(Closed) Any Laid back TTC mama's out there?

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Helper bee
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I had every intention of being laid back with TTC and then we started and I spiraled into a crazy person. Assuming I don’t get a BFP this month, I’m going to do everything in my power to step back and get myself under control and go with the flow. Good luck to you – I hope it is a quick and fun TTC journey!

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Bumble bee

I was go-with-the-flow until we hit the 1 year mark without conceiving. Now we’re at the infertility clinic. Good luck to you. Congrats on LO #1. 

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MrsHoneyC:  I’m in the same boat for the next two months. I initially jumped right in with the charting and OPKs and all that stuff because we were really hoping for a September baby. Now after two BFN cycles, we’ve been debating whether we wanted to skip the next 2 months to avoid a Nov or Dec baby (3 of our 4 parents have bdays in Nov and then with Christmas in Dec, they’re hectic months for us) or keep going. We decided to compromise and take a break from all the charting and stuff, BD when we want, and see what happens. So I guess NTNP. But, it’s actually kind of hard lol I got myself into the habit of checking everything first thing in the morning, now it feels weird not to!

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Bumble bee
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I had been charting everything for the last 6 months! Month #7 I am totally laid back! I haven’t   done anything! Just lots of BDing!

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Honey bee
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I am in between. I have been charting since September when I went off the pill after MANY years, but we didn’t have good timing until November; I was still trying to figure out my cycles.

No BFP yet, but this cycle… my fertile window started when we were on vacation in Vegas 2 weeks ago this week. I brought along my thermometer, OPKs, a few cups to pee in, and preseed. I never took my temp when we were there, as I’d wake up hot in the hotel room and the times were all off. I did take an OPK one afternoon, which was positive. We got busy a couple nights we were there (knowing my fertile window was starting), and then when we got back. But, FF never confirmed when I O’d, since I missed temping for 3 days – even with the positive OPK. ANother app I use (Glow) did confirm… and once I changed the FF detector to OPK, those dates matched (January 29). *fingers crossed*

My CM was always ticky during my fertile window and never got EG, which is what I was looking for since I wasn’t temping. I’m 10 DPO today, and AF should be here this weekend if this month wasn’t our month… so same boat as you!

I considered it chill this month, since I didn’t track like I normally had and looked for signs. Since I know enough about when we should BD, it’s hard not to think about it and just BD whenever and hope for the best – although, could just D every other day and something may happen! Plus, with our ages (I’ll be 35 tomorrow, and DH just turned 37 last week)… I can’t take any chances. But, I want to be laid back!

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Blushing bee
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No charting here. I really don’t want to do it unless I feel that it’s necessary (maybe after trying for 6+ months). I do track things on an app and have some OPK strips, but I always forget to use them. I do drink Fertility Tea, but otherwise, I’m fairly go with the flow…unless it’s the TWW then every sensible notiion I had goes out the window and I want to pee on all the sticks 🙂 I usually am good at convincing myself otherwise, but man is it hard not to symptom spot!

I have a LOT of stress with my job as a personal asssistant, so being relaxed with other things in my life is key to trying to stay sane. 

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Helper bee
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I’m laid back. We’re only on our 3rd cycle of TTC and haven’t charted or used OPKs. I do have an app that I use to track my periods but I’ve been using it for years. I think it all depends on the type of person you are. Some people are stressed out about the unknown, while others stressed with all the added work. I have a very busy job so when I come home I just want to relax with my husband. We moved up our TTC date by almost a year as we were ready emotionally and financially, so we have some extra time. I might start OPKs at the 6 month mark. We’ll see.

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Helper bee
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We are also working on baby #2, and a laid back approach worked for our daughter, so I figure it’s worth doing it again! No charting or anything. I actually don’t have much of an idea of what is going on with my cycle right now thanks to a year+ of breastfeeding and the mini pill, so I only JUST got my period back. I’m hopeful that it will happen for us quickly again, and if not I’ll reconsider in a few months!

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I probably would be laid back at first (my DD was a little bit of surprise baby the result of being too laid back lol) but I have been charting for 17 cycles now to avoid becoming pregnant (I didn’t want to bother with any hormones while breastfeeding) so I don’t think it is possible for me to be that laid back when we TTC#2 in a month because I know I always O around the same day!!  I won’t be able to forget that we need to BD in between CD 13-16 to get pregnant because I’ve gone so long avoiding these days. But as long as I get 2 days I will be good. I think it will be less stressful to know exactly when I need to BD this time.

I will say that I really enjoy charting now and it is pretty easy (it is really easy after you figure out what you’re doing anyway, sort of stressful the first few months) and find it fascinating to know so much about my cycle.  I probably won’t be able to quit charting because I’ve had a shorter luteal phase due to (I belive) extended breastfeeding and would like to monitor that to decide if/when to reduce nursing her. If she were younger I would just NTNP but I really want to get pregnant between March-June for child spacing reasons so I am going to hit it good!

Lots of people are laid back about TTC in real life!  Pretty much all of my friends just did NTNP. The reason you see so many people charting and being proactive is because this is a TTC message board!

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MrsHoneyC:  We are kinda of on the gow with the flow TTC plan. I’m charting my cycles only because i just got my IUD taken out and i didn’t have a cycle for 5 years so i need to chart to see when im fertile. Hubby doesn’t wannt it to turn into a I’m fertile now let’s do the deed 2 or 3  times a day type thing. but on the other hand I’ll be 36 in April so we need to get the show on the road if we want at least 2 kids.

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Good luck

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MrsHoneyC:  I tried to be as laid back as I possibly could and even DH would tease when i would log our activities in my app. Logging though was as crazy as I let myself get, well that and a few I knew I wasn’t pregnancy tests lol. I really do think though that when you try to control the situation too much it puts wayy too much stress on you and your partner and you forget to just enjoy it! I also found the month where I kept my logging and window to myself put less pressure on DH, and felt like a fun secret like yes I do want to, but I totally have another motive lol. 

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