Any teacher Bees kind of terrified to head back?

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I’m not a teacher (well I teach at a university so not the same situation anyway) but people telling you that you aren’t a good teacher because of your totally valid fears/concerns can fuck all the way off! You’re their teacher, it’s not in your job description to risk your life for your students and should never even be an expectation.

All I can say is that it does sound like your school has a good plan. Maybe just carry hand sanitizer everywhere too?

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It’s not worth your sanity and certainly not your life or fertility. I’m a teacher too (kinder and first grade) and am feeling really uncomfortable with the situation we’re in. I’ve given up so much for my job but at some point it’s just not worth it anymore. Our job is already so hard, impossible even, without this stress too. 

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Oh the hell with these morons. Dont take crap written on FB seriously. Honestly most of the heavy users of social media are not exactly critical thinkers. They just like to feel important. I think you’re very normal to be scared and I’m absolutely sure you and your husband are not alone in feeling that way. I’d give the side-eye to any teacher that says s/he is not nervous about schools reopening.

Take care.

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I teach, too, and I am terrified. Your school is better than ours, as ours is going back, all grades, all day. If you want your kid to attend virtual school, you need to provide them a medical report. Oh, and masks will only be required when entering the building and when social distancing isn’t possible. Well, with everyone in the building, social distancing will NEVER be possible. But you know that if they don’t require masks full time, no one is going to wear them, ever. 

I have both masks and face shields, but last year I had a study hall one hour with more kids than I had chairs in the room. There is no possible way to make that safe. People in this town aren’t taking things seriously, despite there having been several cases in town already. I am the only one my mum has to help her with medical appointments, so I am not sure how that is going to work. I haven’t been ANYWHERE over the summer except a very occasional trip to the grocer. When my son had his graduation, I self-quarantined for two weeks (because no one socially distanced and I was the only one wearing a mask) before seeing her again. I will be afraid to see her at all once we go back.

Cases are at record levels in my state. The re-opening plan was supposed to be contingent upon cases going down, but they’re going up and we’re all just pretending it doesn’t exist. I am so, so angry. This isn’t safe for anyone – teachers, kids, daycares, grandparents watching kids after school, custody arrangements, etc. 

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My emotion changes hourly. At night the panic sets in more. Right now we are traditional with a digital option on a 9 weeks basis. We don’t know how these classes are being taught. I’ve heard different variations but no one really knows. We start on the 6th supposedly. I don’t have a damn thing planned because I don’t know what I’m planning for. I have a curriculum meeting this week so that should be interesting. I do know one of my classes has 27 students in it, so that will be fun. This will be my 10 year teaching and I’ve never felt more unprepared. People keep asking me “Are you ready for school to start back!?” and they seem legitimately shocked when I say no.

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My husband is a teacher. Very luckily, our country has done a good job of mitigation and I think there are only 10 active cases nationwide right now,all imported and in hospital isolation. But if he was in a situation like you and your husband, I would be begging him not to go.

You’re not a bad teacher, OP. You or your husband getting ill or worse does nothing to help the students.

And schools aren’t  built for social distancing. Even if they were, kids aren’t. In our country, it’s very typical to wear masks. Some people wear them every day, just in case. And still, my husband will come home and tell me about his students trading masks to get cooler colors or patterns. They just take their friend’s used mask and slap it on their own face. Or they chew on them the same way they suck their thumbs, or put them around chair backs to see how far the elastic will stretch. The attention seekers take off their masks and wave them in the air because they know the teacher HAS to stop what he’s doing and respond to that. And it’s pretty much impossible to get 25 kids to wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds in a bathroom with three sinks.

I don’t know what the solution is. I don’t know if there is one. But I know you’re not wrong to be scared.

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I’m looking for a new teaching job. I subbed all last year and if I have to sub again this year, I will take a huge pay cut if I’m only allowed to sub in one district or school to restrict the amount of people coming in contact with the kids.

I’ve had 3 virtual interviews and this past Friday I had one where I was the only person on zoom. Everyone else was in the same room, no masks, and didn’t look very spaced out. It really turned me off of that district with how lax they seemed.

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The Taiwanese government has been really good about this.  The public too. We were hit HARD by SARS in 2003, and no one wanted to go there again so they were really proactive. And it helped that the VP when the crisis started was an epidemiologist and had been the Minister of Health during SARS. We couldn’t have had anyone more qualified in senior leadership. So contact tracing started immediately, schools were closed for two weeks after the CNY holiday just to allow any latent infections picked up overseas to materialize, a quarantine system was implemented for new arrivals, the borders closed to everyone but legal residents, and they created a mask distribution system. Mask production went up to 15 million units per day in February. I was really impressed. At the time, it felt like a lot, but everyone just went along with it, figuring it was better to be overzealous than not active enough. 

I’m so sorry for what people in more affected countries are going through. I can’t imagine the fear and stress. Please take care of yourself, and don’t let FB trolls get to you. 

You’re all in my thoughts, every day.

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