(Closed) Any one opted for a c section purely on preference?

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So I’ve never had a baby but I used to be TERRIFIED of childbirth. Just aboslutely horrified at the idea of pushing a tiny person out of my body. However, I did my thesis on a topic relating to childbirth and thus have read a crap ton of pregnancy books and I cannot recommend Ina MayGaskin’s Guide to Childbirth enough! It seriously so amazing and really changed my entire perspective on childbirth. And it has a lot of childbirth stories in it 🙂

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I gave birth naturally, and I will say, after seeing friends have C sections, I think natural is a much better way to go. All my life I’ve suffered terrible period cramps, as well as migraines. Honestly, contractions were like period cramps. I got in a hot tub for most of my labour and didn’t have much pain. 

Yes, birthing the head is 10 seconds of real pain – but your body is so high on endorphins it’s fine. I gave birth at 1:56 am, and was sent home the same day at noon. The next day I was out shopping at the mall (the baby was 2 weeks early and I wasn’t quite done shopping). I didn’t have an epidural- but you can have one if the pain’s bad, and then you don’t feel a thing. It’s not like they leave you suffering in extreme pain for hours on end. 

You’re bearing down pretty hard and pushing a baby out of your vsgina – so yes, poop can come out. It’s no big deal – you’re lying on pads – they just scoop up a pad and you keep going. They see it all the time. It’s the very least if your worries. Don’t worry about your vsgina afterwards – put in a little time each day doing kegal exercises and you’re fine

if you’re really nervous about natural birth look into hypnotism, or water births. Some people feel like getting Up and walking. Your body will know what to do – in my case I really just wanted to be in hot water. 

A C section is major surgery. You need weeks to heal. You can have infection set in. You can’t cough or sneeze without having to hold on to your stitches so they don’t pop. There have been studies that show that babies lungs do better if they go through vaginal birth – more asthmatic children are born by C- section. 

Most doctors won’t do it just because you request it – it has to be medically necessary. 

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I had 2 elective c-sections and can totally recommend it! It was such a relaxing experience I hardly had no pain after and could move around fine a week after where as 2 of my friends who gave birth naturally had no end of problems – one had to have stitches and kept getting infections and the other had serious problems with the plasenter. If you have any questions regarding c-sections feel free to messsge me 

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I had a c-section and honestly the first 24 hours after you feel nothing because of the meds, it’s the next 48 hours after that, that are tough. I was moving around just fine in a week though and like you said didn’t have to worry about tearing or anything. Also, it was nice to do the deed post baby and everything was the same down there 😂 But given the choice for baby number two, I think I would go c-section again and not even attempt the VBAC. 

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hikingbride :  I’ve just purchased that book. I’m glad to read of your recommendation. 

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I have had two natural births and my vagina is fine and still ‘tight’. I had an epidural with the first (so you feel absolutely nothing at all even while the baby is coming out, and no epidural with the second). The thing is, it’s the contractions that are truly painful, not everything else. Yes, I tore with both but getting stitches are not that horrible and probably much less horrible than a c section. My girlfriend had a c section and I didn’t like the scar on her lower tummy…then again, I’m stupidly vain like that.

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And to add, your vagina usually changes with multiple natural childbirths, not just one.But yes, of course everyone is different.

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Short story: labour wasn’t painful for me and recovery instant, a c-section is guaranteed pain for a minimum of weeks. You really don’t want to be in agony and not even be able to bend over and pick up your own baby when it’s screaming by choice.

Long story: I had a med-free waterbirth and it was the best experience of my life. It was 15 months ago today and I am still so proud of what I went through and often think about my experience! It wasn’t painful though it was very intense cramping which isn’t very nice but it isn’t a pain that’s like damage. I felt great between each contraction as you get a 3-minute break. Pushing felt awesome and satisfying and I was just filled with endorphins, like when you’ve come to the end of a marathon. I stood up and got out the pool right after giving birth holding my baby and I had a shower an hour later. If you have a c-section you’ll be in agony and be stuck in bed and gave limited movement for weeks. Onthe other hand I was a bit sore down there a couple of days but I didn’t tear and that was that! I have a friend who had an emergency c-section and she still had agonizing pain flare ups 8 months later 🙁

Fyi sex is awesome as ever and I don’t have any outward signs I was even ever pregnant- not even any stretch marks!

