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@lovelee1:  Congrats on your awesome waiting moment!!  That is a cute moment!  I also think it’s great that you have a promise ring and that he commented on upgrading the ring soon!

I had a very eventful great waiting week last week-I added Mr VB on my insurance, and I made a joke about saving more money if we were married, and we laughed, then he told me at dinner he was saving and being methodical and I told him I opened a savings account to save up for our wedding/house and he said he was doing that too!  I found out that he’s been texting my father, which I had no idea they were talking, and Mr VB is going on interviews left and right which is good bc the engagement won’t happen until after he gets a job.

I was also hinting around the type of ring I wanted…and he let me know that he wanted to research the 4c’s and I think the s’s or whatever of ring shopping after he asked my father for permission (I know nothing of ering shopping I just look at pretty pictures on here lol).  SOOOO!!  I’m really waiting now haha!  Just like you Laughing


Soooooo exciting!  I’ve fully committed to the siu pact more than I have ever before, and I’m working on my 6th day without a peep about weddings, or letting him catch me on here haha!

Keep us updated and thanks for starting a positive post!!

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Aw, how exciting!

I had a good waiting day yesterday! SO and I were at my cousin’s wedding, and all day we were being asked when we were getting married, or being told “We’ll be at your wedding next”. 7 different people!

It made me excited, especially because my SO respsonded by hugging me even more than usual, telling me I’m perfect and beautiful and openly talking about our wedding.

So yesterday was a very happy waiting day for me.

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Oh this is a nice idea for a thread πŸ™‚ 


@veryberry13:  super exciting news for you both! Its nice to know that the commitment is definitely there even if the ring isn’t yet! 

@Exie:  My SO is being super loving recently too!

His brother got engaged and now he keeps bringing up ‘when we get married..’ and ‘our kids…’ we don’t really have a set timeline as yet, but it’s nice to know that he is thinking about it. And now that he is seeing his (younger) brother planning and happily engaged I can tell he is feeling  like he should get a move on haha. 


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I did, I did! (Finally)

I found a great deal on a setting we both liked but it may or may not be sold this weekend. If it wasn’t, I asked him if he would seriously think about purchasing it and he said YES! AHHHHHHHHHH!

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I had a great waiting day yesterday… SO bought the ring! I think it’s coming before the end of the year!

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@Dogsbody92:  OH that’s nice πŸ™‚  I haven’t quite heard ‘our kids’ and ‘our wedding’ yet and I’m sure when he utters those words the first time I’ll be bubbling over with excitement!

@musician32992:  LOVE your avi-keep calm and act like kate middleton!!  waity katy right!!  And congrats on getting your setting!

@FutureMrsBex:  Congrats again!

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Great UPDATES ladies, I always love reading the WAITING BOARD and hearing good news !!

TO @veryberry13:  It sounds like their is a Proposal in the works.  May come sooner than you realize.  I’m gonna guess he is establishing an email contact with your Dad to ask for his Blessing.

As for your comments on the Rings (and the many many Cs etc, lol)… I seriously suggest that you put the “SU Pact” aside for one day, and have a heart to heart with your guy about a Ring in the future (as he is obviously hinting)

Altho there are some gals who’s guy does all the research and goes out and buys a Ring as a surprise… oftentimes these things don’t go as well as they could.

Reasons being:

  • Guy doesn’t do a lot of Reading & Research beforehand so he ends up paying too much (Jewellery Store Clerks usually at least partially on commission so it is a field with high pressure sales)
  • Guy ends up selecting something that the girl isn’t crazy about as the Salesperson pointed him the direction of “our best seller” (read again, overpriced, or a ring that is being featured for a PUSH by the the Retailer)
  • Girl ends up with a ring that she finds she doesn’t love because it isn’t her style / doesn’t suit her (too many posts like that here on WBee)
  • Which ultimately leads to the Girl having to tell the Guy… and then his ego is bruised and hurt (this can also lead to resentment, and worse broken Engagements)
  • And lastly… many rings ARE NOT RETURNABLE… so once he / you have it you may be stuck with it (and reselling a ring is like buying a car… you drive it off the lot and it drops in value substantially… like 25% to 50% less than what was paid)

And who wants to risk any of that stuff ?

