(Closed) Any other former vegetarians out there?

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I was a Vegetarian for one week in uni. Yep it wasn’t for me. 


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I was vegetarian for a while on and off.


I’m picky about my meat. If it’s food offered to me I eat it, but I try to get meat that is healthier/preferably not from a factory farm environment. That’s both for animal cruelty and because it’s gross.


I’m trying to cut out more meat again, and that’s partly because it’s expensive.


When I started eating meat again I couldn’t handle beef, it tasted like straight blood to me.


I’d be perfectly happy being veg again. It is really difficult socially, especially because I try to always eat whatever is given to me, even if it’s something I hate (fish).

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I was a vego for 8 years, just like you my priorities changed and I realise that I actually really liked eating meat. When I was living at home my mum made me cook all my own meals as my dad and brother are total carnivores and she didn’t want to have to cook two meals(fair enough). I am still pretty picky with my meat though . I don’t eat most red meat as it tasted too bloody for me but I love my fish and chicken. I honestly dont eat a lot of it but I cook with meat every day as my SO is the type that does not consider food a meal unless there is a big chunk of meat in there Haha. people change. I like to remain open to new experiences and opportunities, a choice that I made in my teens for honestly superficial reasons shouldn’t affect my enjoyment of food now 🙂

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I was a vegetarian for 4 years , a vegan on and off and even a “fruitarian” for one week lol. I gave up for similar reasons as yourself and whenever I eat something with the bones on it I feel a pang of guilt :-/ . And I’ve tried going back.but I can’t last more than.a week since I feel like I already gave up so what’s the point? But ill keep trying lol.

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I have been vegetarian for half my life(13 yrs) and will never go back. I’m trying not to judge,bc everybody has their own reasons for turning in the first place,but I can’t see how one’s mind would just change,after years.

This is one lady that will always be a vegetarian:)

I am jealous though. You guys can eat some pretty tasty and good looking foods:)

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I was a vegetarian for about 3 years. I then went to visit my grandparents in Hawaii who are strict Chinese…guess what they don’t understand? Vegetarians. I was expected to eat what they put in front of me, and I didn’t have the heart to say no. Welll that was the end of that. Though I’m like you 90% of the time I avoid meat because I’m just not craving it or wanting it. Not so true now since I’m pregnant with twins and eating red meat is the best thing for me right now.

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@chillinchillin:  I’ve been a vegetarian for 18 years ( wow) and it was more about the animals But I think it’s easy for me because I think most meat is gross. An old veg friend would go back all the time but I don’t think she thought meat was gross. The taste, texture doesn’t sit we’ll with me. Now seafood on the other hand doesn’t gross me out but I stay away solely because I feel bad. If seafood grew on trees and i didnt have to kill it then I’d be all over it. 

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I was vegetarian for a couple of years but my health went so far downhill (periods worse, anaemia, etc) so I’m eating meat again and so much better forgot. it is really hard to start with. Everything just tasted like blood to me haha. Gross. I still can’t eat stacks of meat or eat it every night but I think it’s about finding nice recipes just like you had to when you turned vegetarian lol.

ETA. Oh! And I make sure the meati buy is ethically sourced. Most of the time it’s a lot dearer but it makes me feel a bit better. 

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@chillinchillin:   I was vegetarian for all of high school for a bunch of reasons. I stopped when I went to college because I didn’t want to just eat tofurkey every night. My college was known for having great vegetarian options, but I wasn’t all that interested in what they offered.

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I’ve been a vegetarian for something like 7 years now,  as soon as I moved out of my parents house. People ask me all the time if I see myself ever eating meat again,  and I tell them it’s just not going to happen. I don’t eat meat for ethical reasons,  and the subject of animal cruelty gets me a little emotional,  so I don’t see how I’ll get over that at any point in my life. Plus,  my family has really come around to support me,  and my friends and in laws are wonderful too,  so I find eating this way to be easy and natural.

One thing I can’t stand is a judgy vegetarian or vegan. To each their own –  I try to live by that. If you are comfortable eating meat again,  enjoy it!  


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I was raised vegetarian until I was about 8, I didn’t really have any choice in the matter, it was all up to my mom.

My Darling Husband was a vegetarian when we first started dating, he lasted for 16 years but just in the last year has started eating meat. We both feel strongly about factory farming, the awful treatment of animals and the health effects it has on the meat. So we only eat locally grown meat and eggs. We have our own chickens for eggs and every summer we raise “meat kings” for eating. We just ordered a side of beef from a local farmer and that will last us the year.


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I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 10 years now. I will never go back.

I think the reason(s) why a person chose to become a vegetarian in the first place are big indicators to if they’ll eat meat again. 

I know common reasons are abstaining from animal cruelty, religion, health benefits (cancer, heart disease), weight loss, or they grew up in a vegetarian household. 

I love animals far too much to eat them (or wear them). I could never eat meat again knowing in good conscious what they go through in order to get to my plate. And they’re just so darn cute!

I’ve never liked seafood, and I was never big on beef, so the transition for me wasn’t too hard. I always incorporated a ton of vegetables, tofu, and fruit into my diet already. My mom exposed me to a wide variety of foods growing up, so again, my diet was never heavily based off of meat.

I cook, and I love cooking so I’m never bored with a routine or restriction that I supposed some people feel. I never feel like I’m missing out on anything. It’s been so long that I honestly don’t really remember what meat tastes like.



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I have been a die-hard carnivore for many years — red meat is probably my favorite food in the whole world.

But I tried going vegan one summer several years ago. I’m a teacher and my reasoning was that during summer vacation, I could really devote myself to this lifestyle switch.

I really, really  wanted to make it work for health reasons and ethical reasons. The idea really appeals to me.

However, it was a very rocky process for me. I always felt deprived. I frequently cheated. I tried so hard… I cooked so many delicious grilled vegetables and whole foods this or that… in the end it just didn’t work for me. I tried scaling back and going vegetarian, to allow dairy into my diet, and finally I tried being a pescetarian (allowing fish).

The moment I realized this was not working, was when Darling Husband — then my boyfriend– took me to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. He was enjoying this fabulous, juicy shepherd’s pie with ground sirloin or something like that, and I was pathetically carving into my grilled portobello sandwich with *no* mayonnaise (because mayo is dairy and vegans don’t eat dairy). It was soooo sad. At the end of the meal I was still hungry.

I finally gave up.


I do admire people who are able to pull it off. But I’ve never felt fully satisfied by a vegetarian or vegan meal, the way I am when I have chicken or steak. 


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