(Closed) Any lactose intolerant brides? (Maybe TMI)

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Helper bee
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Have you tried lactose free milk?   
Also does yogurt affect you ? It does not affect me and I just get cramps after eating milk, not even cheese (aged) 

Cream sauces also make me a bit sick. 

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Blushing bee
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for me, it’s more IBS, but dairy can set it off. I’ve found that switching to skim milk has helped a ton and watching how much cheese I eat and what kind. Hard cheese, I’m okay, but soft/melty cheese & blue cheese make it worse. 


Also, if you eat a lot of fried food or if you have some after not eating it for a while can give you the poops. Sodas can affect it too. 


maybe if you keep a food diary and note what affects you more will help you figure out what you should avoid 


there’s nothing like the poop pains 🙁 

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Sugar bee
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@emilygrace07: i actually started gaining weight and not being able to fit into my jeans, and thought maybe it could be dairy products. So I cut out milk in my cereal and substituted it with Lactaid (soy milk can be fattening), no cheese and no ice cream, and it turned out a lot of that weight gain was my allergy to dairy. It was all bloating and gas. I was able to fit into my jeans again about 4 or 5 days of no dairy.

Now I have cheese once in awhile, because I lovvve it, and I’ll be all bloated and gassy the next day. For me, I don’t mind it if it’s a reallly good cheese 🙂

I would try just cutting out all dairy products, and see if you feel any better. 

Good luck!

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Helper bee
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I drink Lactaid brand milk, and take Lactaid pills anytime I eat cheese.  The pills totally work for me, your supposed to take one with your first bite.  I LOVE cheese lol, so realizing I was sensitive to it was devastating until I found these pills, they’re in the med aisle by pepto-bismol and stuff, another thing I always keep in the fridge!

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Buzzing bee
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I’m extremely lactose intolerant.  It developed when I had appendicitis 10 years ago.  It is so bad, I can’t even eat CHEEZITS or Doritoes or ANY types of dairy, natural OR processed.  However, I also take Lactaid pills before eating anything dairy and it works wonders.  If I happen to slip up and forget to take one….it’s followed by some extremely intense pain and, uhm, bathroom time….which lasts several hours.  It’s awful.  Try lactaid and if you are indeed, lactose intolerant, it should work for you.  

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Worker bee
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Soy milk works for me…

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I would reccomend going to the doctor for sure. I’ve had similar problems and since finding a decent doctor they’ve run all kinds of tests, bloodwork, ultrasounds, you name it. He suggested I abstain from dairy for a few weeks and when it made me feel better, I tried again for another month. I eat dairy occasionally now, with a Lactaid pill, but I think I still feel better totally abstaining from it. I’m not 100% sure that lactose is the problem for me, but I think a doctor could help you work through all the possibilities.

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My Fiance is lactose intolerant and Lactaid works wonders for her.  She takes one or two before eating anything with dairy and WA-LA, pain and symptom free.  try it!


It could also be some sort of inflammation type thing… From personal experience, i started getting sharp pains (seemingly after eating) and after months of this pain was finally diagnosed with gallstones.  Maybe you have something similar?

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People can go through phases of lactose intolerance. Just because you weren’t before doesn’t mean you aren’t now and vice-versa. The fact remains that the vast majority of the world population is lactose intolerant in one way or another.

The level of intolerance varies. Some people just can’t drink milk, others can’t drink milk or eat others, others have to avoid cheese as well. I cannot drink milk and I stay away from yogurt and most cheeses. I drank Lactaid for a while but it is EXTREMELY sweet and full of sugar so eventually I switched to plain Almond milk (I’m soy intolerant as well). I use it everywhere I would use regular milk and it works for me. Another option may be taking lactaid pills. I’ve also found that probiotics help.

For me, lactose intolerance might last a day, but soy intolerance can leave me feeling awful for several days. You kind of just have to learn your triggers and avoid them.

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Busy bee
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I have the same problem.  I stopped eating yogurt, and only eat cheese on occasion (it’s hard because I LOVE cheese!), ice cream = no good, and when I use milk (cereal, to cook with) I get the lactose free kind.  I’m usually ok if I only do lactose free milk (I started eating my oatmeal without any kind of milk though).  I carry around the lactose digestive pills in my purse in case I want ice cream.  It’s summer, I love ice cream, so I still eat it when out (I quit buying it though). I used to be ok (only had problems sometimes) until I did a 2 week detox and cut all dairy out.  That was a few months ago and I still have stomach problems with dairy.

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You can take a test to determine if you’re lactose intolerant (if you want to be medically diagnosed).  But I just get nauseous and really bloated.  I started doing lactose free milk, and take pills if I’m going to eat something that I know ill make me sick (i.e. rich ice cream).

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