(Closed) Any nail biters out there???

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Okay. I’ll admit it. I’m a biter.


And I don’t trust myself to NOT bite, especially when I know I will be that nervous. It’s absent-minded for me, too…I don’t even realize I’m doing it! So, I’m just going to get some acrylics put on I think. But if you have the willpower to keep from biting them, I am sure they will look beautiful with a square edge and pretty paint! Good luck!

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I’m totally a nail-biter, and I love doing it. The only thing that stops me is having them painted, or having acrylic tips put on. 

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  • Wedding: October 2010

I am definitely a nail biter!  I have never actually seen any white on my nails ever (you know the part that grows at the top above the finger).  I was also worried about my nails for the wedding in October.  I wanted to stop biting them, but I never have so I can’t trust myself to do it now.  I chew on them absent-mindedly so I don’t even realize I’m doing it half the time.  To nip it in the bud I decided to get acrylic nails in March.  My plan was to wear them long enough to lose the urge to bite my nails.  They were very hard to get used to at first because I was used to using the tops of my fingers for everything, but after a couple of weeks I got used to them.  I go in every 2-3 weeks to get them filled in and repainted.  A full set for me costs $25 and a fill-in is $15.  I have had them ever since and now I love how my nails look!  It has made a major difference in my whole hand.  At this point I don’t trust myself to go back to my real nails because I am afraid I will ruin them again before the wedding so I will just continue to get them filled in.  Definitely go for the acrylics!

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I was a nail biter up through middle school when I finally decided I had enough and it was a gross habit. My solution? I cut my nails every 2-3 days and keep at least a clear coat of polish on. Nail polish has a nasty taste so I don’t even want to put my fingers in my mouth :/

I have to disagree with the PP about keeping acrylics on, unless it is a last resort. Acrylics will absolutely ruin your nails. I’ve had them on a few times and whenever I take them off my nails are a disaster for a couple of months. My aunt started getting them young and has now had them for 30 years because her nails are absolutely destroyed.

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ME ME ME!  It’s a terrible habit I have, and like the others said, most of the time I don’t even realize that I am doing it. I try to paint my nails at least once a week but by the end of the week  I am chipping off the old polish and biting my nails. Lol  FI doesn’t even notice the bad habit but he supports me if I want to get fake nails for special occasions.

Have you tried the clear polish that has the yucky taste??

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I grew up biting my nails and quit for several years, but the habit has came back at some point, can’t remember if it was before or after the proposal.  Except now it’s not only biting but picking at my nails with my other nails, especially when they feel uneven, so I “try to even them out,” never works.  Or I may have always done the picking but just didn’t notice until it resurfaced.  What seemed to work for me when I stopped was keeping them filed and a coat of polish; I like clear.  Having them even and pretty-looking helped me avoid biting.  So I tried stopping a few months into the engagement knowing that I wanted nice natural nails for the wedding, but I haven’t been disciplined enough.  I hate acrylic nails, but a coworker gave me a certificate for a set of fiberglass nail wraps.  I’ve heard good things about them.  They allow your nails to breathe, so they’re not as harsh on your real nails, and I think they’re more natural looking, so that’s my plan.

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@lulu mae:

lol! i know; it defies logic; they just get shorter and more uneven!  i’m hoping that after the wedding at least i can quit.  i have a tiny bit of hope that I can do it before the wedding in 3 months, but i have the nail wraps if i can’t do it.

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I am a nail biter!!! I have to have acrylic nails put on…and whenever i try to take them off i fall back into the same routine! No matter how long I’ve had the fake nails on, I think i will be lifer of nail biting.

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Okay, I was a nail bitter until a couple months ago. I tried to stop for close to 30 years and then my sister told me about this grossness going around her preschool. I stopped immediately and haven’t gone back. Want to know? Well, be prepared to be disgusted:

There a worms that can get into the body through nail biting. Once they get into the body, they go do to the intestines and live there. At night, the females lay eggs just outside the body. These eggs get under the infected person’s nails and he/she can transfer them to others. Now even if a person wash his/her hands regularly, it is still possible to get by touching things a infected person touched and then biting his/her nails. I asked a friend who is a parasite guy and he said that it’s for real and relativly common.

Hope this helps. I know it did for me and it was just in time for my proposal. My sister, Fiance, and I now joke about butt worms.

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It’s a really really hard habit to break.

The only thing that has worked for me is that nail polish that tastes extremely bad!!!  The only downside is that if you eat food with your fingers, you can taste it in your food, so you can’t really do that.  But it did work for me and now I rarely need to use the polish.

For the wedding tho, I would just get the acrylics or gel nails at the salon a day or two before the wedding.  They’re more durable than regular nails, so they will be harder to break.

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