(Closed) Any pediatric nurses? Low profile or high profile ring?

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I live in Australia. I don’t know about the US, but here you would not be allowed to wear anything like these ones. Basically flat bands is all we are allowed. I have quite a big pear, and I just have to take it off for work. 

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I am a nurse and in certain areas you cannot wear any rings such as the OR.  

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I’m currently in my nursing clinicals, and my first rotation was on an ortho floor. Ob, psych, and med surg starts in the fall. So far, I have been allowed to wear a ring, but I don’t know the policies on those floors. You may not want to wear an ering, I scratched my daughter with a ring when she was a baby (omg I felt beyond terrible). I’m sure different floors have different policies. I felt terrible scratching my own baby, I would die if I scratched someone else’s!

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I am an ICU nurse and I could see the second or third ring ripping gloves or scratching somebody. The first doesn’t seem like it would cause either issue. That being said, being able to wear a ring or not is usually up to the hospital you work in. Some will only allow bands. And then some areas, as others have mentioned (OR), won’t allow any jewelry.

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I work as a maternity nurse. I wanted a low profile ring because 1) it won’t accidentally scratch a patient and 2) it still gets caught sometimes when putting gloves on, so a high- profile would definitely cause problems with gloves. personally, I like the second ring pictured, it pretty and practical

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Med surg here. I wear a solitare that isnt particularly low set and never have issues. A pedi floor might be different but I have never scratched anyone,  bigger issue is how often soap and alcohol gets in the prongs. I would worry about knocking those tiny diamonds out of the sides, my hands are all kind of places and even in gloves are banging into things. But at least at my hospital there is no policy against any kind of rings,  I personally wouldn’t wear any of those in the hospital. 

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@southern_sweetheart91:  don’t have any input but wanted to say I think those settings are beautful!

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My advice is to get what you love. Every unit is different- some may not want you wearing any jewelry and others may not care at all. You could always get a stand in ring or just wear a band (This is what I do).

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@southern_sweetheart91:  Every hospital is going to have different policies, but I wouldn’t let nursing tell you what kind of ring you should get.  Honestly, once you start in the hospital environment, you’ll see how incredibly dirty it is and won’t want to wear it to work anyway.  But where I work, you’re not supposed to wear rings to work (infection control reasons), and you fail your hand hygiene audits if you do.  Operating room, strick on no rings policy.  I would say, get the ring you want, and there are some necklaces you can purchase that have clasps on either side to keep your ring secure, and wear it around you neck at work.  For wedding bands, I would recommend a smooth, metal band with minimal to no detailing and no stones, and that is acceptable (to the hospital and most policies that they’ll have).  You should be able to wear the band without problems.  This is only if you want to follow policy or consider your future career when selecting a ring.  I would totally say get what you like!  Trust me, once you become a nurse, the hospital already bosses you around enough and dictates your life and schedule for you, don’t let them tell you what your e-ring should be like too!  Good luck in nursing school though!

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I think the first one is nice. The diamond isn’t set too high, you shouldn’t have problems with gloves. Im in nursing school too, & I’m convinced that when I get my e-ring I will never want to take it off. But honestly i think I might end up changing my mind. I have a watch that I wear to clinicals that I joking call my MRSA watch. Just thinking about all the little crevices and grooves of an e-ring, imagine all the bacteria that can get stuck in there.

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It totally depends on the hospital policies as well as your nursing school’s policy.  We were allowed to wear wedding bands but no engagement rings and to be honest, I wouldn’t have worn mine there anyway.  You’re touching so many things, washing your hands all the time, I just always feel like I would be ruining my ring so I’ll be sticking with a plain band when I get married to wear to work.

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@southern_sweetheart91:  All of these settings are beautiful!

That said…you will likely not be able to wear any of them during nursing school, just a plain band. While I don’t think any of those rings will cause a problem, necessarily, with scratching patients/tearing gloves, imagine all the gunk you can get in all of those crevices. :/ I wouldn’t do it. 

I have a solitare that is neither high or low set, and I’m pretty confident that it still picks up a lot of nasty germs….but, it’s a plain band, and I know that crap isn’t getting caught under/inside my ring. With a setting like one of the ones you’ve chosen, all kinds of stuff will get caught in there….soap debris, alcohol rub, lotion (you’ll need lots of lotion, and trust me you won’t have time to take your ring off). As well as all kinds of other fluids you may encounter in nursing…..

Now, don’t let that be a deterrant from getting the ring of your dreams! Just pick out a nice plain band to wear during clinical.

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Hello there! People have pretty much already answered your question in the sense that it truly will be up to the hospital/unit you work at, but I wanted to mention that I am a pediatric nurse, and at my hospital/on my unit there is no rule about rings. I wear my solitaire all the time (never take it off), and there are quite a few women I work with who have rings like those you pictured above and wear theirs at work. I have never heard of anyone scratching a patient with their ring.

Photo from proposal…the prongs are actually a bit lower now…I had them shaved down so they weren’t quite so pointy! Still, though, you can see that it’s not a super low ring. Good luck with your ring search/engagement and good luck with nursing school!

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Blushing bee

@southern_sweetheart91:  No ring!  It can carry infection, and poses a risk to your patients, especially in pediatrics.  I’ve also heard of nurses who took off their glove and threw their ring away.

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