(Closed) Any pilot's wives/fiancees?

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@futurepilotswife_:  I have nothing productive or helpful to say but I just want to let you know that I think commerical pilots are sexy. What a sexy job to have. Am I alone on this?

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I’m not marrying a pilot, but I’m not sure from your post what your worry is. Is it the time apart, or plane crashes? What is upsetting you?

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My ex is a commercial pilot. Much depends on his experience. Flight instructing is entry level in aviation. Next step for him would probably be doing charter work of some sort which would probably mean he’s away a lot and depending on where you live, you likely wouldn’t move at that point. Really not worth moving (again, depending on where you are now) until he gets on with a major carrier. 

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@futurepilotswife_:  Hi there, first of all congratulations on your engagement!

My father is a commercial pilot and has been for my entire life. I will tell you that it’s not the glamorous life that many make it out to be; the nature of flying has changed very much from the 70’s and 80’s and especially since 9/11, when many major carriers went into bankruptcy. 

My dad is often not home on Christmas or Thanksgiving or any other holidays. It’s very lucky/rare that he is. Even though he has been with the same company for 20+ years and has high seniority (your seniority at your base city dictates if you get the schedules you want or not) he still gets relegated to terrible schedules. Trips that are scheduled to be one day turn into four day trips almost every time.

If your husband were to begin as a pilot now, he’d be low seniority and wouldn’t get very much say in his working schedule, but maybe he’d have a better time by the time you two want to have children (if you’re planning to).

My mom, now that I’m older, has confided to me that she often felt that she was essentially a single parent raising my brothers and I. She and my father have the closest and most loving relationship of anyone I know; it is the physical distance and complete unpredictability of his job that made her feel this way. 

Everyone might not have had the same experience (I hope!) but I just wanted to share since I’ve experienced this my whole life.

P.S. I’ve heard that pilots for shipping companies (UPS, FedEx) are paid very well and have more stable schedules. 

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@togs:  my brother is a pilot, and I think what you’re saying is very very common. It’s not easy for the spouse and family of a pilot. 

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@futurepilotswife_:  my Brother-In-Law is a junior FO for a commercial airline. He and my sister live abroad. He works away a lot. My sister loves where they live and makes friends easily. I’m so proud of all he’s achieved, he started with a small, regional airline and has worked his butt off to get where he is. There’s great benefits if you get in with the right airline. I guess it gets pretty lonely with him gone, but she has work to keep her occupied as well. With major commercial airlines, you always start at the bottom and upgrading is a lot of work, a lot of study and a lot of sim training. But it’s what he’s worked his whole life for, and I admire his dedication, and my sister’s dedication and encouragement. I would find very tough. It’s not like you would get to a certain point and stop learning.

I wish you and your Fiance all the best!

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@futurepilotswife_:  I would steer him in a different direction than a delivery service.  You can PM me if you want further details.

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My brother is an FO for an airline – and my dad has two aviation businesses. My Darling Husband is also a private pilot with an aviation degree. Needless to say, it’s a huge part of our lives.

I think you an your Fiance need to be really realistic about what to expect. As a flight instructor he’s really just building up his ME hours. It’s not like he’s going to go into a major airline as an FO right out of the gate. Most likely he’s going to be working for a smaller regional (which is affiliated with a larger airline – like how Public Service Announcement is really an affiliate of US Air). An FO for a regional airline does not make that much money. A Captain for a regional does make quite a bit more, but still no where near what a captain or FO for a major airline will make. It’s actually really hard to get an airline job right now. Being an airline pilot is definitely not the glamourous job it once was.

Before flying for the airlines he flew corporate, as well as med-transport, and delivery (where he was the pilot delivering new jets from the factory to the new owner). Corporate can be rough depending on the job. If he’s working for a flight-share company, he’ll most likely have hours. Meaning, people buy into having time/use of an airplane and there are a staff of pilots that rotate through. The alternative is working for an individual, and that’s what can be rough – because you are often at the mercy and unpredictable schedule of your boss. 

Like @Sunflower–girl: said, I’d steer him away from a delivery service. You’re welcome to PM me about that as well and I’d be happy to give you my thoughts on it.

Anyway, I think right now at 22, and since he’s still building hours, it would be in his best interest to really research what direction he wants to go, and exactly what he needs to do it. 

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