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I’d be curious to see if you could replace some of those processed foods with real foods, clean foods, whatever you want to call them. I don’t keep myself on a strict diet or anything, but I find that I’m happier and healthier when the vast majority of what I eat exists in nature.

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Veggies? I dont see any veggies, are you picky about those? I would also be careful with the deli meats and processed cheeses as they like to hold a bit of sodium which could hinder weight loss. If you feel hungry, then Im not sure that you are eating enough during the day to fuel your workouts (you didnt say how long or what you do for workouts to gage how many calories) Im not sure about the amount of protein your are consuming either (im no dietician). All I can really vouch for is lots of veggies, fish and chicken breasts!! I hope it helps and good job on wanting to get healthy!!

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Maybe more green and leafy veggies and not starchy ones?  I recently learned that I like roasted asparagus, roasted brussel sprouts and home-made kale chips!  I use kale chips as a good snack!  I also like snacking on baby carrots when I get them.  I’m trying to lose some weight too and trying to stay away from the processed stuff.  I eat a lot of fish, and I know seafood is out of the question … but I also eat a lot of ground turkey and chicken too!  This week I experimented and made a turkey meatloaf!  It was actually very tasty and not dry!  I can share my made up recipe if you’d like!  Do you like tofu at all?  Good luck to you and I both! 🙂 

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Clean foods are foods that occur naturally.  You definitely need to up the amount of non-starch veggies in your diet.  As a quick snack why not cut up some peppers or carrots and dip in hummus.  Add spinach or broccoli (frozen or fresh) to your pasta dishes.  Toss tomatoes, basil and mushrooms onto a piece of foccacia or into a pita.

And you are hungry because you are not getting enough fiber.  Google high fiber foods and start eating them.

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To eat clean these are the changes I would make:

Breakfast: 2 Eggo Nutrigrain Low-Fat Waffles with nothing on them (these are processed have some natural bread (rye, multigrain) with real butter (ltd.) or natural peanutbutter), and 3 slices of Oscar Meyer Turkey Bacon

After Workout: Pure Protein Cookies n Creme Shake (this may be adding unnecessary calories – if you eat after your workout you are likely to get the protein you need without the calories – check out an online calorie counter like MyFitnessPal to check your calorie consumption)

Lunch: Eating Right brand Multigrain Pasta, 4-5 slices of pan roasted turkey deli meat (Deli meat is super processed and high in salt. Add lots of veggies into your pasta and if you want to add a meat add extra lean ground beef/turkey/chicken/ pork or chicken breast slices.)

Snack: Pure Protein Chocolate Deluxe protein bar (these are extra processed too, for a protein snack try almonds or veggies and hummus)

Dinner: Deli Flats whole grain white sandwich bread (try a more natural bread ex. rye or multigrain) with two slices of pan roasted turkey deli meat (use REAL meat NOT deli meat) and one piece of Kraft 2% reduced fat American cheese (use REAL cheese NOT processed cheese), snack size pack of sliced red apples (cut up a real apple instead of buying pre-packaged apples as they add additives to stop them from browning.) And add a vegetable to your dinner.

Snack: No sugar added mandarin oranges, one light swirls reduced fat string cheese (use REAL cheese NOT processed cheese)


– You can eat everything you had in a healthier way! Cooking real meats doesn’t take that much longer than deli meats it just has to be a priority for you.


Hope this helps!

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I’d definitely cut down on processed meats & food like protein bars.  I absoulely never eat those.  Try more fresh fruits & veggies with lots of grains.  They’ll do you’re body much better in the long run (and short run) than chemicallized bars & sliced meats. 

Try eating whole grain protein rich cereal, real yogurt & green tea for breakfast.  For a snack something with nut butter and/or grains or on fruit; or cheese.  Try sandwiches with whole bread, veggies and less sodium & sugar – veggie burgers, sprouts, spinach, green peppers etc.  Or pesto pasta with veggies & pine nuts.  Have nuts, seeds & fruit as a snack.  What about making wholesome pumpkin muffins with added flax seed, nuts & craisins?  Try a dinner with beans, grains and veggies.  Rice, quinoa, cous cous etc with asparagus, zucchini, white, black or pinto beans etc.  Protein rich soup will fill you up and give you plenty of fiber – not sure you have any right now. 

White sandwich bread and processed american cheese will get your body nowhere. – except wanting more food.

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It seems like your diet is kind of unsustainable- I know I wouldn’t want to be stuck eating all “diet” foods the rest of my life. Rather, I am more satisfied if I eat what I really want but just eat less of it (granted, I only ever crave savory or salty things, never sweets). It also seems like you are snacking a lot? I get by on just one snack and day and I have been working out as much as you.

