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Lol, we have so many of these stories!  Both of us talk and move around (stand up, walk around the room, etc…) in our sleep.  I’ll just share a couple of my favorites.  πŸ™‚

One night only a couple months after we first started dating, I bit my husband (then very new bf) on the forehead and woke us both up!  I was having a dream about arguing with my sister, and in my dream I bit her.  Oops!

A couple years ago, my husband (then Fi) and I were sleeping, and I woke up to him leaning over me with his arms stretched over my stomach.  I asked, “What are you doing?”  He replied, “That lamp is about to fall on you!  I don’t want it to crush you!”   We didn’t even have a lamp in our bedroom at that time. 

This last story happened a few months after the lamp incident.  I woke up to find my husband standing up on our bed with his head inches from a moving ceiling fan.  He said there was a big spider on the ceiling and he was going to kill it.  It took like five minutes for me to talk him down.  I was so afraid he was going to get his head caught in the fan before I could convince him to lay back down!

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Ok, here’s one more.  This one is about our dog, though.

Last summer we moved to a new town for my husband’s job.  We slept with all the windows open because it was hot.  One night my husband couldn’t sleep, so he went out into the living room to watch some tv.  And hour or two later he came back into the room.  Our dog, Louie, was sleeping on the bed next to me, and when my husband came in the room, it woke Louie up.  He started barking and growling because he didn’t recognize my husband.  My husband kept saying, “Louie, it’s me!” but Lou wouldn’t calm down. 

As my husband started walking toward the bed, Louie freaked out and jumped over our headboard and out the second story window!  All my husband heard was a “thud” when he landed, so he ran downstairs thinking Lou had been seriously hurt.  When my husband opened the front door, Louie was standing on the porch and he continued growling and barking at him!  Even after falling out of a second story window, it took Louie a couple more minutes to wake up enough to recognize my husband.  And I slept through the whole thing!  I had no idea any of this went on until the next morning.  πŸ™‚

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M has done the tool thingie! He’ll tell me to tighten the thingie and pass the whatchamacalit (i’m such a girl!) and i’m like huh baby you’re sleeping NO I’M NOT. Just do what I said. and then i crack up laughing and he wakes up and says well you should ignore me when i’m sleeping.. not a chance!! it’s too hilarious

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We’ve taken to going to bed around the same time, so I don’t get to hear as much as I used to.   Maybe it was just the place he was living in, as it hasn’t happened much since he moved from there.

One night he flips out that there’s bugs crawling on him.  Um… ok.  There, they’re gone.  I’ve shooed them away.  He falls back to sleep.

A few nights later, I wake up to him staring intently at the ceiling fan, is going to fall.  How can he tell?  He just knows.  No, he won’t get back in the bed, the fan is going to fall.  Ok, then I’ll sleep under the fan.   No, that’s alright, I don’t have to sleep under the fan.  He gets back in the bed and falls asleep.

My boyfriend is an engineer.  At some point in the night, he says “If I freak out, it’s because the values are going insane”.  What?  He repeats himself.  Ok, I can understand that.  Insane values aren’t ever good, but why would they be going insane?  I don’t knoZZZZZZ.

I’ve taken to attempting to talk to him while he sleep-talks, because if I ask him to repeat himself more than once, he tends to say “never mind” and go back to sleep.

The sad thing is that he never remembers what he dreamt about…

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LOL I got one.

My man is a sleep talker, and usually it’s just mumbles that I can’t decipher, but two christmas’s ago he must have been really into a dream cause he just screams “You break it you bought it!” and then he was out cold for the rest of the night. He does not remember this dream at all. :o)

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