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I’m a runner too!  I’ve done about 4 half marathons and I did my first full marathon last July in Calgary.  I have one coming up in Vancouver BC in 9 days!  I don’t feel that I’m very well trained for it at this point.  I was doing really well, but got pretty sick after I did a 34 km run in the rain.  I haven’t run more than 9 miles since then and that was a month and a half ago.

But I think I’l be ok, just not have a great time.

How is your training going?  Do you have a good training plan or are you just sonta winging it?

The thing I’ve noticed as I do longer runs is that its not the cardio that is lacking, its my leg muscles and joints that take a beating.  It really hit me hard in the last one, so this time i’ve been trying to do a lot of leg workouts- high rep squats, lunges etc. And I’ve been making sure my running routes have a fair share of hills.

 Do you have a goal in mind for your finishing time?

I dont’ know if you’ve been in any other organized runs before, but its actually quite exciting to be there with all the other runners, and the crowds and music.  You’ll have a blast!

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I have run 2 half marathons and will run a 10 mile race in a few weeks.  I have NOT been training :(.  I signed up for the race as a good way to stay in shape leading up to the wedding.

The only worry I have is, that I usually eat like crap a week or two after a race, so hopefully I’m more discipline.

Oh, and I started running because my Fiance is a marathon runner.  So I just try and keep up. 

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How exciting!  This fall is going to be full of major accomplishments for you! It’s extra special that you’ll be able to share the experience with so many loved ones!

I’ve completed 4 full marathons (Miami ’07, ’08, ’09 and Columbus ’08) and one half (Ft. Lauderdale ’09).  The best advice that I can give you is to enjoy every step and take it all in.  Don’t stress yourself out worrying about finish times and splits.  (The only goal I had for my first one was just to finish the thing!) You’ll never forget that feeling of crossing the finish line for the first time.  (Expect tears!)

Are you and your Fiance training with a group or on your own?  I’ve trained for all of mine with a program run through a local running store.  Their guidance and advice was invaluable to me as a first timer!  They helped me find the right shoes, taught me about proper nutrition and hydration, stretching and cross-training to avoid injury, and lots of other important stuff (like Gu and Body Glide!).

I’d like to start training for a fall race soon after my wedding this June.  (Marathon training is actually what brought me and Fiance together!)  I’d like to do Philly this year.  NYC, Marine Corps, San Diego and San Francisco are future goals.

PM me if you need tips/advice/encouragement!

Good luck in October!  :o)

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Another runner here!  I’ve done about a dozen half marathons and did my first full marathon last spring.  It was great!  I can’t wait to do another, but it’s such a huge time committment!  I’m focusing on the wedding this summer and can hopefully start training for another one in the fall. 

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I trained for Boston in 2007 but had to sit on the sidelines due to an IT band injury – I was up to 20 mile runs and got injured just.  I would love to train for another, but my running has not been the same since my injury. 

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@minneapolitan:  Before July ’06, I’d never run more than a mile… and even that was a major struggle.  It’s funny because even now I have a hard time thinking of myself as a runner… but no problem identifying as a marathoner.  LOL

Believe it or not, there will come a time when you’ll say "I’m only running 10 miles this week" as if it’s a piece of cake.

The best feeling for me is finishing a really long training run (18+ miles) before the rest of the city even rolls out of bed!  It’s so quiet out, I can focus on the rhythm of my footsteps and breaths… very peaceful and mind-clearing!

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I ran a marathon once.   What helped me out alot was glucosamine.  I kept taking those tablets everyday because my joints and cartilage was just falling apart around my knees.   It gets really hard at the 17th mile.   They had stations where they would use an aerosol spray can and spray something on your legs and totally numb it, like you have no legs.   It feels GREAT at first, then after a mile it wears off and you’re back to where you started.

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Congratulations on taking on your first marathon!  Last year I finished my first marathon and then ran 2 more in the next two months following! 

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a long distance runner and the thought of running 26.2 miles seemed so out of reach for someone like me who had never run more than a half marathon prior!

I started last year in April with the target of running the Chicago marathon in October.  You will slowly build up endurance and your body will slowly "memorize" and adjust to you tacking on the miles.   By the time you hit 20 miles you’ll be convinced, what’s another 6.2 mi?

My advice is to always listen to your body and be careful about getting injured!  You would think running is a pretty safe activity, but you can badly sprain your ankle or encounter other "wear and tear" injuries when putting in the miles!

