(Closed) Any Migraine Sufferers? -seeking advice, please!

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I have headaches that are like migraines but aren’t affected by the migraine medicines.  I have tried Immitrex (I think that’s what it’s called) and it hasn’t worked for me.

I tried Topomax and that stuff made me forget people’s names and had me crying on the gym floor in HS and failing chemistry.

I did get nerve blocks in the nerve in the back of my skull.  I was getting a few a week and it really reduced the number of really bad headaches that I get.

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There are specific migraine medicines out there to discuss with your doctor. I had a favorite that unfortunately was taken off the market and I haven’t had anything else since my migraines haven’t been as frequent since going off the pill so I can’t give you any specific ones out there that are great. You’ve got plenty of time to work with your doctor to figure out what works best for you so that’s really good.

I don’t know where you get your migraines, but mine are on the back of my head, near my neck. What really helps me is when I first feel them coming on I lay down on a hard surface (kitchen floor, specifically) on my back and put a heavier book on my forehead after taking a couple Tylenol. I know it sounds funny but it works for me! It work for your day of, but maybe in the meantime?

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Coffee, excedrin, and a cold rag.

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I used to get really crazy ones with visual auras, but they stopped around the time I stopped using the birth control patch and got my wisdom teeth out.  Not sure which helped more but I’d put my money on the hormones.  Now when I get the very rare ‘regular’ one, Excedrin Migrain and maybe a little extra caffeine helps, but it still knocks me out for the rest of the day.  I think it’s been a couple years at this point though…

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I don’t personally get migranes, but someone I work with has suffered with regular migranes for years. She recently started seeing a chiropractor, and it has made a world of difference. She was going very regularly for awhile for adjustments to get her body in order, but now she only needs to go when she has a headache or migrane. She sometimes calls them and is able to get in within a few hours, and I know it has made a world of difference for her. They also had her change her diet and that also seemed to help. 

She also has migrane meds like Immitrex, but from what she’s said, nothing has worked as well as the chiropractor.

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I had migraines (conveniently when I started wedding planning).  I think it was the increased level of stress + my aspartame addiction + birth control.  I went off hormonal birth control b/c I was scared about the stroke risk and they went away.  Do you have anything that precipitates your migraines?  There are meds to help prevent as well as a migraine diet to help limit triggers.  I also got an aura with mine and I knew to take my relpax then to help keep the issues to a minimum.


Good luck 🙁

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@Rouquine:  agree with this +/- the cold rag. i feel a bit high on the excedrin but thats ok cuz its gonna be a LONG (and happy) day 🙂

i would also limit the amount of time in the sun, that seems to make mine really bad.

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Have you looked into changing your diet? I recently got my sister to switch to primal/paleo eating, and it seems an added bonus is she hasn’t had a migraine in a month now! (She would typically get at least one a week, occasionally even landing her in the ER.)

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I’ve had migraines since I was in third grade (I’m 27). I’ve been on every possible medicine and nothing has helped. I had a severe reaction to Immitrex and Topomax made me really depressed so I had to quit. I eventually decided not to try anymore prescriptions, I had tried so many with no help so I didn’t see the point. My doctor recommended I take a a b-12, baby aspirin and one Co-q-10 tablet every morning. That seemed to help but the baby aspirin made me dizzy so I stopped using that. I also get migraines multiple times a week and suffer from visual auras. Now I just take excedrine migraine when I have one and try to sleep it off.

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Chiropractor, Message Therapy and Acupunture will all help a lot.

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I’ve been getting severe migraines for about five years now (I’m 30) – tried Topamax to prevent them for a while, but it was a disaster. I now treat with Imitrex, laying down and a cold rag when I do get them, which is about once a month. I’ve also changed my diet to a mainly veggie/protein one and have picked up a consistent yoga practice; these two things seem to have helped.

I shared your fear, though – I was very worried that I would get a migraine the day of my wedding, so I purposely avoided my “triggers” for a few days before the wedding; coffee and alcohol, mainly. And did a good amount of yoga to relax myself the week of the wedding 🙂

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@Genuine513:  YES!


OP I suffered with migraines at the base of my skull constantly and they would leave me weak and unable to do the smallest tasks. I’m sure you can relate the intense pain and it was all centralized in my neck. I ended up seeing a chiropractor and for the first time in 10+ years I went a few weeks without any pain from migraines. I see her now every month and only had one migraine when I pushed my appointment out too far.

I will say that chiro and massage should go hand in hand. If you have muscles pulling you out of alignment this needs to be handled around the same time as being adjusted or one leaves the other as being pointless.

No drugs worked for me really. This was the first option that alleviated my pain.

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Chiro and Message should for sure go hand and hand. My SO’s message therapy wasn’t enough for him as the knots in his back were just so bad, so he now gets Shockwave Therapy done along with his Chiro treatments, it has worked very very well so far. He had severe migranes to the point of throwing up and almost blacking out, now he hardly ever gets a migrane and it is only when his back/neck gets really sore.

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I had to give up artificial sweeteners. Birth control made me more likely to get migraines too.  Ifind I got fewer migraines as I stopped eating meat. I take Imitrex for ,ingrained and it works for me most of the time, so if I mine on hand. Iwas also prepared to drink some coffee immediately too. Oh, that’s an important thing.  Keep your caffeine intake consistent.  Caffeine itself doesn’t cause migraines but fluctuations in caffeine levels can. I would also recommend not drinking wine the night before. 

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