(Closed) Any other newlyweds having Baby Fever?

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OH yeah…we’re still catching up on How I met Your Mother, but that may be contributing to it all too.  We’ve gotten to the season where Marshall and Lily are starting to TTC ahaha!

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I got married about 4 months ago, and DH and I have been talking babies often. I’m surprised at how ready he says he is to be a dad (we’re both 25). I feel like I could be ready in a few months, but I wouldn’t want to get pregnant today. We have a couple big events planned that I wouldn’t want to be pregnant for. I am Maid/Matron of Honor in a wedding next year and we are going on a family cruise shortly after it. Also, we’re currently renting and won’t be able to buy a house for a few years. I’ve been struggling with the idea of having a baby in a rental. 

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I have baby fever, DH not so much. He needs to finish grad school and get a job, we need to save for a house, ect.  He keeps me grounded. I just remember that I love sleep and put it off another day. We have plans for 27, only 3 years!

This site and a couple girls at work who just had little cuties don’t help!

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Yes, and we are young like you! My husband and I are both 21. I would say that I have baby fever, but I know that its just not possible right now. We need to get a better place to live, which is the main things. But I also have crazy student loans. So……. it’ll have to wait a few years ๐Ÿ™

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@meg.miles:  This doesn’t apply to me, but I do have a close friend who became pregnant within a few months of getting married. She always wanted a family. She and her husband were over the age of 25 when their daughter was born. Her husband was very financially stable to where she could be a full-time stay at home mom if she wanted, and they would not struggle at all with finances of any sort. They had a decent sized home, and family nearby to help take care of the baby when needed. My friend also had a college degree and work experience to where if anything happened to her husband, she could support the baby on her own.

To each their own, but you and DH are only 20 and 21…you didn’t mention your situation, or if you for sure are going to start trying (or if you two will not try per se, but go with the flow and if it happens, it happens) but are you two ready to bring a child into the world? Do you both (or at least one of you) have a steady, decent-paying job and a home environment that’s right for a baby? Do you have enough saved to pay for the child’s healthcare, diapers, toys, learning, clothes, formula, etc? Sometimes the desire may be strong, but it’s not fair to the child to be brought into a situation where the parents are struggling financially or if other parts of life are not stable. I am not trying to assume what your situation is, but just hope you evaluate these things very carefully.

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I have baby fever off and on. We’re not married yet, and not interested in having kids for a few years at least (hopefully like 5 or 6), but I get baby fever random times. Espeically as more and more of my friends have babies. And part of me is like OMG BABY! I WANNA BE PREGNANT AND HAVE A BABY AND BE A MOM!

And then the realistic side of me remembers we are not in the spot to have a baby, the thought of actually giving birth freaks me out, and I’d really like to actually get married and gradute before even thinking about having a baby.


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Me Too!!  Fiance and I are young (21 and 22) and our wedding is Oct 2014 :).  I am BABY CRAZY!  I know it is way too early for us to be thinking about it.  Of course we would love to be married first and I graduate end of this year.. so we would like a little more financially comfortable….



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@meg.miles:  WOOOOOOO Congrats ๐Ÿ˜€ So excited for you guys!!


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I am definitely baby crazy. My husband and I are both 21, and definitely not in a good position to have kids… But I can’t get them off my mind! I’m on bcp, and take them faithfully, but every month I end up wishing for a surprise… Husband however is not at all ready and wants to wait like 4 years… I’m hoping we can move it down to 2 or 3… But I still don’t know how I’ll wait that long ๐Ÿ™‚

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YAY Im not the only one!!!

Ive been wanting a bubba for a while now but was waiting until we were married!

My hubby is wanting one more than me!!!

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I think i am, but at the same time i think we should wait!! aghh no protection will see where this takes us.

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Yes, I often think about it. 

I’m 26, DH is 32. We’ve been married since October.

I’m currently not working and have been discussing with family that it is a tough decision…. Do I take a job, or take advantage of the fact that I am home and can be there for our future little one until they are at least a toddler.

DH and I are both teachers and would prefer to not put our children in daycare if we have a choice.All of my schooling, including grad school, is complete.

I almost have enough hours for maternity benefits.

Another thing that would slow the process down is that I am on medication that I need to transition off of, or to another type, before we try to concieve. We have discussed starting to try after our honeymoon in July.

DH will be coming with me to my doctor and we will all discuss it again and see if DH and I are ready to start transitioning.

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Yes i have mad baby fever but it come and goes. There is a new baby in the family so i have it hard right now. I’m thinking i want to start TTC 6 months after our wedding, but we will see. 

Because when i babysit my neices and i am running around non stop for 3 hours i’ like “WHOA wait…am i really ready?”

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I am in my mid-twenties and my fiance will turn 30 this year. I’m in full-blown baby fever and I’ve actually gotten most of the stuff that we’ll need (I don’t plan on having a baby shower and want to get everything myself. A lot of that is personal pride, as we’re doing fine financially. Part of it is just feeling independent).

My cousin’s wife is 28 and having major fertility problems…they have been trying for a few years. My sister-in-law is about to turn 31 and she and my brother have been trying for almost 2 years. They can’t figure out what’s wrong, but suspect that her fallopian tubes might be too small for an egg to pass through undamaged.

Two women who are close to me struggling with fertility has made me realize that I can’t put off having children forever. If I were 20 and feeling this way, of course I would put it off – but I am now advancing into my late 20s and see no reason to postpone it much longer.

Fiance is eager to have kids. He doesn’t want to be an ‘old’ dad, not that I blame him. In our area, we are quite old to be getting married and having kids for the first time.

I work from home, so I have the ideal situation for working. I can back off and pick up work whenever I want.

My issue is just losing a little more weight before I have kids. I need to lose about 40, but would ideally like to lose 70 before I get pregnant.

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