(Closed) any other bees out there SUPER ALLERGIC to mosquitoes?

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@dovelovesfalcon:  Yep that’s me!

Sometimes my ENTIRE ARM will swell. And long sleeves are a b*tch!! 

I use dryer sheets. Stick one in each pocket and they stay away from me. 

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My older stepdaughter is  highly allergic to mosquito bites. She swells up like a grapefruit, turns bright red, and gets wiped out. She had 3 bites at once (ankle, thigh, hip) and it was so bad that she needed steroids, allergy meds, and antibiotics to control the swelling, itching, and infection. I’ll let her know to try the dryer sheet trick. Hopefully it will keep them away from her; we’re not fond of using chemical bug-spray on a regular basis, so herbal or alternative bug-deterrants would be great. 

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Yep, althought I don’t get blisters.  Being on stuff already for my allergies does help.  Sometimes I react worse than other times, I think it’s partially the species of mosquito.

The repellant that works best is one with DEET.  If I’m just in the city, I try to just spray my clothes.  If I’m going to be in an area with a ton of mosquitoes, I just spray everything except my face and hands.


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@dovelovesfalcon:  People who understand! It didn’t start happening to me until I was 12/13 years old, but mosquito bites are NOT my friend. When it first happened, I thought I’d been attacked by a poisonous spider, my reaction was that bad. I found that I also scar from bites even if I leave them alone (lovely). The good thing is that they fade in a couple of months.

@Chrysoberyl:  I am lining my pockets and shoes with dryer sheets from now on. Mosquito repellent only seems to attract them more. :/

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Off Deep Woods.  And I just looked it up, it apparently does have the highest DEET concentration.  I’ve never found a natural remedy that works.  Except one.  Me.  All I have to do is stand near people and they’ll never get bit.  All the mosquitoes come straight to me. 

Here’s the Consumer Reports breakdown if you’re interested: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/2012/08/best-insect-repellents/index.htm

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Yeah mine swell up HUGE…I always joked that they were extra nipples :p  They’re huge, awful, itchy, painful.  It sounds like it could be worse though because as far as I know I don’t get the shakes or dizzies!

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I fell asleep in the grass as a teenager and got over 100 bites from the knees down. since then I’ve had a much worse reaction to the bites. They tend to swell up really big and red and hard, and once they go down the leave these ugly purple marks that take months to fade. In the last few years I’ve had some major allergy/hive problems so I have tons of benedryl cream on hand. I slather it on my bites as soon as I get them now and continue untill they stop itching. I still get ugly purple marks, but they fade faster and my bites usually on itch for a few days, if that, now.

Fiance told me that there is a small subset of the human population that is not allergic to mosquites. If I could have a designer baby that is the gene I would pick.

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@dovelovesfalcon:  ME! i have an epi pen for it! what happens to you is what happens to me almost exactly!

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Interesting tidbit – there are hundreds of different types of mosquitoes out there, and people are typically more or les allergic to different breeds. Some people are so un-allergic that they don’t have ANY reaction to being bitten at all.

Back at home I’d get a huge red itchy bump that would stay for days sometimes. Here in Korea, I’m less allergic! I get a small red mark for a couple hours, tiny bit of itching, but for instance if I’m bitten in my sleep, it’s gone by morning. I imagine I’ve had lots of bites I didn’t even know happened. It’s definitely a perk of living here for me!

Not that this really helps I guess, I just thought it was interesting.

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@Miss Mauverick:  If you guys try to avoid chemicals I wouldn’t bother with dryer sheets.  They are full of their own variety of creepy chemicals.  Which is probably what wards the mosquitos off, now that I think about it.  If you know of some natural ones, it couldn’t hurt to try tho!

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I have miserable reactions to them too!  They swell, blister, stay for weeks… I’ve found that AfterBite (the old one with ammonia) is the best I can do after they’ve already happened to manage the itching.

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