 Here’s an example of what I might eat in a day (I have lost 5 pounds in the last two weeks by eating this way and exercising an hour a day every week day, and I’ve felt absolutely no deprivation):

 Breakfast: about 2 cups of Honey Nut Cheerios and skim milk (I LOVE a big breakfast and they hold me over til 2PM!). Sometimes I mix them up with whole grain cheerios, which are also good, or other fiber-y cereals. Fiber is key for breakfast.

 Lunch: Reduced sodium soup or a Lean Cuisine meal if they’re on sale. They are literally the only “diet” product I’ll eat (I don’t really believe in ‘diet’ stuff) and I often supplement them with steamed brocolli or a cut-up tomato. Your lunch seems heavy in sodium, which makes me retain water and feel heavy.

 Snack: Carrots and hummus or hummus spread on nice, crusty bread. Very filling.

 Dinner: Baked boneless, skinless chicken breast and green beans or couscous (this literally takes 5 minutes to prepare- I buy the frozen breasts you can just pop in the oven). Maybe some lean pork chops if they’re on sale. They only take a few minutes to cook in a pan.

 After dinner: “Better” light beers like Sam Adams light or Amstel Light.  One or two a night. Maybe a slice of cheese if I get tipsy, haha.

 Also, when I go out to dinner I’ll order an appetizer as my meal (they’re always huge anyway) and get seafood or charcuterie. In general I eat a lot of charcuterie, because it is extremely satisfying.


Hope this gave you some ideas.  I find that cooking for myself goes a long way. It is a hassle, yes, but once you get used to it you get really fast. Leftovers are usually my lunch a couple days a week and I know they have a lot less sodium than those diet meals.

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I worked out with a personal trainer last year and the best thing I can suggest is eating “raw” foods as well as get plenty of protein and cut out as many carbs as possibly.  As of the last 2 months I have dropped 15 pounds.  I have a slimfast for breakfast and ususally some fruit or popcorn around 10ish.  for lunch I have either a grilled chicken salad or some proteine with salad or even some soup and some more fuit or veggies on the side.  I have another snack on my way home from work to the gym. Normally a protein or fiber bar and then dinnder I have some green vegetable, grilled fish, chicken or steak. I really try to keep my carbs very low and I notice the most results.  Your going to want to have something with carbs before you work out such as the protein or fiber bar.  Good luck. And I would suggest eating a lot more veggies and proteine. and drink lots and lots of water.


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I used to eat whole grain pasta for lunch and I switched to a salad with lots of veggie toppings and turkey or some kind of protein with a vinaigrette dressing and it made a difference.  I also eat yogurt.  If you can find something with a lot of water and not a lot of calories that you like (watermelon, celery, etc) that would help also. 

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Protein is important at breakfast.

I love greek yogurt. There’s some really good non-fat/low fat greek yogurt out there (my favorite is Chobani). The yogurts are packed with protein and very tasty. That might be a better protein packed snack then your protein bars.

Also, many of those shakes/bars are meant as “meal replacements” not snacks. So you are eating WAY more calories than you need to. Also check serving sizes. Just because something comes in a single package (like cottage cheese, yogurt, etc) that doesn’t mean that the one package IS the serving size.

Here are some good meal plans/ideas.


Whole grain English muffin, 1 slice of reduced fat cheddar cheese, scrambled egg whites.



Chobani yogurt or low fat cottage cheese w/ pineapple


Large salad w/ greens, lots of veggies, grilled chicken (maybe some feta cheese) and oil and vinegar (stay away from creamy dressings).

Afternoon snack:

Carrot sticks or celery sticks, or broccoli w/ hummus


Lean protein (grilled chicken, black beans, lean pork chops, etc) w/ veggies and maybe a small amount of starch (like whole wheat couscous, sweet potato, etc).

Like others have said you want to eat “real” food not diet food.

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One other thing I wanted to say is that a lot of times those special protein bars and shakes and stuff you are buying/eating are really expensive and not satisfying because they are not ‘real.’ Rather than eat that stuff I invest in really high quality charcuterie, cheese, bread, and interesting vegetables so they are a real pleasure to eat in small amounts. I’ve heard that this is a more ‘European’ way of eating, but I just find it plain old delicious.

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Honey bee

As has already been said there are a lot of processed white carbs in your diet and not enough vegetables or lean natural meat.  If you dont like to cook, learning to make a few healthy dishes to last the week will really make eating healthier easier for you.

IE- make chicken salad with greek yogurt and have that on a bed of lettuce for lunch, a large pot of soup.  

Eat 2 HB eggs and an apple for breakfast,

Skip the protein bar and shakes completely. They are high in sugar and carbs and the average person really doesnt need them.  Snack on some celery with 1 serving of peanut butter, or some plain yogurt with frozen berries in it or a cup of soup


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I know everyone has already talked about the processed meats and other food but all I can say is add in some fruits and veggies! The majority of my diet consistes of fruits and veggies and I stay away from any obvious processed foods (boxed, canned, etc.). I also tend (if in the budget at the time) I try to buy grass fed meat.

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