(Closed) Any tips for motivation? And for early am workouts?

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Helper bee
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as a rower, i had 5am practices which meant 4:30am alarms (or earlier). i got out of bed bc if i didnt there would be 8 girls who couldnt have the practice we had planned. im guessing there isn’t a collegiate rowing club for you to join, but the principle is still the same! if you can find a workout buddy and make a standing date of it, you know that other person is expecting you to get out of bed and gives you a little accountability. the problem with writing workout appointments in your agenda is that your agenda wont get offended if you stand her up ๐Ÿ˜‰ good luck!

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Helper bee
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I’m a good person to ask, since I’m training for my second marathon right now.  Honestly, I think running is a great choice, with some weight training.  It’s easy. It’s cheap.  And you can do it no matter the weather. (For real!)

I think the best thing you can do is sign up for a race.  If you go to a running website, you might be able to ask what the good ones are in your area.  I know in my area (NYC), we have a different one each weekend.  Choose a 5k to start off with, or go ahead and sign up for a half marathon for sometime next spring, if you’re feeling really ambitious. Trust me, when you have a race looming, you get your butt out there every morning!  You can look up some simple training plans, so you’ll know how much you should do each day.  If you get winded just running a mile, don’t worry!  Look up the Couch to 5K program.  It’s designed to take you from zero to running 3 miles in a couple months.  The plan is very specific, so you know exactly what you have to do, and once you’re signed up for a race, you won’t have a choice but to get it done.  Definitely tell all your friends about the race, or find someone who wants to do it too. Even if you don’t run it together, that will keep you from dropping out!

Good luck!!!

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Motivation is very heard. I find the best ways are:

-find a work out buddy so you are accountable to someone

-set yourself a goal, whether you sign up for a race or other. Its nice to have something you’re working towards and something you have to do.

-For early am workouts try apps like I can’t wake up, it makes you get out of bed to scan a barcode that you can place like in the kitchen or something. That is the only way to get the alarm off. Once you’re up, you might as well work out.

-Find activities that you like doing. If you hate running and you decide that you’re going to run 3 times per week you are setting yourself up for failure. Exercise doesn’t always have to be in the traditional sense of running, weights, etc. It could be fun dance classes like zumba, forming a team of friends and signing up for a rec league sport like slo pitch or volleyball.

-I’ve also recently signed up on myfitness pal. Daily logging of your activity can be really motivational. And you can find other people on there that you can join up into support teams. Particularly if you have similar goals!

Good luck!

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Busy bee
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I post a picture of myself and that of a supermodel on the bathroom mirror, refrigerator and the pantry. Helps myself to stick to better snacks and gets me out the door for a quick run more often!

Best of luck!


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Sugar bee
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What I do is lay out all of my gym clothes in the corner of my room and put my phone (also my alarm) in my shoe. Once I’m out of bed it is far easier to get dressed and go.

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Busy bee
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@abby382:  I can’t get up early to workout so I do it when I get home.  Here is what I suggest…

Since the wedding is still far off I’d recommend starting off slow, just to kickstart your metabolism, to make it easier when you have to really kick your own ass.  Start by taking brisk walks around the neighborhood or at a local park.  You can bring a friend or your fiance for company.  I personally dont think it’s a great idea to start with intense workouts just yet – you may lose the weight and find yourself complacent… then you still have 6 months to go before the wedding, I’d hate to put all the weight back on.

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The most important advice I have on morning workouts is never, and I mean never, let yourself hit the snooze button. The second I do that I’ve basically guaranteed I wont be getting out of bed early enough to exercuse.

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I work out 6 days/week always in the AM. I prefer to work out in the morning simply because I get it done and over with. If I put a work out off until after I get home from work at 7 PM, it’s not going to happen. There are days I have to get up at 4:20 AM in order to get a work out in before starting my day. It’s all a habit; when my alarm goes off for me to get up I never question it. There may be a second of, “…ugh…I just want to sleep..” but as I’m thinking that I’m lugging myself out of bed and into work out clothes. Someone said above not to snooze. I wouldn’t say I “snooze” but I set two alarms that are 15 minutes apart. The first one goes off at 4:05 and I lay there half-awake and know that in 15 minutes I have to get up and go work out, no choices. It kind of gives me some time to gradually wake up. I’ve never been a legit snoozer though where I’m hitting the alarm every 5-8 minutes for an hour, so it works for me. And that’s key: finding what works for you and sticking to it!

My motivation:

– Originally it was my dress, and while it still is, it’s become so much more.

– Pictures. I’ve lost almost 57 lbs. and I use to HATE how I looked in photos and I would avoid it at all costs. I want to love my wedding photos and not look back in 20 years and think, “Why didn’t I lose that last 10, 15,  or 20 lbs?? And besides, don’t you want to look your absolute best standing up in front of your family and friends??

– Confidence and self-esteem. My Fiance use to come up behind me while I was doing the dishes and put his arms on my waist or stomach and I’d suck in or do something to try to make myself seem thinner. Now he can put his hands all over me and I’m solid and I don’t even think about sucking in and I want to stay that way.

– Clothes. I love clothes and I love nice, pretty clothes. There was a point where the largest size at Anthropologie was too small for me. Now I’m the annoying girl in the dress room who’s like, “The 26’s are too small…can I try a 25?” And again. I want to stay that way!

– My health. I’ve been working to lose all this weight over 2 years with 30 of it coming off since December. I’m constantly researching health, nutrition, and wellness stuff. I don’t want to put crap in my body that’s full of chemicals and is hindering me. I want to live a long time and have a great bill of health.


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Blushing bee

I am definitely going to join up with Zumba I think, I have heard so many great things about those classes, and I think that would be a winner for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Bumble bee
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@abby382:  I think others mentioned it above, I highly recommend using the My Fitness Pal app as well as Fooducate. I Fooducate EVERYTHING and try my hardest not to buy anything below a B-. Using those two apps as well as exercising using the Biggest Loser XBox Kinect game have been key!

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