(Closed) Any other bees want to have children at age 25 or younger?

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I couldn’t wait to become a mum and had my first child at 22 and my second at 24.

No matter what age you have children it’s going to be challenging and for me having them younger was the best decision I made. 

I’m now 35 and have a 13&11 year old. 

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Having had a child at 20 and now being 22 I’m still undecided. I did a fair bit of travelling beforehand when I finished school but I would still like to do more. Saying that, I met sisters whose mother had had them when she was 20 and when they decided to go travelling at 18 she went with them and they had a blast. My FI’s mother was 21 when she had him, when he and his brother left home she was still young enough to do a lot of travelling and ‘living’ even though she was nearly 40. I can see where you’re mother is coming from but it is ultimately your decision if you feel ready.

My sister held off for her first baby until she 27, it took them 2 years of trying and they have been unable to conceive a second child, her obs said she should have started earlier but everyone is different. 

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@sunshinewish15:  I am 25 and I feel I am 2 years behind schedule. I read that you will lose your youth …blah!!!!! I cant wait to get pregnant in a couple of months. I want to be a young mom like my parents were and like my brother he was a Dad at 23 and again at 24. Best thing that could have happened to him. He is still very young and sooooooo happy. I will be 26-27 when I deliver…. And I dont feel that istoo soon at all. If you can afford it why not!!!

Lets not even go into all the problems that come with being a mom over 30

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My SO and I really want a family. I am 20 now and will be 21 when we get married. We would like to start having kids about 23 or 24. We really want our family to be complete by the time we are 32 or so. 

Concerning timing my dad has always said, if you wait until you can afford kids you will be waiting forever, and if you wait until you are responsible enough you will have waited too long.



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@sunshinewish15:  OMG this is like a conversation with my mother…. except her reasoning was she was too young! WTF hey!


My partner and I wanted to have our first (or at least be pregnant) by the time he was 26 (me being 25) unfortunately things have changed with his work situation and having kids this year (the year he turned 26) isnt likely to be possible πŸ™


Personally Im QUITE bummed about this! But we know as soon as hes back into a decent job well be ready πŸ˜€ We have traveled a bit and whats left we would like to do with our kids and were brought our own house as well as been married! So were totally ready just that one thing!


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Always wanted to be a young mom.  Had my first at 19 and my second at 26.  I have 3 ids now and about to have baby #4 at 32.  I wanted to be done at 30 but oh well, I’ll be done 32, almost 33 and I’m still young.

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We plan to wait until we’re closer to 30 before we start TTC, but that’s because I want to graduate from my master’s and settle into my career first. If I didn’t have plans to further my education, I don’t see why we wouldn’t try to start having children as soon as we’re married around 24/25.

I don’t think age is the most important factor when it comes to having children. I think it’s more about maturity and financial stability.

I know plenty of people who’ve had/are planning to have children before age 25. It’s not weird to me at all.

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I will be just shy of 30 when we get married (fi will be 28.). Since we won’t even be back from our honeymoon until I am closer to 31, we won’t likely be having kids until I’m over 32 (and he over 30.) Plus we will be looking to buy and move into a home before ttc.   Id love to be preg before 35, we will see if it happens. If we run unto complications, we will happily adopt! I don’t think either of us couldhappily live without doing some traveling and getting our housing situation stabilized before having a kid. 

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I am turning 24 later this fall. Personally, if I was finished with school my SO and I would be having a kid. He will be turning 29 this fall as well. I feel like at age 22/23 I starting feel that way and if financially able I would definitely do it. I love kids and can’t wait to start our own. SO feels the same way and wants them more than me!

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I am 23 had my first at 22 after talking to my fiance we both agreed that we wanted kids early, he’s 25, I love every minute of it I feel like I’m young and have lots of energy πŸ™‚  its different for everyone we are both done with school and have a good job. I always wanted my first at 23 but had him a year earlier lol

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I know a whole lot of teen/young 20-something moms, so I’m really not judgey about when people have kids.  It’s pretty much entirely up to them and nobody understands their position and feelings better than they do.


That being said, I’ll be 22 when I get married and plan on waiting 5 years after that for kids.  If we even have kids at all… not sure I want them.

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I’m 20, and my Fiance is 24. I personally wouldnt mind waiting until I was 25-27ish, but my FI’s one “thing” is that he does not want to be in his 30’s when we have kids. so we are thinking about 5 years from now.

That would give us:

  • 2 years to finish school (both in the same degree program – its so hard to get the classes we need)
  • and 3 years to work, travel and buy a house (or two)

The nice thing is that we have a few semesters where we will have no classes or only one or two classes so we can work and save for paying student loans back and for a house downpayment. πŸ™‚

Ultimately though when we have kids will be God’s decision… we’re just hoping its not too early or too late in life πŸ˜›

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I don’t think there is a magic age when you “should” have kids. I was an oops baby for my parents when they were very young, and yes, it was tough on them. But now they are young enough to go out and travel and enjoy themselves, and my kids will get to spend plenty of time with their grandparents AND great grandparents-bonus!

I will just say that I know 21-year-olds who were definitely ready for kids and have made fantastic parents, and 35-year-olds who were NOWHERE NEAR ready. As many others have said, it depends on the people and where they want to be. Once you have the baby, nobody’s going to say (hopefully not, at least) that you should have waited and having the baby young was a mistake. Chances are, that will become normal life, no matter how young you are, and you will settle into it.

So give it some thought to see where you’d like to be and when you’d feel ready, and go for it!

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Fiance and I are TTC now. I am 24 and he is 30. I honestly don’t think age has anything to do with it. When I was younger I always said I wanted to wait until I had a stable career, I was married to the love of my life, and I had a house to bring a baby home to. It just so happens that all of that has fallen into place at a young age. We have had many long talks about it the last year and we both feel very ready to start a family. It is our first month TTC, so who knows when it will happen. We are getting married in three weeks, so our focus is mostly on that.

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I had our daughter at 23 and will have our second kid at 24. I love being a young mom. We planned it so that our kids would be in college by the time I’m 45! DH and I will have so much time to enjoy our adult life with our kids and to take trips without them/be adventuresome πŸ™‚ I’m excited about it all, plus I haven’t had medical complications with my pregnancy, its been so easy to get pregnant, and I have tons of energy to chase my munchkin around all day! We did enjoy two years of marriage before our daughter was born and we are in a great place financially/have great health insurance, so that helped us with our choice!

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