(Closed) Any thoughts on teeth whitening?

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  • poll: What teeth whitening have you/do you plan on using?
    In-office visit to the dentist product : (10 votes)
    10 %
    Take home product from the dentist : (11 votes)
    11 %
    One of those mall kiosks : (0 votes)
    Grocery store/Drug store over-the-counter strips : (38 votes)
    39 %
    Grocery store/Drug store over-the-counter pastes, mouthwashes, etc. : (18 votes)
    18 %
    At home remedy : (11 votes)
    11 %
    Other... : (1 votes)
    1 %
    Cookies are good! : (9 votes)
    9 %
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    @AnaA:  Haha, that was LITERALLY my first thought!

    I upped my oral hygiene routine. I brushed twice a day, used one whitening mouthwash and one antibacterial one (whitening in the morning, antibacterial at night). And a few times a week I swished with hydrogen peroxide (which is diluted to 10% in the bottle, which is convienent!)

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    @renwoman:  aren’t there little thin straws for coffee? Or are they just for stirring it? Hehe

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    It’s so funny that this post is up. I’m currently whitening my teeth. I use a 5 min whitening paste. Before I use it I rinse my mouth with hydrogen peroxide and the dip my toothpaste in baking soda. It works really well for me. 

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    @renwoman:  I’ve used Crest White Strips in the past and while they do work well, they make my teeth sensitive for a day or so. If you can deal with that though I think it’s the cheapest option. My dentist offers some kind of in-office whitening process that apparently doesn’t make your teeth sensitive but I’ve never asked him about it because I don’t think it’s covered under my benefit plan.

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    @renwoman:  Oh and I just remembered that when I got my braces off at age 13 I used a thing from the dentist where you put some kind of whitening gel into trays and wear them on your teeth overnight. It worked well but again increased my sensitivity temporarily.

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    @renwoman:  I’ve tried whitening toothpaste and Crest white strips many many years ago but it didn’t work for me. I’ve done teeth whitening twice in my life. The first time was with Brite Smile, 2nd time was before wedding with Zoom whitening. Both were done by professionals in dental offices. 

    Although Brite Smile was done a long LONG time ago, I remember it only whitened about 3 shades lighter. It wasn’t much and I’m sure it varies for everyone. It was done in 3X 20 minute session. They apply this gel then put that light on it. It goes for 20 minutes and the machine stops, the technician comes in applies gel again and put the light back on. I remember after 40 minutes I felt a light zap on one of my tooth bc the gums exceeded on that tooth so I just told the technician no more gel on that tooth and she skipped it. When it was done I had no pain and continued on with life. It wasnt super bright and that was that. It wasnt night and day difference tho. 

    So this time I wanted to do it again before the wedding. I did Zoom only bc there were Groupon special for it and I checked out the dental office before purchasing to make sure it’s reputable. This was similar but it was 4 sessions of 15 mins. A dentist comesouts checks out your teeth and gum before proceeding. He applies this paste all around your teeth to create a barrier between your teeth and gum so the gel doesn’t go onto your gums. Their take all these precautions to protect your gums and etc and the same process begins. Only this time the assistant warms me by the third session I will feel the zaps she called zings. She said if its too painful I should stop bc by the 3rdsession it’s pretty white. The zinging only last for a day tho. I was like ok no prob I’m sure I’ll be fine bc Ive done it before. 

    So end of second round ok yes one or two zaps. By the third session the zaps were more frequent and I ultimately stopped. The zaps weren’t that bad but it was constant and more than when I did Brite Smile, but I stopped bc I have two crowns in my fromy bunny teeth. Crowns/veneers don’t whiten so I did not want to overwrite all the other teeth. But uhhhh I was SO glad I stopped at the third one. It was whiter BUT again it’s nothing like Ross in Friends (my natural color isn’t super white so I think that’s why). BUT good lord the zapping was constant thru the rest of the day AND it got more and more painful. The dental office gave me desensitizing gel but it only worked a little. I was in pain for the rest of the day. It was so sensitive drinking lukewarm watered even hurted. 

    Thr pain lasted until the next day azap that was that. Some people don’t feel the pain as much but with everything it of course varies. I don’t regret doing it but I won’t be doing it again bc I don’t see a reason to. Ahahahah. Good luck!

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    @renwoman:  I’ve done the crest strips with great, noticable results. I’ve been complimented on my teeth being whiter too (my SO and my mom…not friends that would be weird lol). I haven’t tried to store brand but I’m curious…

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    I worked at a dentist office and saw people pay $300 and up for whitening. I don’t think it’s worth it. They also have the custom made trays with stronger gel arhat you can get at your DDS, but honestly, I think those are for people whose teeth are very very stained (Like drink coke/coffee and only brushtwice a week. It happens, believe me.) I use the Crest 1hr whitening strips. They work very well, and they gave me the same results as the DDS trays. They do give me sensitivity for a day or two, but the results are worth it. Walmart has the gift set right now with two boxes (4 treatments each) for $40. You only need one or two every 6months. Oh and I drink lots of coffee, so I really need them. I might have before/after pictures. Let me check and brb. 


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    I had custom trays made for my teeth years ago, and honestly I prefer the crest whitestrips, lol. They work better and are so much more comfortable for me.

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    I ONLY voted for in-office visit to dentist because my fiance’s dad is a dentist so I can get it done for free. Otherwise I’d just use whitening strips, those always seem to work well enough for my day to day! On that note, I also bought the target brand (cheaper) instead of the Crest whitestrips once and to my surprise the target brand worked better! 🙂

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    @renwoman: I was one of those people who paid a ridiculous amount of money to get whitening from the dentist and the bleach burned through my gums and made them raw and bloody.(yes I was applying the proper amount on my trays)

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    I’ve used Crest Whitestrips and the Shopper’s Drug Mart Life brand ones. To be honest, I think they both did the same thing, so I would go with the cheaper ones if I were to go that route again. They did lighten them significantly. Of course it made my teeth a touch more sensitive for a day or so. But a LOT Of people asked if I had whitened my teeth months later. So that’s a good thing! Haha.

    I tend to use a toothpaste with whitening anyway now. But if you can afford it maybe check it out with your dentist and see the benefits of Zoom or another kind vs the at home strips/products.



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    White strips always make my teeth hurt after the 3rd or 4th, but kinda work…  Not worth it to me, though. 

    I had some stuff that you painted on (it looked like a white out bottle, kind of!), and that worked pretty well, but I don’t remember the brand or anything.  That seemed to not hurt my teeth as much…

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    @CaliRorter:  +1

    i used to work for an orthodintist and we recommended white strips over anything else. they work great and don’t cost an arm and a leg. 

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