(Closed) Any success to Bikram Yoga?

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I had the weight loss convo with my doctor recently, and he suggested “Pilates and 6 months of salad. Who doesn’t like salad? But really, try pilates.”

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I haaaaaaaaaaated bikram yoga. A friend and I went for a class once, and I have a horrible competitive streak, so when two tall, lithe blondes walked and were chattering about how they were new to hot yoga (like we were) I was all, “I AM OUTLASTING YOU NO MATTER WHAT.”


Fifteen minutes in, one of them ran out throwing up and the other one left with her. I laid down in a giant pool of my own sweat.


I don’t know, I just get the health benefits, but.


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@gpiglet:  I don’t do bikram but I do vinyasa in a heated studio at 95 degrees. I love it. I go 4+ times a week. I would say after a month you will start to notice changes. I noticed that my arms got more toned (yay!)and I got way more flexible after a month

However, If you are trying to lose weight, remember that yoga really isnt a huge calorie burner. Even though you are covered in sweat and tired, you likely didn’t burn more than 300 calories for an hour. ( even that is high, I usually guestimate my hot yoga is 160-200 an hr). The 80/20 rule for diet is crucial if you are using yoga as your main workout

That being said, yoga has serious benefits for your health, I reccomend it for everyone.


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@Boxerlover24:  Actually I disagree about your calorie burn estimate. I wear a heartrate monitor when I do Bikram and usually burn 600-700 calories in a 1.5 hour class. Your estimate is probably about right for normal yoga though. Of course everyone burns differently depending on their body composition and metabolism.

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@kimmo416:  Yup, it def varies. I was basing my estimate off an hour, and I know for ME there is no way I am burning close to that 😉 Lucky for you tho! Thats a lot!

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I don’t like the competitive vibe and repetitive nature of bikram, and the founder is a complete misogynst dirt bag so I dont support it. I love vinyasa and I think it does wonders for toning up- but the vast majority of weight loss happens in the kitchen, not the gym. If I were you I’d join Weight Watchers online for your final push or at the least calorie count and try to stay at 1200-1500 cals a day. 

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@gpiglet:  I’m in the process of getting certified in Hatha yoga. We are encouraged to be trying all different types to get a sense of what we like and what we dislike as practitioners and as teachers. I’ve given Bikram and other hot yoga classes a good try and I’ve noticed that people tend to fall into two camps: There are people who think it is amazing and feel fantastic afterward. And then there are your people who feel sick. I’d encourage everyone to try it, but if it doesn’t feel great for you after a few times, try a different style. I’ve done it about 4 or 5 times and each time I got a migraine afterward, but I think that heat exertion is a trigger for me (it’s happened before after Zumba as well). Just listen to your body and if it isn’t feeling it, don’t do it! 

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@MrsBuesleBee:  I don’t like the competitive vibe and repetitive nature of bikram

I agree. I went once and thought the instructor was so robotic and devoid of personality. Turns out they follow an exact script and can’t deviate from it. Boring. And they don’t encourage adjustments. WHAT??? That’s beyond silly to me. I practice in heated studio that teaches a style called Moksha. They have a variety of classes and class lengths. Sorry, I don’t always have 90 to attend a class (as bikram insists on) why can’t get a 60 minute class? Plus doing the same moves, over and over and over and over and over again… kill me. 

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@gpiglet:  I do Bikram once, maybe twice a week in combo with my “normal” gym routine and it has its perks. It is really long, and I don’t like to commit to 90 minute sessions multiple times a week, but I try to go because it does give you such a great stretch and really works out some of the areas I otherwise wouldn’t work as thoroughly.


As far as results go, I haven’t noticed that I have lost any weight, but I do feel leaner as you’ve said.

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I have had great success with Bikram personally.  I once lost a dress size in 2 weeks with Bikram (8) classes.  For me, it works on my brain as much as my body & that is a large part.    Having to go on an empty stomach helps me stick to planned eating & I feel sort of “reborn” after class so I crave clean food.  I do much better in fitness classes than on my own in a gym so there’s that too.  I found that adding Bikram really helped my performance in running/jogging also.  The best shape I was ever in was while I was doing a combination of classical Pilates, jogging & Bikram.

Sometimes Bikram does feel like 90 minutes of sweaty bloody hell but it is a huge benefit for me personally.  When its a regular part of my routine it becomes kind of addicting, in a good way.

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