(Closed) Any Migraine Sufferers been through pregnancy?

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Busy bee
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I was on Topomax for migraines before TTC, and had to get off it. Fortunately, I was one of those lucky women who had way fewer migraines during pregnancy. I didn’t get many, but the hard thing was treating them- normally I go with 800mg of ibuprofen, but that’s off the table during pregnancy, so I made do with other drugs (for example, my OB had me take Fiorocet).

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Bumble bee
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I found I had fewer migraines while pregnant.  They were also less severe.  And like Lozza, my doctor gave me Fioricet for when I did have one.  

But my migraines don’t sound nearly as bad as yours  I never had any with aura.  In fact, because I had the worst migraines during my period, I found that being on birth control continuously (not taking the week of inert pills, but starting a new pack right away so I skipped periods) helped reduce them.  The fact that mine seemed tied to my periods might explain why they were better for me while pregnant, since I had no periods then either.

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Bumble bee
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I’ve heard that migrain sufferers can go either way… you might experience complete relief from your migraines while pregnant, or they might get worse.  The fact that you had worse migraines on BCP doesn’t sound promising, but you just never know.  I used to get terrible headaches, which I’m pretty sure were due to progresterone crashes before my period.  They had some but not all of the characteristics of a migraine, so I’m not really sure how to classify them.  Anyways, since becoming pregnant my headaches have completely disappeared, which was actually one of my first clues that I could be pregnant. 

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Buzzing bee
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my headaches and migraines completely disappeared when I was pregnant.  But call your OB, he will know what meds are safe during pregnancy

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Sugar bee
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Have you tried any bodywork to help with your migraines?  Massage and/or craniosacral therapy could help you with your migraines.  And both are safe during pregnancy.  

Also, have you noticed a pattern with them?  Do they seem to be at a certain point in your cycle, or perhaps triggered by certain foods?  I am certainly not a doctor, but I have a couple massage clients with migraines and discovering their triggers has really helped in addition to regular massage.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I believe Artbee was one of the migraine crew.  I was too.  I had a couple of bad ones in the first trimester.  I did the tylenol and coke trick, but it didn’t help at all… But then I went into remission until after delivery.

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Bee Keeper

I was on imitrex pre pregnancy. I had migranes from childhood. My migranes actually got less frequent during pregnancy and even less frequent after giving birth. 

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Busy bee
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My triggers were very similar to yours (around the period and weather)

One thing that I think helped (which you could/should start now) is your prenatal vitamins.  A lot of times the migraines around your period can be caused to lack of vitamins.  

I didn’t have any issues with those migraines while pregnant and was very grateful. 

What i did have trouble with was all the extra mucus and gunk in my sinuses during the spring (pollen and weather related) that just was 100 times worse being pregnant.  Of course being stuffy and congested often caused really bad headaches (not sure I would call them migraines because they were a  bit different).  For these, caffeine and tylenol would do nothing. Even trying to sleep it off didn’t help.  I noticed them happening more frequently on the weekends when I was outside more often (instead of being inside an office building from 8-5 during the week).  I started taking daily claratin and sudafed on the weekends and never had any more problems. 

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@Mrs. DG: Yes, unfortunately I am 🙁 I’ve been getting them my whole life. For me, in the beginning they just got worse. I went to the ER every other weekend, if not more. It was hard b/c my neurologist had different opinions than the OB about what was safe to take during pregnancy, so I didn’t know who to listen to but I knew I had to take something b/c it was just too much pain! I mean literally a migraine for 2 weeks straight where I just laid on the couch in a dark, quiet room in pain.

But…. about half way through my 2nd trimester things got better. They slowly went away, and by the 3rd migraines were rare again.

@nskillet: The weather also effects my migraines. I noticed I always would get them if it rains, b/c of the pressure. I started taking benedryl (safe for pregnancy) whenever I knew a storm was coming.

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