(Closed) Any other newlyweds having Baby Fever?

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  • Wedding: November 2011

I would love to get together and chit chat with other ladies who are eager for children but not at the right point yet. 


I’m about 10 years older- 31 next month, but we just got married in November.  We are in the process of buying a house, and DH doesn’t even want to think about children untli we are all settled in the new place (if all goes well, we’ll close in a few weeks and spend the next few months transfering stuff over.)  We will likely stop preventing pregnancy some time next year, but I have babies on the brain constantly no matter how much I scold myself for wishing my life away!  Yesterday, I was at a coffee shop and the table behind me had 5 women each with a baby.  I about melted- they were so sweet.


I haven’t gone as far as picking out baby furniture, but I have day dreamed about how we’ll tell our parents when the time comes.

I wish DH were a little more comfortable with the idea.  He does want children down the line, but he is very nervous and doesn’t really want to discuss it right now.  He has caught me looking at baby related websites or magazine articles, and he laughs at me…I did the same thing when I was anticipating getting engaged.


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Sort of. I have baby fever in bursts, but can usually talk myself out of it. I have fertility issues so it’s always in the back of my head — don’t wait too long, what if I wait and then can’t, etc.

We’re also fairly young (22 & 24) but we have a house already, jobs, finances in order, been together 5 years, etc. It’s really just that we feel we’re a little too young so it’s a LOT of talking ourselves out of it. We sat down and did a timeline separately and wrote down what we felt was too young for us, what age we felt was “too old” to start trying (for us, obviously) and that type of thing. The bad part is we both said 22 or younger as our “too young” and if I got pregnant tomorrow I’d be 23 when we had a baby… Just have to keep pushing it back. Lol.

Pinterest is horrible for the baby fever BUT I just repin whatever I like without looking into it too far so I’ll have something to read when we do TTC.

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Yes! We got married last month and are probably going to start trying within the next six months or so! I’m also stalking nursery designs on Pinterest lol. FYI I’m 28 and DH is 35.

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We had baby fever before we were newlyweds, so we were pregnant by the time our wedding rolled around, lol.  HOWEVER, I decided to comment because the second picture is the one we are using for our nursery inspiration!  I love it and hope our baby boy does too!

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I’m starting to get baby fever, even though we had planned to wait for at least 3 years. (Married last month, 28yrs old). Job situation is a bit too uncertain to start trying now though, plus DH still would prefer to wait until we’ve saved, bought a house together, new car etc.


I don’t know how to bring the subject up with him that I’d like to start ttc earlier. Am thinking of leaving it six months (to see how job situation plays out, and enjoy being newlyweds).


Trying to enjoy having the opportunity to do all the things I couldn’t do if I was pregnant / had a small baby in the meantime… wine-tasting course, new hobbies, travel etc.



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Completly guilty of having pinterest nursery pictures saved on my work computer! We hope to start trying in February, I actually counted how many pill packs until I plan to go off in January, haha I think I need a hobby 🙂

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Oh I feel you! I’m having on-again off-again baby fever. I know I have baby fever but I try to talk myself out of having it, but it always comes back! I think it’s just a very natural thing to want. We are also pretty young, I’m 21, so babies are not in the immediate future. But we aren’t waiting for the perfect time to start trying. Right now the only things we’re waiting on are my husbands next promotion and I may or may not finish school first… who knows. I honestly don’t feel like we need a baby bank, we just need enough to be established. When I feel 100% ready to be a mother, when we’re both less selfish and indulgent, and when we own our own home then I will allow myself to go pinterest baby crazy… doing it now would be torture!! 

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  • Wedding: May 2011

I definitely understand. We have been married over a year and it has officially started to hit hard! I think it’s totally normal, though. It’s the next natural step! Also, my sister just had a baby and while I thought that would cure the baby fever, it didn’t! It made it worse (even when she tried to scare me by telling me all the bad stuff)! We are 24, own our home, have decent jobs… Basically all systems are “GO.” Ahhh!


PS– what’s funny is that originally we were like, “WE DON’T WANT KIDS FOR 9-10 YEARS!!!” hahahaha oh silly me!

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  • Wedding: July 2012

DH and I have a small case of the infamous baby fever. We’re newlyweds and have been together for 7 years. We have good stable jobs and own a home with a “third bedroom/office” just waiting to be transformed into an adorable nursery someday. 🙂 

We’re 24, almost 25.  DH wants to be a young father and I feel that 27 is the idea age to have a first baby.  We’ll see if there is any lee-way there but for now we’re dumping buckets of ice on that fever for another couple of years, ideally.  That hasn’t stopped me from googling nurserys, gender reveal ideas, names, and possible conceive/due date timelines.  Baby obsession is here; TTC is on hold. But it’s really fun to plan and dream!!! Glad us newlyweds can obsess together while we wait to grow up a little and become more established before jumping on it. 😉

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  • Wedding: September 2012

I keep going back and forth. I cant decide if i want to have kids!! Ahhhhhh!!

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Fiance and I have baby fever, but its not to the point where we will try to concieve. When I get it bad, I stalk pinterest for ideas, pictures etc, and then he will come and lay his head on me (on my belly of all places!!!) and talk about how he can’t wait to be a daddy. 

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We just got married the end of August, but we’ve had baby fever for YEARS! We’re 30, and 32 and, but we’ve been together just short of 12 years, and have an 8-year-old DD. LOL! It’s about time we add to our brood. ;]



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sort of. on the one hand, I do, but on the other hand, I have watched other people have babies and it changed their life SO MUCH, and I am rather afraid for things like not being able to hang out with our friends in the evenings, etc.

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We’ll be married in 9mos and we’ve talked about having children in the past…and we were both in agreement it probably wasn’t for us.

Then in the last few months (summer actually) it just started coming up more and more.  Who’s name we would use “if” we had kids.  Whether we’d be good parents etc etc.  I don’t know what changed in us…and it’s both of us. 

I think it might have something to do with the fact that we visited some friends of ours over the summer (same age) who have kids, and some of my family with nieces and nephews, and we just had so much fun with the kids…we actually always do have fun with kids.

We just believe very strongly we’d have to be stable before we could make this decision.

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