(Closed) Any ladies out there TTC with endo?

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I am not trying to get pregnant but I have heard from a lot of people who have endo who didn’t have any problems getting pregnant.  And yes, the hormones during pregnancy can make the endo better.

I had a laproscopy 4 years ago and had symptoms return too, but they haven’t been able to find any visible endo since so who knows what’s going on there.

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I have endo and so does my mom. I’m not ttc but when she did she had to have the laproscopy both times (for my brother and me) to conceive. She never conceived again after me, despite never using birth control.. She apparently had a very severe form. But, she says all of the endo symptoms disappeared after her pregnancies at least.


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I’m not TTC yet, but it definitely is a contributing factor to when we will try. I had a laproscopy but had returning symptoms and the last scan showed it is adhering my uterus to somewhere or another (this = pain meds round the clock). Since I had it come back we don’t want to risk it growing on my tubes or anywhere that causes the fertility issues, so we don’t plan on waiting any longer than 2 (3 tops) more years to start trying.

I would try not to worry about it though, my gyno told me that it only causes problems if it is in a certain place. They should be able to view it through an ultrasound or scan if you have more, but then again before I was diagnosed I had multiple ultrasounds and they couldn’t see anything until they went in during the lap and realized my ovary was adhered.

*edit* I should probably mention I’m only 22, so this is one of those subjects that I personally think about all of the time when other people my age are pretty far from any thoughts of getting pregnant willingly. It does worry me because the longer we wait I know the more worried I’ll get, but I also am dreading dealing with people telling me that I’m “too young” to have a baby. I don’t want to go telling people about my personal health issues and any reasoning behind it, but since we just got married and we’re this age I have had people already “warn me” not to have kids for at least 5 more years or until Darling Husband becomes a doctor. All the while I’m thinking to myself that I’d wish they would mind their own business, because little do they know I have issues that probably won’t allow me to wait that long. Totally agree with the websites that say endo girls have their suffering (if that’s what you want to call it) in silence.

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I have endo really bad but am not ready to TTC yet. I was a “trainwreck” when they checked me out 2 years ago. We’ll probably TTC maybe in a year, year and a half. I’m only 24, but i don’t have a lof of leeway. I’ve had two laps and a D&C in the past 2 years. I met a woman who was having the same problems and conceived via IVF and mini IVF–she’s a coworkers wife and she recommended an infertility clinic for me. I saw a reproductive endocrinologist and he told me to give it 6 months of trying and if i’m still not having any luck, to come in and we’ll talk about alternatives. I already know i have a low egg count (i had a vaginal ultrasound where they can count them for you) so I have a heads up on what my problem could be.My ovaries were stuck to my uterus and my bowels were stuck together–they were able to put everything back in its rightful places and put me on lots of bc to halt its advance for now.

Lots of women have endo and conceive, sometimes you just need a doctor’s help.

It may be a good idea to have another lap right before you TTC so all the scar tissue is scraped away. Sort of like TTC with a clean slate. My reproductive endocrinologist said this is often the easiest fix and has worked for many of his patients. Seeing an RE wouldn’t be a bad idea. It really helped ease my mind because he was talking about all these options and it just really helped

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Hi, I thought I would share a website I like a lot. It’s a canadian website and not just about IVF but about infertility in general. Everything from various diagnosis to procedures to homeopathic medicine for people TTC. May have some helpful info for you.


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I have endo too and am similarly confused by conflicting advice/anecdotes.

I have the worst grade of endo and have had 3 operations to remove it – it kept grewing back. The pain used to be so bad i would vomit. I’m 26 now, but my doctor has been telling me since i was about 23 that I need to have a baby NOW.  I was still studying, not secure enough in my relationship, not financially stable etc so decided to wait.  Now that I’m 26 I’m really starting to worry about it, even though most of my friends aren’t even planning on babies til their mid 30s. I hate that they think I’m ‘too young’ to start a family and I will be the odd one out in my social group.

It’s tough, huh?  I think there are lots of stories of women being able to conceive with endo, so all we can do is be as healthy as possible, TTC sooner rather than later, and hope it works out.  Good luck!

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I was diagnosed with severe endo via laparoscopy about six months ago. My case was catagorized as severe mainly due to the endometriomas (endometriosis cysts on the ovary) I had on both ovaries. I am just now learning how devastating endometriomas can be when TTC, and we are moving forward rather quickly with our fertility plan. I also recently had a HSG and they discovered one of my tubes is partially blocked. Lucky me! 

We are pursuing IVF, and I was wondering if anyone else on the IF boards was dealing with endo and IVF. I’d love to hear more experiences. Maybe I will start a new thread about this, as this one is from a year ago? 

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