaving should be a personal choice and as long as you’re clean who cares. Just rock being you- especially on your wedding day!

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    Oh, and my husband doesnt care. Or if he does then he’s never mentioned it. And I did shave up to my knees on my wedding day. 

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    I’m a blonde; I shave the knees and below once a month, over the 6 cooler months and once every 2 weeks, during the warmer 6. I have very little hair – not 1 on my arms or thighs; my adult daughter once joked that I might not be a mammal. As I age, I seem to have less hair, although it’s very thick on my head – so go figure?.   Underarms I usually ignore, as I never wear sleeveless or bathing suits, but blonde and sparse anyway. (This may all be too much information – lol!)


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    SamEatsBrains:  I’m very hairy! I’m of middle eastern descent so being hairy is pretty common in my family. I have to shave every day if I want to be totally “clean shaven”. My Fiance totally doesn’t mind my hair. I shave maybe once a week in the cooler months, in warmer months I shave every day. I plan on shaving for my wedding day, but I will probably have leg stubble by the evening, honestly, my guy and I have been together for 6 years- so obviously he doesn’t really care 🙂 he tells me I’m gorgeous all the time. Once I stopped shaving for like three months because I just didn’t care. When I finally shaved I asked him if he was happy that I did. He laughed and was like, “I didn’t even notice that you weren’t before!” This shocked me because I am very hairy, he just laughed and was like, “Babe, when we’re making love the last thing I’m thinking about is your leg hair.” haha, sweet man. 

    So I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Shave if you want to and try not to stress. I like to remember that the same genetics that give me lovely skin that will age very well, and my nice figure and big eyes is also what gives me my thicker body hair. Everyone has something they’re a little self-conscious about, and of course if I could somehow change so that I didn’t have so much I would! But honestly, if it’s not body hair it’s weight, or acne, or height, or eye/hair color. 🙂 try not to worry too much about it. 

    I will say that getting a higher quality razor has made a huge difference for me. I got a razor from Harry’s- and I order the blades online. Since you do have more body hair I think you should consider it, they’re affordable and the actual blades are much nicer than regular drug store razors.  I also put vitamin e-oil on my skin after shaving, when you have more hair to remove there can be extra irritation (not sure if you have experienced this too) but the oil really helps. 

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    SamEatsBrains:  I don’t shave or wax really – but that’s because I lasered everything off!

    If that’s your thing, who am I to judge, it’s not my body, I don’t care. I’m dirty blonde and some of my hair is super blonde, and some of it, not so much. BUT, while you couldn’t really SEE my hair, I could feel it when I shaved. Not to mention, my hair grows super fast, so shave in the morning, prickly by lunch. It bothered ME. I couldn’t stand to feel it, anywhere. I also couldn’t stand my overly large pores on my legs that you would see.

    I lasered my legs, my underarms, going to do my arms.  Wasn’t the easiest because my hair is light(er). I love it. But like I said, to each his own.

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    I have to shave, my hair is dark, grows fast and it drives me insane after a day or two.  I just can’t take the prickly/ tickly feeling of my legs rubbing up against something– it makes me cringe like nails on a chalkboard.  I couldn’t do the No shave November or whatever its called, but if someone else is a bit furry– oh well, that’s not my business. 

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    I shave about once a week. More often in the summer, and less often in the winter. Also, I never shave above the knee – the hair is dark, but it’s too sparse for me to care. I’ve always had dry sensitive skin, and shaving irritates it. I can go for about 3-4 days before my leg hair becomes noticeable, then I usually wear jeans for the rest of the week (I get too self conscious going out in public otherwise). SO doesn’t care – usually doesn’t even notice unless I mention it.


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    I always shave my armpits. I rarely shave my legs. Mostly if i’m going to be wearing a dress or something that will show them. Fiance doesn’t care as long as I don’t become a wooly mammoth. Its nice to know i’m not alone! 

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    SamEatsBrains:  I have really fine leg hair- so I often simply forget to shave.

    I did shave on my wedding day (if I remember correctly)– but it wouldn’t have mattered if I didn’t.  It was in the winter, my dress was long– and my husband wouldn’t have noticed if I had leg hair or not I don’t think (he wouldn’t have cared either way).

    If I had course leg hair, my guess is I’d probably shave more often for my own comfort (in bed, crossing my legs, etc…..)

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    I don’t shave my legs at all. Most people don’t have a clue (and probably wouldn’t care) but my mother has been a bit more vocal about her opinion. I’ve tried very hard to explain the concept of bodily autonomy to her with little avail. She recently asked me if my SO would prefer if I’d shave my legs so I told her — the day my SO thinks he has a say in what I do with my body is the day he no longer has a me. Her primary confusion lies in the fact that I do shave other parts of my body. I’m not sure why it’s so difficult for her to understand — and I really tried my damndest to spell this out for her — I shave my underarms because I WANT to. I do not shave my legs because I do NOT want to. It’s an uphill battle with her.

    She said that she would be appalled if I don’t shave my legs on my wedding day and mentioned the absurdity of wearing something that expensive and not shaving (I have my eye on a Monique Lhuillier gown — which, mind you, will be floor length and litterally no one will be able to see my legs.)

    But maybe I’ll do it just for fun. Who knows. It’ll just depend on how I am feeling that day. Odds are I’ll just lather on some moisturizer and call it a day! 😉

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