Honestly… I tell Waiting Bees that if you think the ring is coming soon, that you need to talk openly with your guy about that reality.  Even if it is just in passing “I hope when the time comes and you are ready, that you’ll consult with me… because a ring is a large investment in our future, and there are so many things to consider besides just the cost… including my sense of style, what will and won’t look good on my hands, my job, etc.  I want to wear my ring every day with pride & love for the rest of my life … and so it has to be something that works for me.  When the time comes, I hope we can talk about it, and I can show you rings I like”

Then it is UP TO YOU… to do some ring homework as well.

Because ultimately 2 sets of eyes & brains are better than one.

Learn all you can about the traditional 4 Cs… CARAT (Size) – CUT (Shape & Quality) – COLOUR – and CLARITY


And STYLE & SETTINGS (you will want to go try rings on to see what suits your hand / personality… because what you see in person can be HUGELY different from a Photograph.  Wouldn’t be the first girl who thought she wanted one thing, and then realized it didn’t suit her at all)

And lastly but also important… COMFORT and COST

Do both of you a HUGE favour… don’t be a totally passive partner in the process… because otherwise you may end up disappointed and then find yourself wanting to find a “passive agressive” way to change the scenario.  And that never seems to go well here on WBee.

Hope this helps,

PS… Great place to start learning about Diamonds is the Blue Nile Website and their EDUCATION Section.  Altho I personally wouldn’t buy a Diamond on-line (because I want to see it in person) many gals do.  The website tho is great even just for general reference, as they have tons of info about Rings, Settings, and loose Diamonds (you can play around and see how much one would cost as you vary the specs on the various Cs)


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@This Time Round:  You have given me a lot to consider, thanks TTR!

..I sheepishly ask…..Do you know what the best way to go about this talk is?  I fear that I may have missed earlier hints, as the most recent conversation came up a week ago after Mr Vb asked what I was doing, and I was on this site looking at ring porn and we had a talk about if the girl should have a part in the shopping or not.  We had a chat about him wanting to be traditional which made me fear 2 things-1) That maybe I was adding a little pressure and 2) What if he’s already picked out the ring?!?  I’m more worried about the latter!

He was asking questions about if I liked the previous jewelry he’s given me (I have!)..then told me I could take hypothetical ring and exchange it.  However, I don’t think he has the knowledge that you have about depreciation and now I’m getting worried!

I know it’s about the marriage, not the ring, but I see ring talks all over the waiting board lol it’s hard to not get caught up in it haha!

And I appreciate your insight…I really hope it is sooner rather than later as far as the proposal goes…It’s nice either way to be in a good place where you feel ‘waiting excitement’ and not ‘waiting anxiety/stress’!  

P.S.  I asked this here on this forum instead of PM because I wondered if any other waiting bees could use come help in approaching this conversation, and you give great advice!

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@lovelee1:  I don’t know which one he decided to go with, but the ones I looked at were all emerald cuts with halos. The main differences were the bands. Some were simple and others were more intricate. Im excited to see which one he picked. 

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I had a great waiting weekend!  We attended two weddings (one friday and one saturday) and the one saturday really blew us away.  My SO was so sweet and couldn’t stop talking about “our” wedding and about different venues and colors and themes.  I know a proposal is coming soon- its good to know he is as excited as I am! πŸ™‚

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The last few days have actually been really good waiting days. SO works away 4 weeks and is home for 1. He actually has reception this week so he has been sneaking calls to me during the day while I study.

We keep having really serious convos about fate and life and how happy we both are and that there is no pressure on finances and kids, businesses etc etc. It’s just great. He is teasing me a little if the fact he is picking up the ring soon but you know what, I have so much stuff going on and im so excited that he is home next week that I don’t care about when he proposes (well thats my current mood haha).

I LOVE where we are mentally right now, its so nice we are on the same page. Anyway, thats me, I complain too much (usually get sad at bed time but I just miss him) so thought I would share some happy thoughts πŸ™‚


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