One more thing, a baby going through labour gets squeezed triggering their competent breathing, passing through the biome in your vagina improves their digestion (you don’t want a baby screaming with trapped gas all night!) and is suspected to provide a reduction in allergies, diabetes, asthma, eczema, and a natural labour leads to better breastfeeding as the right hormones are released during the labour process to get everything going. Labour can be scary because it’s an unknown but if you’re scared of unknowns you’re in for a shock having a baby 😛

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MrsYoshida :  I absolutely agree with everything here. 

I LOVED labour and everyone thinks I’m mad because I can’t wait to do it again. It’s honestly the most amazing, empowering thing and I still get goosebumps when I think about it! 

Sure, it’s not pleasant at the time but it’s temporary. I honestly think that being so relaxed in the lead up to my labour really helped me. I did ‘calm birth’ classes which are based on hypnobirthing principles and read ‘birth skills’ by juju sundin- lots of ideas for coping mechanisms though I didn’t end up using them.

learn as much as possible about the physiological side of labour and how your body is actually designed to do it. It intrigued me so much and got me to the point of being excited about labour – I couldn’t wait to see what I was capable of!

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habibtee :  

I too am terrified of giving birth, the pain, tearing, etc. HOWEVER, women have been having babies for thousands of years, plenty do vaginally. I would not opt for a C section because of longer recovery etc (husband’s cousin just had her 3rd baby which ended up c section and she has been in and out of thw hospital. The dr knicked her colon twice…infection, she has wound care, it’s really, really bad. But she had to have a c-section, this was just unfortnuate).

I’m finding what is helping me is taking a class. We are in Birth Bootcamp which is a 10 week series – you can find one in your area or do it online. We’ve only had 3 classes but it’s made me feel MUCH more confident about this entire thing. 

However, 30% of births end up C sections so I’m not unopposed to C section if that’s what is best for baby/myself BUT I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared too.

A coworker the ohter day told me about her 4th degree tear and 2 hour surgery after birth….It should’ve been a c section for several reasons but she had seconds to decide (forceps were used bc baby was in canal but stuck, c seciton would’ve been worse for baby).

Anway….yea, I’m terrified all to heck too BUT the classes are definitely helping!

P.S. I was just thinking and I had an exploratory laprascopy 3 years ago (looking for endometrosis which I didn’t have) and that was a “small surgery” in comparison to c section. They went through my belly button, no cutting open, basically no scar but I was VERY sore for days, maybe even a week. Five days later I ended up in ER because of chest pain and tests were showing possible blood clot which I didn’t have. BUT it turns out I was constipated, something I just don’t get. This is thanks to anethesia/pain meds. Anyhow  – I imagine pain of C seciton is 40x worse than all this…and I’ll have a new baby. I wouldn’t electively choose c section for yet this reason too

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I had a 36 hour labor with an epidural that only worked for an hour. it was brutal and after various complications with my blood pressure and the baby’s heart rate, it ended in a c-section.

I’ll be honest, my c-section recovery was a thousand times easier than that labor was, and if we have another one, I’m doing a csection.

A few things to keep in mind though. can you elect a csection for your first? I don’t think they will do one without a reason. though vbacs are more common now, as I’ve had a csection already and vbacs come with some risk, I will have a choice.

No two labors are the same even for the same person. don’t scare yourself with the stories. the baby is coming out one way or another. you will either have a tough labor or an easier one. there is no way to tell. the only thing you can do is prepare yourself with the birthing knowledge. worrying about the inevitable is pointless  (I mean that in the best way possible, I have gad, and I constantly try to remind myself that some worries are a waste of energy so I don’t mean to offend)

Try to learn everything you can. learning about horror stories won’t do anything to change anything. I suggest taking pp up on her advice and start with reading that book 🙂

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I had a c-section due to cholestasis. I’ve never experienced such pain as the first 72 hours. Getting out of bed in the hospital could take me twenty minutes. It was way harder than I expected. At home my Mother-In-Law had to fly in to help because I couldn’t do much. Even moving in bed (nevermind getting in and out) was so hard. And if you had to sneeze, my lord that hurt. It’s 13 weeks now since surgery and I still feel some pain if I do too much lifting of items or other activities. And after surgery it’s pretty darn hard to poop too. So for me, I don’t know if vaginal would have been easier, but a c-section is major surgery and many women do not just bounce back to normal after a week.

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I’ve had two vaginal births and I will deliver my 3rd in February. For me, the contractions were awful (that’s what epidurals are for), but the actual pushing is great. My labors were 9hrs and 6.5hrs, so reasonably short. Having had two vaginal births, I would be very disappointed to have a c-section for this last one because I think the recovery is just so much harder.

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