(Closed) any other bees with type 2 diabetes?

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I have type 2 diabetes also! I was diagnosed at age 12, but I’ve always been pretty overweight, so although I was young enough to have type 1, they ultimately figured out it was type 2. 


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@cafelatte:  It is crazy how common type II diabetes is becoming. We have patients who are 10, 12, 16 that are type II diabetics. GD is becoming more and more common as well! Like, people I would NOT expect to have GD have it… Crazy!!!!

I don’t have diabetes but I had a high A1c of 5.7 so I had some insulin resistance. With diet, exercise and Metformin is has come down a lot and I actually no longer take the Metformin. I’m very aware of my highs and lows and know that I am very at risk for type II diabetes. 

I am not and was not very overweight. BMI has been 24-26 my whole life, which I know is teetering on overweight, but now I am working my ass off to get my BMI to about 19-20. I don’t wanna become diabetic!!

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@cafelatte:  WOW, I cannot believe that you have type II diabetes with a BMI of 19! Well, I mean, of course I believe you, but that’s crazy. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your ethniticity? Is there a fam history?

I never had the OGTT. Maybe I should ask for one because I am still so symptomatic even though my A1c have been 4.8-5.1 for several months! Maybe my pancreas just has had enough. Even though I wasn’t overweight, I know why I had IR. I ate..like…shit. I mean, seriously, I put garbage into my body. Confession time? When I was in high school and middle school, I would eat entire cans (plural) of cake frosting for lunch because there was a dollar store across the street from my bus stop. How I DON’T weigh 500 lbs with the way I was eating blows my mind. I would have fast food 2-3 times per day! And ZERO veggies or fruits. I mean, seriously. It’s crazy.

I think I will probably go back on Met for the same reasons you’re on it now. I just feel better on it. I feel like it’s good for my body and helps me process glucose better – which clearly, that’s what it’s for! How many mg are you taking?

And to answer your question, I never tested my sugars. At the time, I didn’t have insurance and we didn’t have any money. So when my coworker offered to run an A1c (I thought I was having blood sugar issues, super similar symptoms to what you explained) I took her up on that offer – thats how I found out. I got insurance shortly thereafter, but was never prescribed a glucometer and still didn’t have any money so I never bought one. Maybe I should just start testing my sugars on my own…You have me wondering if I do have full blown type II diabetes now, I am definitely going to talk to my doc about it! I dk, I feel like she doesn’t take me seriously sometimes.

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I’m not diabetic, but my Fiance is a type 1 and I’m in the health/science field so I know a lot about it! He is extremely healthy and has found that diet and exercise has a huge impact on his diabetes, even though it’s type 1. His A1C is around 6.8-7.1 and he has an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor. Sometimes it’s a pain, but he’s so good about managing it and has such a good attitude about it, it really isn’t that horrible for us. We have found (we have lots of diabetic friends too) that the more exericise, the better. I would think this would be even more true for type 2 diabetics! Diet is obviously important too. My Fiance doesn’t really eat low-carb, but he never eats any sweets or juice or anything like that which would spike his blood sugar. He tries not to eat super carb heavy meals (ie just a bowl of pasta) but he eats a fairly normal healthy diet otherwise. I cook super healthy- no red meat, lots of whole grains, fish, tons of veggies, etc- so that helps! 

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