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I have one :”]]

We went to Vegas for our 3 year anniversary (dating). We went to walk the strip and watch some of the shows later at night. We made our way to the Mirage where they had the volcano show. We got a great spot along the railing! and as he was holding me from behind he was saying how much he loved me and he is not a very affectionate guy in public so I thought it was strange but didn’t think anything of it. Next thing I know he whispered in my ear that he wanted me to be his forever and asked me to marry him as he help the ring out in his hand. I then told him to stop teasing me because he knows how bad I want to be with him. He then told me I better look down at his hand and I started to cry repeating “are you serious?!?” I just couldn’t believe it lol. I then ended up saying yes and he got down on one knee and gave me my ring!

So it’s not the typical proposal that ever girl imagines! But it was still the best day of my life and I wouldn’t change a thing! I loved know that there were people around me to see my moment :”]]

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Hahah.  I have one.  We were already planning to get married (like, the actual planning had started) and we knew we wanted to get married in Vegas. So while we were on a trip out there looking at potential venues, he decided to officially propose, and give me the ring. Sounds all blah and normal…but it gets better. ๐Ÿ™‚

While we were there, we were getting ready one morning before going out for the day and looking at venues.  He took a shower before me, so when I finally went to take a shower, he was pretty much ready to go for the day. When I came out of the bathroom, all wrapped in a towel, I came out to him down on one knee with the ring in his hand.  I froze, and he said “I cant do this staring at your cooter”.

Isnt that just the most romantic thing ever!?!?  :-   So he got back up, I ran into the bathroom and got dressed, and when I re-emerged (fully clothed) he was sitting on the bed waiting. He said “are we good this time?”, to which I said yes, and then he got back down on his knee and asked me to be his.

In all the fluster and up and down of knees, he kinda forgot the whole romantic parts of his speech, and just got straight to the point in asking “will you marry me”. It actually is just soo us. We are pretty to the point, and I get very awkward when people get mushy, so its better that there was none of that (though secretly I hope he shares what he had planned to say with me one day).

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My now Fiance had a work confrence in Las Vegas, at the last minute I decided to tag along for fun. I was not expecting it to happen there, I had only decided to go about 4-5 days before. I decided to go on to his computer to find a map of the Vegas strip, so that I could site see when he was working. I went to the google search bar and started typing in Las Vegas…..and if you use that google thing it will automatically populate in pervious searches, and low and behold it brought up Las Vegas Engagements!!! He was still in our hotel room at that point….I said nothing……internally freaking our and jumping for joy. As he was leaving for the confrence he said “I thought we could go to the Paris Hotel and go to the Eiffel Tower tonight for dinner. ” I simply said “ok” and he was off for the day. The door closes and AHHHH!!! Oh my god, Oh my god. I am all alone and miles from everyone I know and totally full of excitement.Then it dawns on me……the ring……it could be in this very room with me. So like a crazy person I begin ransacking the room ….nothing. I re-evaluate the situation and decided ok if it’s going to happen I want to be surprised.

That night he comes back to the hotel, I am all dressed up and ready to go. We are walking and he akwardly has his hands in his pockets. I often will hold his and and then sneak it into his pocket to keep warm, which I try to do and he gets all fidgetly and moves around and tried to walk on the other side of me……oh my god, he’s hiding something in there! We get to the Paris Hotel, I play it cool we get out tickets and head up. They take your picture right before you get on the elevator on the way up.  We checked out the nice view, take some pictures and walk around. We get to a area which at the time did not seem to have any other people around (might have just been the excitment that made them all disapear). He says something along the lines of being together for six years now and how we are so happy and how he always wants to make me happy…..things get a little blurry and my hands get shakey, he gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him! EEEK I don’t remember speaking, but of course YES! comes out. He puts the ring on, we kiss, we hugs. It was great. Suddenly I say, “oh wow I thought I would cry”…..I guess it took a few extra seconds to get the message to my brain because as soon as I say the word cry the water works kick in. It was awesome! Getting married 9/18/10

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