(Closed) Any other bees have panic attacks? (Sort of pregnancy related)

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I have panic disorder. It’s a little different from what you described, though. When I have a panic attack, it’s like my body is panicking, but my mind is not. Rationally, my thoughts are clear, but my heart is racing and my blood pressure skyrockets and I get dizzy and weak from the hyperventilating. I can try all I like to calm myself down, but because it’s not something that my conscious mind is causing, that doesn’t work. My doctor has prescribed atenolol for it, because I refused going on an antidepressant or antianxiety med. Basically atenolol is a beta blocker, a type of blood pressure/heart medication. It prevents my heart from racing, pretty much…and because it prevents my heart from racing, it prevents all of the symptoms of the panic attack. It has been a godsend, as they used to happen randomly all the time. 

Talk to your doctor about this, they may be able to prescribe a medication that is effective for you and safe for baby. It may take some thinking outside the box (like mine!) but there will be something that can help you. Other than that, my only advice is to reduce your stress as much as possible. I’ve found that before my panic disorder was well controlled by medication, it was worse whenever I was not sleeping well, eating well, etc. I used to do guided meditations every night, and those really seemed to help. I’d also try to get in the habit of taking long, deep breaths (like, 5 to 10 in a row) any time I started to feel my heart start to race. Those tended to slow me down a little. 

I’m sorry I don’t have any advice about the vomiting. Hopefully someone else will!!

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@nataliegrace90:  I have anxiety and often it leads to panic attacks. If yours is brought on by MS and nauseau I would reccomend trying certain things to reduce it.

Peppermint candy & tea works really well for me. Seabands didn’t work as well for me but it has for others. And maybe having some zofran on hand might make you feel better.

Also maybe the hormones can help your panic attacks? 

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I don’t have much advice, sorry, but I might have a little bit of advice to maybe help prevent some throwing up! When my mom was pregnant with my younger sister, she had morning sickness so badly she literally could not leave the house. A friend of hers dropped by with a case of a sparkling mineral water called Topo Chico. My mom swears it saved her and stopped her nausea. Growing up, we always have a few bottles of it in the pantry and any time anyone had stomach trouble, we’d drink one, slowly, just sip on it, and it would often help greatly. I also know people who rely on it to help with hangovers, lol!

I’m not sure if it’s available in your grocery stores, but you can buy it on Amazon.

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Your doctor can give you Zofran – it is an antiemetic – this means it stops you from vomiting. and it is SAFE to take while pregnant. Especially with your panic anxiety past, you should have no trouble geting a prescription.

I too have panic anxiety disorder, and have MASSIVE panic attacks when I get sick (throw up), so I totally undertsand how you feel. Try to relax when/if it happens. Tell yourself “i am ok, i will be ok, i’m pregnant, this is totally normal”

And ask your doctor for Zofran, and you should be fine 🙂

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I don’t have experience with panic attacks but have a close friend who does (she would count to 10, deep breaths & took zofran when pregnant). I have had a lot of ms. There’s lots of things you can do to minimize it, I’ve changed a lot of what I eat. ALWAYS have crackers on hand, have preggie drops for when I’m feeling nauseous. My ob also offered zofran which I heard is amazing! I would have a chat with your doctor to see what your options are & remember some women hardly get sick. Try deep breaths & reminding yourself “its ok, your fine, you’re pregnant”.

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@nataliegrace90:  I have the exact same thing as you, including the throwing up trigger (it’s called emetophobia if you want to google it). I had a Xanax prescription that I carried religiously, but only took if I felt a panic attack coming on or if I was flying (another trigger).

I got a prescription for Zofran at my first Dr appointment before I even had symptoms, and I took it everyday once I started getting MS around 9 weeks and it helped A LOT. I still threw up in the privacy of my own home, but It stopped that “I could get sick at anytime” panic feeling that I was having, especially at work.

I also always keep a stash of peppermints, gum, jolly ranchers, and ginger ale nearby. They’re a quick fix that helps with the nausea. I pretty much always was sucking on something during my 1st trimester. I’m shocked that no one at work knew something was up.

I am now 24 weeks I stopped taking zofran everyday around 15 weeks, but I still take it every once and a while if I think I’m going to be in an anxious situation (client meetings, flying….etc). It’s helped a lot.

In the end, the thing that helped me the most is just reminding myself that I am now responsible for another life, and I need to keep my s*%t together in order to provide the best environment for my baby. If I start to feel anxious, I close my eyes and focus on my breathing and think about my baby in my stomach and try to make it as calm and comfortable as possible.


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@nataliegrace90:  Hello 🙂 You know I suffer from panic attacks, and I vomit like a champion. Not related to my anxiety though. A good friend who works in aviation explained to me that I must breathe slowly and deeply – in through my nose and out through my mouth.


Natural rememdies for anxiety might also help you, even just the psychological benefits. Chamomile tea helps me go to sleep, but you do get other herbal remedies that you can chat to your doctor about. If you were in SA I’d tell you to go buy boxes of rooibos, but I think you can find it in the States – I swear by it as a cure all for anything from a slightly sore tummy to adding loads of lemon and honey for a cold. It would probably be called something like African redbush tea or something. Sucking mints also help like a PP said but also keep apple cut in quarters. Someone once told me that apples absorb all yucky stuff in your tummy and helps you feel better. I hope it helps.

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