Two years ago I was training for the marathon and 2 weeks before the race I had a freak accident and fractured my kneecap.  I tripped and fell while running landing on my kneecap full force.  They casted my full leg and it took 9 weeks to heal, and countless months to rebuild the muscle that had atrophied.  

One thing that really helped me is the use of a running group to train – running by yourself with headphones versus running in a group without music and chatting while you run are like night and day!  You don’t realize you’ve run the first 5 miles when you are running with a group!  Plus there is so much comraderie and support that I didn’t have when I was training for the half marathon alone or on a treadmill.

I don’t know if others have experienced the same thing, but when I was training I had never been so hungry in my life!  It was like my body knew I was going to be running 17 miles and burning over 1500 calories in a run.  As a result, I don’t think I gained weight while training, but I certainly didn’t lose a ton of weight and become thin either.  Now that I’m getting married, I think it will be a challenge for me to lose weight while appropriately eating enough so my body doesn’t hate me!  

I bought Nancy Clark’s Foude Guide for Marathoners and intend on using that as my bible as well as being disciplined about cross training and lifting weights!

Good luck with your training – I’m starting my training too this month! 

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Another runner here!

I love the half marathon, been running them about 9 years now. However, this fall I too am running a Marathon, and feeling so grateful it comes after Hood to Coast, as I think it will be a good last event before the push to run my first 26.2

My advice, train in the gear you will run in, shoes, shorts, sports bra, shirt, hat…etc.

Also note, if you always run with an iPod you probably won’t be able to at the event. So, I suggest not running with one for your training, or alternate days so you don’t grow dependent on it. Music is really mood altering and can be very helpful in training.

Keep a good eating program, from now until you complete. You will need plenty of nutrients, including carbohydrates and lots of water. Building a habit of consuming your typical 64 ounces a day, also, you’ll need to be able to learn to drink while running. There are a lot of ways of doing, you can stop and sip, or gulp and run, even folding over the top of the paper cup to keep water in it as you run. Or you can learn to run with a camelbak, 26.2 miles is a distance and you will need to be hydrated. 

You will also need to be rested. Think about the days, or rather if you go three days without a run how your body is nearly aching to put foot to pavement. You want to feel this way before the big day, several days before the big day. 

Pace yourself. When people first start running with groups they have a tendency to go out too fast. Get a watch and learn your pace, run a little slower than your typical pace in the first couple of miles, people will pull far away from you, but you’ll catch up to them or pass them around 10 miles or so when the lactic acid starts to tear their muscles down.

If you need something like shotbloks, learn to use them on your longer training runs so your body doesn’t have adverse reactions to them. It’t not uncommon for people to suffer all sorts of digestion upset, which is why I say stick with a regular food program.

Also, be aware that if you are running this just a week before your wedding, you might want to have your last dress fitting about 2 weeks before because you will have lost weight, it comes with the territory.

And plan for a massage a few days or the day after the event. Otherwise you could be waddling down the aisle in serious pain. Half marathons are easy on the body, Hood to Coast is harder, and so I imagine that a full marathon is going to be slightly harder than that.

Also, for your training, if you can, alternate your running training with cycling or elliptical trainer, they give the knees a break. As another posters said, weight training is important. and yes it is. i’d say I agree with squats and lunges, but you also need leg extensions, these keep the knees stable. And tons of runners make the mistake of not working your abs, try handing leg raises and decline crunches, this mixes it up and still keeps your core strong, which you’ll need for all the time you spend upright.


this isn’t everything of course, but i hope it helps somewhat.

Perhaps you could do a few 5k’s before the big event, this might give you an idea of what to expect as far as people and how the events are staffed and how you do with crowds and temperature, and running on pavement.

I am so glad to see so many other runners here.

Good Luck to all of you!

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This is a great thread.  It makes me believe I can finish a full marathon.  However with each half marathon I have run, I’m like "this sucks" and don’t know how I could keep going.

I think I want to train for a marathon after I have a baby.  I love cheering for the marathon and seeing kids with Run Mommy signs

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Mr. Powder Puff is a pretty intense runner- he was all-state in high school and captain of his college cross country team (can you tell I’m proud? :)). He ran his first marathon last year- Detroit, and finished in three hours, despite walking the last six miles. Apparantly his body just stopped working at the 20-mile mark, and he walked until right before the finish line.

Congrats to you! Running a marathon is HUGE! 🙂

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