Any tips for TTC if you have irregular periods?

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I also was pretty irregular and never really paid attention too ok it. I downloaded Clue to track my cycle. I had no idea it was possible to feel ovulation but once I started recording random stomach cramps, I realized I could. I’d always written it off as a “oh that was weird” moment in my life. I did use it for about a half year before we started trying… life circumstances intervened a bit. But once we got going we were almost immediately successful (I realize that still won’t be the case for everyone). Took a bit longer with #2 baby but again life circumstances got in the way a bit so we weren’t paying as much attention as we could have done. At any rate, I’d have really been winging it without that program. Probably would have taken a lot longer to succeed. 
ETA: not once did I use an ovulation strip. I didn’t even know they existed before the bee. 

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@Chicpeas:  How long have you been trying? If you are under 35 your doctor is following the rule of thumb. For me personally, I went without my period for over 5 months after coming off BC, which meant I wasnt ovulating and therefore couldnt even try to get pregnant. When I went to my family doctor she did some blood tests that showed my hormones were off and sent me to an RE that diagnosed me with PCOS. I dont ovulate on my own and therefore a year without intervention would have been a lost year. 

That being said, you mentioned that you do have a cycle ranging from 30-42 days meaning you are ovulating, just at different times each month. Have you tried temping? It is really cheap to by a BBT and you can get an app that tracks it on your phone. Have you also maybe tried different brands of the cheapies? There are some better than others on Amazon, I have spent a small fortune trying out different ones and really like the Accu med brand. The free option (although it can really burn you out) is to simply have sex every other day starting on cycle day 12.

It was mind blowing to me at how long it can really take to get pregnant… Good luck you to!

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I’m 36 and extremely irregular. I’ve been off hormonal BC for 2 years, and am currently on day 26 and have not yet ovulated. 5 weeks is a short cycle for me. A cycle for me can last 90 days.


I did manage to have two planned pregancies though, one at 27 and one at 31. First, I started temping so I could confirm ovulation. If I did not do this, I would have had to not drink for months or take a pregnancy test every time I wanted a drink (particularly in the 90 day cycle). After doing this for several cycles, I could start to figure out some early ovulation signs from my body. These signs are NOT conclusive (your body can gear up to ovulate and then not for whatever reason) but it gave me a good idea of when to expect fertility. And we had sex every day from chart day 10 (it would be extremely rare for me to ovulate as early as day 14, but I was taking no chances) until I could confirm ovulation. Husband did get a little salty about that one (ie once I had confirmed ovulation and was past window, my interest in daily sex waned).

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I agree with PPs on temping (it’s the only true way to confirm ovulation) and other forms of cycle tracking, like checking CM, monitoring for cramping, etc.  I highly recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility to be aware of all of your fertility signs, particularly if LH strips don’t work for you.  I tracked religiously for the 8 months before we conceived and I saw my cycle gradually get more predictable.  I don’t think we could have timed it properly without it.

Good luck!

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I totally agree with temping to confirm O. I used all the tracking methods in the book for 6 months and honestly, I think my cervical mucus was the most helpful indicator. I would have 2-3 days of EWCM and and then it would dry up within a matter of hours after O and made it very clear when the window closed. I would definitely pay attention to what your CM does this cycle! 

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