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  • Wedding: May 2018

hi beauty! Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!!!! I am also plus size and in the DD range, so I totally know your struggle! 


I just got my finished dress and I cannot recommend Anomalie enough!!!! They make custom wedding dresses, and they make them affordable. I think when people hear custom they automatically think expensive, but they are actually cheaper than most shops!! And you can literally create anything you want in a dress with them. I am over the moon with my dress, so check them out and I am happy to answer any questions if you are unsure about it. 



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  • Wedding: May 2018

Wow, sorry! Just re-read my response and my phone auto corrected “DD” to “dirty delete”. Meant to say I am also in the D.D. range. 🙂

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  • Wedding: June 2018

I’m a plus size bride: a fabulous size 20/22, with 42DDD twins.

I LOVE Anomalie- and got my final dress photos on Wednesday, 05/02. It’s absolutely beautiful! It has layers of blush tulle on the skirt, a lace corset bodice, and has full length lace and illusion meah sleeves. It’s amazing.


1.) I would advise to go to your local boutiques and David’s Bridal to look and be sure of the dress style you would like. (For example, I love the way mermaid looks & thought it would be flattering on me – NOT AT ALL). Wouldn’t have known that without first trying on dresses. It gave me an idea of the type of style I would like and what would look good on me. Then, I styled details off of dresses I found online and uploaded to my “pintrest” style board on the Anomalie site.

A little background on my wedding dress adventure:

– Found Anomalie and set up an intro call.

– Went to a local bridal shop in town to try on dress styles, ended up finding THE dress. Well, what I thought was the dress. Except it only went up to a bridal size 20 (street size 14).

Told Anomalie I found a dress someplace else (They were totally sweet and understanding about it) and convinced myself I could easily lose the 4 sizes in a year.

– Started dieting. Lost 40 pounds in six months, but I STAYED a size 20! Seriously, WTF. (Unfortunately, we don’t have any control where we lose the weight and where I lost it didn’t alter my dress size). So, THE dress still didn’t fit. 

It was the end of January. I’m getting married the first week of June.

Panicking that I would be stuck wearing a white cocktail dress from JC Penny (Not that there’s anything wrong with that if it’s your thing) – I set up another appointment with Anomalie (Since it was January, and they need at LEAST three months – Getting married in June and they give workers Feb off for the Chinese New Year).

They pretty much SAVED my wedding day since no local boutiques could get me a dress in less than five months, and the ones that could – Well, they were ugly dresses.

I would be sacrificing what I wanted and dreamed of because I didn’t go with them from the very beginning! I literally reached out JUST in time- If I had waited one more month, just one, even they wouldn’t have been able to help! 

Anyway, it’s a shame that us plus size goddesses can’t find dresses that are MODERN in our size.

They were all typical ballgowns & I’m a lace loving tattooed hippie. Just couldn’t find a dress to match my aesthetic and when I did, I was willing to kill myself to get to that point. Which is super silly! Why should I change to conform to the f**ked up standards of the beauty and wedding industry? It should change- NOT ME.

Enter Anomalie. 

I didn’t need to make any concessions on what I wanted because of my size. I’m able to eat what I want leading up to my wedding- No more wedding diet for me! Plus, it was CHEAPER than my original designer gown (Essence of Aus).

I love my Anomalie dress SO much more than the first dress I bought. SO MUCH MORE.

Because I was able to prefect it to EXACTLY what I was looking for. In color, fabric, shape, to where the lace falls.

Down to the detail. Every little detail.

And, you get to be there every step of the way to make modifications – seriously, you can continue to shape the dress and make changes while it’s being made in the factory!

– You get to see a drawing of the design by an artist and pick out the fabric. Feel the fabric, they send samples to you.

– Then there’s three real photo check points sent from the factory: Dress pattern lay out, lace/ fabric lay out, and final photos. And, you can make changes along each step if something just isn’t jiving with you. (I got back my final photos and I’m still asking for reasonable small changes to be made 3 days before scheduled delivery! Three days!)

Plus, the team has been a dream to work with!

I’m a stickler for detail and I’ve been texting my stylist and the production factory warehouse specialist throughout the process.

TEXTING- I don’t give my own customers my cell phone number because I don’t want them bothering me at midnight or on the weekends. And, I work for a company that’s well known nationwide on it’s customer service skills for it’s clients.

Anyway, I’ve done both of those things plenty of times (Emails and texts on weekends, holidays, 3am) with no complaints from anyone & the sweetest service ever.

I’ve even emailed the CEO, and guess what? She replied. She actually read and replied to my email. 

– They’re transparent.

– They give you a timeframe and timeline.

– They let you know the rules and expectations beforehand.

Another tip, try to get everything in place before four months! Like, don’t wait until the absolute last minute. I needed at least three for mine. They can do it in three, and they are doing it for me- But, they usually need more time for sequins and beadwork.

It’s not my style anyway, but they couldn’t do it for me because my wedding was four months away and needed three to make it/ give me a month to add a bustle etc.

I was technically considered a “rush” customer.

Which, only applies to time! I in no way feel as if I was rushed along or less important that the brides who gave six. I just really couldn’t have beading- From memory that was the only “rush” dress concession I had to make.

And, research dresses you like and check out trends. They can do overskirts, capes, beading to look like lace. Jumpsuits- Oh, they’ve made adorable jumpsuits!

Really, they can make anything. So, beyond making sure the shape is flattering, really research any cool new things you could add to your dress! They can do it.

Oh, and follow them in Instagram and FB. They post photos of other Anomalie brides so you can get a feel of the company, and photos from the workshop etc. 

I love them.

To the point that if I wasn’t in Philadelphia, I would move to San Fran and work for them in a heart beat. I’m a total fan girl now. I adore what they’re doing to the bridal dress industry-

They’re here to f*ck it up, ladies!

Too skinny than average, too curvy than average, too broke to spend $4k on a designer dress, too “out of the box” and “weird” to find a dress that fits what you’re looking for, or maybe you don’t want to wear a dress but the only options you can find at boutiques are ugly white suits – Lady queens, whatever you’re looking for, they’ve got you covered.


*Whew! This was super longer than expected but it’s length is a testament to how much I adore them. Ugh, seriously, I adore them.


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