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Hey girl..Yes, I do know how you feel. I am also planning a wedding whilst working on the completion of my prerequisits and preparing to apply to an education program. Even though I don’t work, boy do I have plenty of work to do! So far, I’ve single handedly gone through tons of projects and even 2 years of red tape in order to make this wedding happen, and I really don’t think my fiance’ sees any of it. Yes, he praises my accomplishements but all in all, I’ve found that after talking to most of my married and engaged friends that grooms are just not into details. They just want to show up and get the show on the road.

I guess mine is no exception and neither is yours. Hang in there! 

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getting my Fiance involved is like pulling teeth, he acts really enthused and says yes I’ll help you but never gets around to it, theres always something else to do. πŸ™‚

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I am the same way! He is excited to marry me and about the wedding, but he’s not into planning and stuff. Our napkins arrived yesterday (they were hand made on Etsy) and I was so excited and he could care less lol

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Sounds like my Fiance. I was sad when it first started happening, but then I got to thinking….

He doesn’t really care normally about this sort of thing. I pick out all of his clothes when he needs something, I pick out his shoes also. I pretty much have to tell him what shirts go with which pants, belts and shoes. He doesn’t care what color our towels are, or that our pillowcases match the sheets. Why would he start caring now just because we are getting married? All he says to me is “I don’t care what happens, as long as you show up and we get married…and I get a piece of cake” lol

Men are simple creatures. I guess it makes it easier if there is just one complicated person per marriage lol

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I wish my Fiance would be like you!  He cares about EVERYTHING and it makes planning very hard πŸ™

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I like my man being this way.  I wouldn’t want to be with a man who was more artsy-craftsy than me, it would be weird to me, haha!

I think it’s something we get used to – some men are just not going to be as interested in each little tiny artistic detail of the wedding the way we are, generally speaking.  It isn’t a matter of right or wrong. 

I love my manly man exactly the way he is, so I accept that I have to talk about things like tablecloths, centerpieces and DIY projects with my female friends and family members more than to him, because after a few minutes his eyes glaze over.

Men are geared and wired differently than we are.  Vive le difference! 

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I feel the same way!  The Fiance wanted to be married as soon as the ring went on the finger.  (He wanted to elope.)  He has added his input here and there but he could careless about the DIY projects except one project.  He seemed excited about the fingerprint tree I painted.  Pssh.  Men!  lol

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@Beckster329:  Ditto!!


OP, mine does the ‘lets discuss this’ thing when I tell him an idea and then we end up arguing, then I say ‘fine, you can handle _____ project’ and then he completely drops the ball.  Then we argue again because I’m peeved that nothing has been done, or we find out that he waited too long and the project is impossible to do now.  This has happened several times.

This is not exactly men’s fortes!! 

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My Fiance is like this too.  He tells me what a great job I’ve done on everything (and is genuinely impressed!).   But truthfully I like it that way.  He’s involved, but if it’s not something he’s dead set on (which is most things), I definitely want to get his opinion, but in the end I’m pretty stubborn and normally like my original idea best if he suggests changing it. πŸ™‚ LOL. After all, I’m the one who’s spent WAY too much time researching, contemplating, making or designing…whatever it may be, so how could I not like many of my ideas better than his random, two-second thought to “maybe do ____” (this). πŸ˜‰  Although, don’t get me wrong, I knwo this is OUR wedding, so if he does really want something a certain way, I’m happy to oblige.

However, I also love reading about the grooms who are way involved and drive their lady nut! πŸ™‚  I do think it’s super sweet that they care so much, but, like I said, I do like being the one doing most of the planning and having him along to help and enjoy the ride. πŸ™‚

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I’m guess I’m in the shoes of your Fiance.  I got so sick of trying to put together a reception that we ditched it and are having a fancier Destination Wedding with a very few friends and a big old BBQ when we get home.  All I really care about is having the perfect ceremony  and to tell God and the world that I’ll love him forever.

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I hear you!  I can’t wait for that moment when we’re dancing and I’ll say in a dreamy and romantic voice…”Look around.  I did all this.  You were playing fantasy sports.”  Just kidding…sorta.  It’s hard, but I figure this wedding is definitely more for me and my family.  He would have been fine with a tiny ceremony and a cookout.  I get frustrated when he still asks me to do stuff and I want to scream “I’M PLANNING THE WEDDING!!!” 

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