(Closed) Any housewives without children out there?

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    I'm planning to be

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    I am currently unintentionally a stay at home Fiance. I lost my job unexpectedly and receiving unemployment until I can find something better. It’s been about three weeks and I am definitely getting a little bored. On the other hand my Fiance is LOVING it! I am definitely not very domestic but I have brought him lunch to work almost everyday (he works in sales and long hours, some times it’s hard for him to leave) and he’s loving the homemade dinners I’ve been attempting (thanks, Pintereat) Not to mention our home has never been cleaner. We don’t have children, just dogs. I honestly think he would love for me to stay home full time but that just isn’t going to work for me. Haha I’ll enjoy it while I can though. 

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    Yes, rubyrane, it’s a true luxury to have a loved one at home taking care of you, the home, the family, the pets, and so on. I think the current statistic in the USA is that ~10% of workers have a SAH in the family home.

    When my DH was between contracts and at home for awhile, he HATED it, and, tbh, I wasn’t all that impressed with his homemaking prowess. (lol)

    I’m not nearly as bad at homemaking as him, so, it’s worked out a little better when it’s me.



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    You’re so lucky… wish I could stay at home, but I’m not even married.

    I think my SO would prefer it if I worked full time, all the time. To be honest, I don’t really enjoy my job, even when it is what I studied to do in school. I just don’t like working. Maybe one day when I’m married and pregnant I can convince him that it would be more cost effective for me to work part-time. Especially since I don’t make near as much as him, so our money would be better put towards my looking after our child then hiring someone else to do the same, with less acocuntability.

    And what steams my vegetables is when people say housewifes just do the housework and sit around getting their nails done and eating bonbons all day. BS! They take care of the kids, they do the cooking, cleaning, shopping, errands, finances (my grandma did, anyway), pay the bills, and the yard/repair work, too (I would be, anyway, SO hates yardwork). If that’s not a full-time gig, you bees are in denial.

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    NFLwidow:  Haha yes. Fiance had a “staycation” a few months back. He was my house husband for a week. Though he tried he just wasn’t very good at it. Lol. I would like to find work fairly quickly but he keeps telling me to volunteer. During my last job I did meet a few great contacts with local charities, so it’s definitely a possibility. I am very good at keeping myself busy most days, then there are the days I eat jello and watch trash tv. We will see how the summer goes. 

    I really can’t complain, I am extremely lucky to have a supportive Fiance. We aren’t rich by anyone’s standards but we’re comfortable. 

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    Im a sahw, i have a graduate degree. I volunteer 12 hours a week. I do all of the shopping, cooking etc but not the heavy cleaning. I would love to work but due to my hubbys career my life revolves quite a bit around his work. I think everyone lives their lives in a way that suits them and their families, this works for us 🙂

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    I did it for a year during the recession, because I had lost my job and couldn’t find another. It was nice because I had time for my hobbies – I cooked very involved meals from scratch, sewed home decorating items, and exercised everyday (I got so skinny and was stress-free!). 

    But not gonna lie, it got a little boring and I was a little depressed toward the end of it. 

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    I’m staying at home too and have no kids, BUT I work from home. I have my own business, and I work less than my SO (but I make the same money). It can get boring sometimes though and sometimes I wish I had an office, just to be able to talk with colleagues etc.

    If a couple can afford it that one stays home, I don’t see the problem. If the budget is tight, I think both should work. My mother in law is a perfect example – She’s 48 and she hasn’t worked a single day in her entire life. She got her first child (my SO) when she was 18, three years later her second child, but now my SO is 30 and his brother 27, and obviously there is no reason for her to still be a housewife. Her husband is making very little money, so my SO has been supporting them financially for a long time. His mom had several job offers (as a teacher, not a great salary but money is money) but she didn’t take any of them because she prefers staying at home all day watching shows on tv and talking to people on Facebook. I find the situation terrible.

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    I got married 5 months ago and I gave up my job 3 months ago to move overseas with my SO. As I am not able to work overseas where we live, I am a stay-at-home-wife-without-kids. As an ambitious, financially independant university graduate prior to our marriage, I thought I would hate giving up my career for my husband. I also thought that I would feel very guilty that I was not contibuting financially to the household. Boy was I wrong. Since I gave up my career, our relationship has dramatically improved. We argue less, we spend more time together, I am less stressed-which means that he is less stressed and we are able to focus on building a foundation for a strong marriage. I have made it my job to support my husband and focus on our marriage. I have a wonderful l husband who has no expectation that dinner will be on the table when he gets home or that the laundry will be done everyday.  Staying at home is a temporary arrangement for the next 2 years, but I believe in the long term it will benefit our relationship greatly. I know alot of women have very strong objections to being a stay-at-home-wife-without-kids, but I wouldn’t knock it till you’ve tried it. 

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    I plan to stop working as soon as I get married. 


    “Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good.  Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God.”


    -Titus 2:3-5

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    My job pays very well. ..and i will have a great pension.   My fiancée is in the same field.   We’re not having kids….and when we add our 2 incomes….yowsers! !!! Lol


    Also….we BOTH can retire early and take the 14% hit on our pensions without batting an eye

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    Both SO and I work freelance from home currently, but due to some health issues I’m currently only doing part time work, and his career has really taken off so he is making the majority of our income. I can’t say that things will always be this way, as I do hope to be in a better position one day and make a larger income but for now it’s working well for us and in fact he said that since I’ve been home (I was working full time out of the home previously) that it’s been much easier for him to concentrate on his work and he feels that some of his recent success is in part the fact that I’ve been taking care of the home and him and he hasn’t had to worry about it. We are living comfortably enough and are happy right now. Money is not everything to everyone, not all women at home are lazy, spoiled or gold diggers, not all career women are living in a messy home and serving microwave dinners, not everyone values the same kind of lifestyle, no one way is right or wrong.

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    Bunny_the_Bride:  Yep!  No kids, enjoying the shit out of it. We plan on never having kids. Though, I’m not a stay at home wife. I still work, but I get home way before DH does. It would be amazing to be a stay at home wife. I’d garden all day, play with my dog at the park for hours, I’d be domestic as fuck! But unfortuantely, need the money to pay student loans off :/ 

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    At the moment Fiance and I are strongly leaning toward not having kids, so yes, there is a possibility of me someday being a housewife. Fiance 100% supports this decision and tells me his goal is to earn enough in his new field to cover us both so if I want to pursue a job that makes me truly happy but doesn’t necessarily pay a lot, then I would have that freedom. He’s also told me he’d love for me to be able to go back to school in the field I had originally wanted to study rather than what I played it safe with.

    I admit, I hate way how so much people view our worth and our identity with our careers. For some people it is, and for some people it isn’t, and I don’t think one way of living should be viewed as better than the other if someone (and their partner) is happy with their decision and lifestyle.

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    OP: I’m a SAHW! Anyone out there like me that I can relate to????

    Majority of replies: Not me, but here’s my opinion on your life…

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