(Closed) Any PIT BULL trainers/owners who have good advice on how to train an ADULT male?

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Start as though they are puppies. Two at once will be a handful.


Tether Uropa to you in the house and go through basic potty training techniques. Periodic trips outside, then once he goes…. TREAT JACKPOT.


If he jumps on you, turn and ignore him until he is calm.


Lots of treats and lots of positive reinforcements! Pitties are people pleasers and are very resilient dogs. 



ETA: It might be a good idea to bring in a trainer for a couple lessons. They could help establish the foundation you’ll need to get these nuts under control!


Also, since pitties can have dog aggression, make sure all their exposure to other dogs is slow at first, especially until you can get them under control.

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@Baimee:  I totally agree. Act as if they’re brand new puppies. Yes, it can take longer to teach an old dog new tricks, but it can be done if you’re dedicated and you make sure the dog knows its place in your hierarchy.

There are some great books on the subject by Martin McKenna (there are other authors, but that’s the only one I’ve read), that describe how to use body language to tell the dog that you’re the boss. Just make sure you’re also very aware of your dog’s body language – if he’s used to being top dog, he may not like being challenged and treated like a puppy/unimportant dog.

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We adpoted a 2yr old pitty from the shelter & while she was trained very well she did have to learn quite a few new things. It took her a while but we found out after attending a few classes that it’s all about keeping their attention on you with an amazing treat. Our girl has a very short attention span but like most pittys really wants to please her owners. We just had to find a treat that blew her mind so much that she wouldn’t take her eyes off it for anything. 

We found that most bagged or pre-made treats are too similar to dog food. Try training with sliced up hot dogs. We roasted them in the oven for about an hour & they become much less greasy & more jerky like. Also, lunch meat does wonders as does vienna sausages. The key is consistency so you both really need to stick to your guns, even though they look so cute sometimes when they do something wrong! 

Wishing you luck! ps- you two are angels- it sounds like those pups are in for an awesome home finally!

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From Fiance:

You could say I have some experience with dogs as I’ve I was raised around them, worked at three grooming shops, and volenteer at petshops on weekends where foster and adoption agencies work to get dogs homes.

First off I want to say you’re good people for giving these lovable lugs a home and a fresh start. Good on ya!

Past that it’s training just like you would start with a puppy. They don’t know rules, bounderies, and limitations that come with a regular family life. The best advice I can give is find a puppy or general dog training class and get them in that is the have the time and money. You’ll be around at leat one fountain of know how and start to socialize them with both dogs and other people.

If that’s not an option just make sure you remember that doing things over and voer again is how dogs learn. If they are told over and over that jumping up is bad unless invited then they wil learn that but they need to have the same rules with everyone so it gets ingrained in them better. I hope that we have an update on them and ant paticular problems they may have and I would love to be a helping hand in the process of getting these guys a new home with a loving family that you seem to be.

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I would suggest a training class. You can google training suggestions, but I would suggest going to a place to get basic obedience. That way, you can have a way to handle some of these situations and fix it. It may be too overwhelming to try on your own. They’re very sweet and loving dogs.

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PP have you covered.

I commend you for taking the time and responsibility to train your dogs properly.  I love pitties and plan to adopt one next(our current dog is a solo dog only type).  GL!

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Yay you!  Everything is totally trainable – just be patient with both the dogs and YOURSELF, as everything’s a process.  My dog was an unsocialized crazy beast when I first adopted him (and I had worked with him at the shelter for almost six months, so I thought I knew what I was getting into!) and two years later we still have good and bad days…but when I look at the aggregate progress we’ve made together over that time, it’s huge.  The houstraining thing is totally not uncommon in caged dogs – look for a trainer who may have worked with puppy mill dogs before, as the issues could be similar.  I wouldn’t necessarily look for a “Pit Bull Trainer”, as many people who advertise at such use really aversive methods that could be catastrophic with an unsocialized dog.  Stay positive, have fun, be consistent, and good luck!


P.S. BAD RAP, Jasmine’s House, and Animal Farm Foundation are all great sources of info for positive pit bull training and socialization πŸ™‚

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@PinkMermaid:  Darling Husband and I har 2 full bred and 1 mixed bred Pit Bulls. Our oldest is a 6yr old male that we got last year by defult. The previous owner was most definitely abusive and had multiple of their dogs and apparently Chase was not a favorite. Darling Husband and I have spent hrs working with him on how to walk on a leash, sit, stay and STOP PEEING IN MY HOUSE. Lol. I personally would not reccommend a training class. Yes treat him as a puppy and hire a trainer, but until you know these dogs like the back of your hand, I don’t think putting him in a space with other dogs is smart. Something might trigger him and cause him to snap and then you have a Pitt bull dog fight on your hands. I’d be happy to Skype with you and show you a few things that has workEd for us if you want. Just let me know. πŸ™‚

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I don’t know about others, but I find it 20x easier for a pup to first understand pecking order before training for obedience. 

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