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@SoobySays:  I had signs of PCOS from a very young age… I struggled with awful painful periods for years. It wasnt until a very large cyst ruptured that I even sought help. I was always told period are supposed to be painful and that I was just extra sensitive. Meanwhile I had some crazy stuff going on.

I did not want to go on BCP when I first talked to a specialist (because I was 18 and uncomfortable about having to take a medicine very day for possibly 10+ years). Eventually my body gave me no choice. I just kept on having horrible pains. The BCP helped but was not perfect. Took years to find the right one and then I even had to add metformin to help further regulate my cycle.

I have not TTC yet. Of course I am worried. PCOS symptoms run in my biological family (Im adopted.. and did not meet them until I was 19). Yet none of them have had fertility issues that I know of. Twins also runs in my b-family so I am hoping that the over-ovulation and cyst formation is due to that… and maybe no necessarily PCOS. (I dont have all the classic symptoms).

Drs. did tell me I would likely have trouble TTC independently- this was back when I was 18-19. They did say to try earlier rather than later. Time has been ticking… so now at 25 I am of course very concerned. When I was younger I would drive myself crazy with worry about it. It is such an emotional topic. As I have gotten older, I still worry but not as much. Fiance and I have talked about it. We are both very OK with adopting too, its just a different path to becoming parents. 

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I know quite a few women on the 6+ months TTC and 1+ months TTC borads have it. You may be able to ask some questions there if you’d like.

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Well, I wouldn’t start worrying about it too much until you’re actually diagnosed with it. But it’s definitely not a TTC death sentence – I have PCOS and I conceived my first month trying with the help of metformin and some weight loss. It’s also not “now or never” – some studies have shown that women with PCOS actually become more fertile as they get older and stay fertile for longer than women without PCOS. 

Good luck! I’d visit a reproductive endocrinologist to be tested and possibly diagnosed, and I’d also pick up a copy of Taking Charge of Your Fertility and start charting your cycles. If your temperatures and symptoms indicate that you’re ovulating, you have an excellent chance of becoming pregnant. 

Good luck!

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@KatieBklyn:  +1  

I also have pcos and am currently pregnant.  I definitely recommend charting to figure out your cycles/determine if you ovulate (I didn’t all that often and thus needed some other interventions to get pregnant).  

ETA: I’m 31.  You have time if you are not yet ready to TTC.

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I have PCOS, and while I’m not TTC yet, I have been taking metformin since November.  It has helped my body mellow out, and giving me my first natural period in years (normally, I’m on hormal BC, but my Fiance and I want to start TTC as soon as we are married, and I wanted to understand my cycles) 

Really, so many people have PCOS, that once you start talking about it, people will come out of the wood work.  If you are 24, you still have plenty of time to TTC, even with PCOS.  When you are ready to TTC, I highly suggest metformin, but starting it slowly. I was put on a 1500MG dose right away, and I spent the first week MISERABLE.  I went down to a 500MG dose, let my body get use to, and am now on a 1500MG dose and feel alright.  I also take a vitimin with my metformin, because one of the biggest reason for side effects for metformin is B12 deficiancy. 

Diet and exercise are so important on PCOS, espeically with metformin.  I make sure I have 3 meals a day, and that each are around 300-400 calories, getting at least 1200 calories a day.  I also workout at least 4 times a week for an hour each time.  I didn’t use to do these things, and my PCOS got worse, and I was gaining weight like crazy.  PCOS can be controled on diet and exercise alone, but metformin is definatly a help in that department.

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I agree with @KatieBklyn: , pcos is NOT a death sentence for ttc. I have pcos, I am 31, and I got pregnant on my first round of clomid. My mother and aunt both got pregnant with pcos before better treatment was available. And I know of many other women with pcos (in their mid 30s) who got pregnant.

It actually makes me really upset that some doctors perpetuate the idea that pcos makes it VERY difficult to get pregnant. Yes, it makes it harder. But women with pcos respond really well to treatment and most have successful pregnancies.

I would never have believed it would have been possible for me to get pregnant so fast with all I’d read online… :-/ While it’s normal to be fearful, it’s a shame that we are led to think so negatively so fast.

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Commenting to follow as I have un diagnosed PCOS ultrasound shows cysts, past doctor diagnosed my mom and said I show all the same signs/symptoms, but as long as I was on BC I was fine. So my mom never paid for diagnosis tests. I’m headed into the dr soon to see how this will challenge me when Darling Husband & I start TTC. 

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I have it. Was diagnosed 12 years ago, undiagnosed 2 years ago, and rediagnosed last week.

This morning I got a BFP. 

Talk to your doctor about TTC. She told me I could wait a while (on Thursday. Symptoms started Friday). So we actually have an unexpected PCOS pregnancy.

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Not TTC yet, but glad I found this thread! I was diagnosed with PCOS at 21. My periods were crazy irregular, up to 6 months between them.  But, I didn’t know anything was wrong until a ruptured cyst landed me in ER and a GYN’s office.  I just assumed that it was hard for me to lose weight because other people in my family are on the larger side too and that the constant pizza face was normal too.  The GYN put me on BC and that helped with the acne and excess hair on my face and regulated the cycles, but I gained a crazy amount of weight and started having consistent debilitating pain deep in my pelvis every 2 months.  It was enough to make me skip school and work and I would be on Vicodin and still gritting my teeth through most of the day. 

Switched doctors and she diagnosed endometriosis when I was 23 that had been aggravated by the first BC.  Switched BC and that has been helping, but I had to have an emergency surgery last June to remove the right ovary and tube after a cyst twisted the whole thing and it was becoming necroctic. I was doing ok with the PCOS diagnosis, the endometriosis was harder and after losing that ovary, I panicked.  I really want to be able to have our own kids.  DH and I have talked extensively about it, and we’re OK with adopting if we can’t concieve, but I’m just not mentally ready to try it yet.  My doctor doesn’t see a need for us to rush anything yet, but she is monitoring me pretty closely for any further problems. 

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